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  1. greenGRS


  2. *handshake* nice to meet you XD!
  3. Welcome...... Welcome, also I would love to see a monotype fire team actually doing some work.   Hopefully that tier will become more common among the tournament hosters around here, and you can show the rest of us how to run such a thing in this generation. I for one would look forward to a fireteam dominating the competitive scene and if you want to duel monotype for fun, just give me a whisper while I am on and I will be up for it unless I am hunting something   I am not online, feel free to PM me and I do my best to reply.
  4. Welcome to the pokemmo forums! I know who you are..
  5. Hi! I'm new pokemmo forums here, I like to make a friends in-game and here. Almost forget to tell you, my name is GreenGRS. :)
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