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  1. Besides,new Amulet Coins are unfriendly to new players because of low income in early stage,even they can't earn the cost of new Amulet Coin,so their purchasing abilities become weaker,and difficulties in development come up
  2. But don’t feel you are forced to do such kind of average actions?
  3. But you have to pay for the price of a Amulet Coin for every hour(suppose that you can make full use of a hour every time). You may have to select a suitable period on purpose for the precious 60 minutes lest you are interrupted.As the time goes by,you may feel it is bother to use new Amulet Coins.Besides the price of Amulet Coins probably goes up because of huge demand.There will be no freedom about Amulet Coins
  4. Killing enthusiasm of battling with NPC is bad for basic economy,basic economy is more crucial,especially for new players.New players are new life to this game
  5. The demand will be huger than the supplement in the market,because Amulet Coins become consumable goods instead of durable goods
  6. I meant that If you feel bored with battling with NPC and wan to do something else "in the game",for example making eggs,going to Safari Zone and etc, or take part in activities held by the staff halfway
  7. The last update about Amulet Coin really hurts our players badly.I have to say the change deprived the freedom of online time while you used Amulet Coin because you don‘t hope wasting time on others things except battling with NPC lest low using ratio of Amulet Coin,But if you feel bored and want to do something else or there is some more important things happened halfway will waste the time of Amulet Coin.Besides the number of Amulet Coins in market is limited and the price will also rise.I know the update is aimed to increasing the playing time and playing actions of players,but it made us
  8. God Austrian is the region that Heart Gold contains.As we know the ROM of Heart Gold has been already used in PokeMMO,but when will Heart Gold can be opened for our players to explore?
  9. I really want to know correct reply which come from official staff,thanks!
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