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  1. Squirtle

    Server full

    Sure it is for security reasons.
  2. Squirtle

    Server full

    No we will not.
  3. Squirtle

    Server full

    We will not share the limit only that we have currently hit it and for the time being are not raising the limit. Sorry for the trouble. You should be able to login within minutes of being in the queue if not faster. Also donation status active will bypass the queue.
  4. Squirtle

    to over powered last gym

    Ofcourse when you know the best poke you take it for yourself.
  5. Squirtle

    to over powered last gym

    Not all pokes are created equal.
  6. Squirtle


    You must drag pokes from your party to begin following you. Some pokes also are not supported and you must use a MOD in order for them to display you can find those in our client customization section of the forums.
  7. There are not plans currently to support anything below 5.0.
  8. Squirtle

    Help :<

    The code will be sent to your email used to create the account please check it.
  9. Squirtle

    Android Release

    This thread isn't productive Android will be released when it is ready no sooner no later.
  10. Squirtle

    Uhh hello i havent played in a year

    Please take note of the "about" designation.
  11. Squirtle

    Uhh hello i havent played in a year

    Not entirely true if you ever in the past used a donation ticket obtained in game you also have access. You could also obtain one now and use it and get access as well. We will also be releasing Android to the public in the next few weeks so everyone can participate on Android at that time with no restrictions related to reward points or donation tickets.
  12. Squirtle

    Add a rich presence for Discord

    I might consider looking into this but I honestly don't see it bringing a whole lot of benefit. Players playing and showing our name is good enough imo.
  13. Squirtle

    The State of the Economy

    I believe it has been brought up in the past that we understand the lack of end game content and after Android is at an acceptable level we will be looking to focus efforts on multiple features that will bring this about. The details will be brought up as they get closer to release. To the other points of deflation and the state of the economy I agree that it is changing and has in the past month much more than we anticipated due to the influx of new players and overall increase in active population but we will not be making quick decisions based on a recent change and the economy is something that will always be changing based on the forces within the community that shape it.
  14. We appreciate your concerns regarding the level caps we have put in place. ATM we are not going to change the level caps drastically but we may entertain some minor tweaks in the future. Regarding the cooldown times I don't see this changing as we have this in place due to economic reasons in game it is a delicate balance that we try and maintain.
  15. Squirtle

    Question about dev stuff currently

    Not even close.

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