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  1. alot of pokemon are too big like they dont fit the square in the pokemon card. like crobat or charizard or foretress and gyarados. or is there a fix to this?
  2. i do play gw2 i can walk you through the basics if you want. and im sure you wont regret buying this game. good shit
  3. You are coming back for psl s5 bro. We have unfinished business. Til then farewell jj
  4. My request was way back in psl s3 days tho.
  5. I hope vorred retains me and sleepy on shit name inc. haha
  6. I never stopped waiting for it
  7. Rng curse leave me alone

  8. Not sure but maybe the reason staff didnt give a re is because like twice this month raaidn was saved by a controversial dc. Tag team tourn vs strider and finals vs osuki. Again, not sure just a feeling
  9. Ploegy love your work. Pls make me sig <3 Character : momo deviluke Theme : something cute and seductive
  10. I think anyone who plays and says no have something wrong with their screws
  11. Love this post lol. Gyp as daario naharis, my bro too badass and nik as jon seems legit. Nicely done.
  12. demn, this is cool. i have a question, is there a follow sprite too? like if i let my nidoqueen out, it wont actually look like nidoqueen but will be moequeen or is it just not possible?
  13. hey man i'll be very busy on the weekend please respond about our psl match

  14. Hey man pls respond, when do you want to do our psl match? And what is your timezone?

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