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  1. this games all about patience just spark one up lol its taken 5-6 years to get this far
  2. someone make a tutorial
  3. is there any way I can get the game on my switch lol>?
  4. so why not just ban them on comp or ban a moveset
  5. is there a reason behind it
  6. KeNoo


    oh ok I'm trying to figure this stuff out a little bit
  7. how come its max level is 44?
  8. yea when I played they only had 1 or two regions u right guess I tustve forgot
  9. hey, haven't played in a couple years trying to figure out why my pokemon won't take orders?
  10. do a playtime event play 3 hours get a evee play 5 hours get a chansey play 13 hours get a lucky egg play 32 hours get a shiny play 35 hours get a legendary    ofcourse it could be changed hours and pokemon wise and say you would have to ccomplete it within say like 9-20-2013- 9-22-2013
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