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  1. character name limits

    I wouldn't say we blatantly ignore you we do give every suggestion the same consideration. But we do have our own thoughts and plans and from time to time Kyu will divulge those to a certain extent and will sometimes partake in discussion.
  2. Starting Region

    We cannot assist you with obtaining ROMs.
  3. Come on you know who the real mastermind is...
  4. Improving relations

    We don't need Gizmo...
  5. Battle Animation missing

    And we will be updating this overtime little bit by little bit so please be patient while we work on this, or more specifically while @Shu works on this.
  6. what happens to current GTL listings

    Maybe you guys didn't read the lasted update notes but we did extend the max days on the GTL to 20 days. We might be modifying further in the future if we deem it necessary but we will not be going back to an unlimited listing duration.
  7. Other regions

  8. I am sorry but that is not something we are looking into providing and I am not speaking as the authority but I am going to guess that this will take a great deal of development work to create and maintain such an API. There are just other more important things to spend time on and we have a limited amount of time and personnel. Kyu or Desu can comment if they wish but i would not hold your breath.
  9. what happens to current GTL listings

    Yes that was a main driver for the change was high value items being prohibitively expensive to list. But understand you still should list them competitively as the 10 day listing does not provide money back.
  10. must be update hype

    Possibly between 9-12 hours from the time the server went down. Maybe sooner than that.
  11. Hype?

    It has been fun guys but nothing lasts forever.
  12. Returning Player LF Team!

    Your wish it my command. Please utilize the Round Table to find a team that suits your needs.
  13. Hi squirtle today im writing in ur wall bcz i got punished on game do you know when that will finish help me pls . im playing since 2016 and i know this game since 2013 im scared to lose my account pls help me : I wish you will be a blastoise


    What is this hyping going on right now?

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