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  1. I would never say never but it is not in our current development queue atm.
  2. Yes we changed priorities and dungeons are still on the roadmap to be worked on in the future.
  3. Only a small percentage of our population visit the forums and voice their opinions. We have a much larger data set for which we research topics and make decisions which we do not provide publicly. We appreciate your concerns but will not be making drastic changes in the near future but tweaking can always occur without notice. Also in regards to the population question our server has a very healthy population and we are not decreasing in numbers over time we are increasing or staying level for a long time now.
  4. I believe this topic is now going a little off course to the original suggestion. We appreciate your suggestion but will not be adding a direct way as the other methods we feel are sufficient. Thank you.
  5. You need to make a support request in the proper sub forum for issues related to the game. Locked.
  6. You keep badges you obtained in that region so if you leave and come back you still have them.
  7. There are no issues with it you can switch between the two systems as much as you would like and continue on your journey.
  8. Your opinion is duly noted but we do disagree and our system is setup the way it is. If you want to suggest something be changed or updated we have a specific subforum for that. I will be locking this thread now. Have a great day.
  9. Dibz response is actually very relevant in this case. It is the PVE aspect of the MMO experience that we need to keep everyone on a level playing field as much as possible. Having players stop animations to hunt faster and progress through the storyline or farm for money, pokes, etc quicker is not what we want to have occur. This is a massively online world where everyone playing is contributing to the world in some way including the economy of the server.
  10. We appreciate the concerns that have been brought up and since I noticed this thread changes are occurring and will be announced here soon. We will be removing the lottery system and replacing it with a raffle system.
  11. We appreciate your concerns but the assumptions you are making are simply not true. Our online playerbase is as healthy numbers wise as it has been in the recent past. As others have stated our developers are continuing to work on our future release and will announce it when we deem it is ready to be announced.
  12. We appreciate your suggestion but will not be showing online players at this time. You can get an idea of the player capacity as your login the game at the server select screen. Thank you.
  13. Issues with reward points you will need to contact our payment processor for assistance.
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