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  1. What even is this


    I feel like if you will allow your SGMs meme signature restrictions then at least let us block them...


  2. hi mod i am new to pokemmo. but I have had a serious problem. I am Spanish and I was playing quietly. Suddenly a guy wanted to be my friend and I gave him things because he said he could get a lot of money. the problem is that he has taken all my things, money, pokemons, objects, etc.
    He has blocked me and I believe that what he has just done is illegal, since cheating someone new like that should not be done.
    I'm new but you can't play like that if people come like that.
    The player's name is Gainemedes or something like that, I block myself and take everything off. please I really like this game try to help me. I am Spanish




  3. Hi! it's been 6 or 7 months since i was banned from pokemmo for a bad Just kidding, and i really regret it, if it's not too much trouble, i would like to be canceled (my nickname pokemmo: TheJohnBlox)
    if you want, contact us for more details, thanks!image.png.c839b86e54c19c2910ae877e24328b3e.png


  4. Invitationals Master of Masters ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place Amanu - 3rd Place KingBowser Master of 50s ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place KingBowser - 2nd Place Frags - 3rd Place ThinkNice Master of Doubles ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place KingBowser - 2nd Place Frags - 3rd Place ThinkNice (Via Separate Tiebreaker) Master of 100s ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Amanu - 2nd Place xkuroy - 3rd Place SpartacusGD/lRoyxD Underdog Master ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Amanu - 2nd Place ThinkNice - 3rd Place LeGaryOak Monthly Tournaments Friday Night Fifties: December ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place zteban - 2
  5. necesito hablar con usted squiarli es urgente amigo

  6. We are always working on adding new content/features to our current system of which PVP improvements is the current focus atm. Time-frames are not likely to be given until release.
  7. This development update does not pertain to prizes given for Staff Run events those are outside of this discussion and should continue in the Suggestions Threads.
  8. No the only means which you can show your support monetary wise is to obtain Reward Points through our payment processors. We are always appreciative of any contribution made.
  9. As much as I agree on dynamic seat to tournaments would be an improvement what I can do in the near term is talk to my staff about increasing seat counts where appropriate to reduce the amount of queuing in tournaments. On the game queue we set limits and assess our server performance and increase them incrementally if we feel we are able to we should not see long queues but could in the future see small queues for a temporary period of time as we continue to grow.
  10. We need a lot of things...
  11. First of all, I cordially greet the game manager, pokemmon
    well I will tell you my situation I have been in the pokemmo community for years, although this forum account is new.
    The reason why I believe it is simple, after a long time I wanted to play the game again because I saw that there was a new region and finished one that had started that was pokemon heart of gold, and when I entered my name and password asks me for a code of a gmail that I currently have no access for X reasons the thing is that I would like to know if there is a way to contact you in one way or another already be through discord steam gmail or other ways I do not care, the The fact is that I am a Spanish user so that it is difficult to write this that is clearly being translated with Google translator so I apologize first of all if there is any other typographical fault or intangible things well I leave here my gmail that I do not have access to and The one I have currently.
    In addition to the name of the account that is: .ambias. I think remember with pefeccion

    In addition to a photo to show that I could access and that I get the code problem

    It should be noted that I already tried to access this hotmail but it was not possible to try to contact microft or the account to which it was linked which does not currently exist as well as the registered number

    If there is a way to recover my account, which I take a lot of time, please I ask you from my heart, help me contact me at

    [email protected]

    Thank you for your attention and understanding

    att: Ambias

    hotmail account that I don't have access to
    [email protected]


  12. Well since you asked no we will not be making the Shiny prizes given with 6x31 and other events such as CC will continue with the prizes that have been shown due to the nature of the event.
  13. But Android is for everyone, it is Open Source afterall.
  14. December: Sunday Evening Fifties ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place KingBowser - 2nd Place NikhilR [PVP] The Fight Before Christmas ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place OrangeManiac 2nd Place Yettodie [PVP] CatchMMO Comeback ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place Giantpipe [PVP] Tier Clash ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BurntZebra - 2nd Place TheFireLion [PVP] Tier Shift #2~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Schuchty - 2nd Place Haazuu [PVP] The Magical Mystery Tour(ny) ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place OldKeith - 2nd Place KingBowser [PVP] Wednesday Night Doubles ~ Bracket~ 1st Place NikhilR - 2nd Place Artemiseta [PV
  15. It was me cleaning up the Announcement section of the forum. Don't worry Sinnoh is still planned to be released in the near future.
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