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  1. Spamming will incur punishment no matter the platform you play on PC/MAC/Android etc.
  2. Squirtle

    Competitive Tournaments

    That idea some type of repeatable system has been tossed around a few times so I wouldn't count it out as a possibility to focus on in the future but our focus now is Android and then continue moves/abilities and the dungeon system which is our first attempt at end game PVE content.
  3. Kyu or Desu could always correct me but I anticipate the "Beta" allowing you to connect to the live servers with the testing android client but lots of functionality will either flat out not work or be limited in one way or another.
  4. Squirtle

    Competitive Tournaments

    So the decision to provide Shinies that are viable in the tier played is not my requirement but a decision upon the host. We have a system in place that doesn't allow rare shinies to be given out in official events and that will not be changing. We also have a cooldown on specific shinies given and that varies based on different variables as well.
  5. Squirtle

    Competitive Tournaments

    Is the hype once what is was I don't think so but tournaments are filling just as much as they have in the past so I don't think your comment on declining really badly is accurate. The economy is a complex thing to explain but our opinion is that too many rare gift shinies do have an effect and is the reason we don't supply them through tournaments.
  6. Squirtle

    Competitive Tournaments

    If the Devs deem it a higher priority then that could happen. I will tell you moves are being worked on now as well as Dungeons but I can't speak to what will be released this next update.
  7. Squirtle

    Competitive Tournaments

    You can continue to make comments like this but you will never be satisfied with the results as what you want and what is reasonable are not the same. We will not be drastically changing our prize criteria anytime in the near future but I can see the benefit of tweaking the Community Combat rewards as I believe to some a non shiny gift comp could be useful. Also your comment about moves and abilities is a little off topic but understand we put Android development as priority for many reasons but have not forgotten about this area of development so it will be worked on in the near future after we release a workable version of Android we are satisfied with.
  8. Squirtle

    Competitive Tournaments

    We give out plenty of Shiny Gifts every week for PVP and PVE tournaments. Our non shiny comps are given out less as our staff have gotten the sense they are not preferred. I might be amenable to modifying the Community Combat tourneys to allow for non shiny comp gifts but certain aspects of the tourney would need to change in particular the entry fee will probably need to be increased slightly.
  9. Please no Darkshade should not put on the developer hat ;/
  10. Squirtle

    About the donation history for the mobile beta

    You are correct RP given by event rewards do not count. Any purchase made up until and during the testing phase will allow you to connect to the Android client so you could purchase RP now later or in the past and it all works.
  11. We haven't updated the announcement thread but things have been delayed due to unforeseen challenges in the GUI reconstructions for the small form factors. Please continue to be patient.
  12. Squirtle

    About the donation history for the mobile beta

    PM me the account name and I can take a look or DM me on Discord to see if it has RP history. To your first question I don't believe so but Desu could answer better if it will be allowed.

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