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  1. Squirtle

    Do u remember this?

    Hard to believe I know.
  2. Squirtle

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    December 2029 my little trainer.
  3. Squirtle

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    Who is this "they" you are speaking of?
  4. Squirtle

    Download (pokemmo iOS link?)

    We do not have an IOS version and there are no plans currently to develop one.
  5. Squirtle

    Community-Hosted Automated Tournaments

    Hosts can also add Pokemon or items to the prize pool. But only one is allowed per tournament. (This has been updated in the post above)
  6. Squirtle

    Installing on Android 4.4.4

    We are not compatible with anything older than Android 5.0 at this time you will need to upgrade your software in order to play.
  7. Squirtle

    Allow us to host automated tournaments

    I am a little confused at how you didn't understand my initial statement. I am implementing what I consider to be a stop gap until we are able to get a system in place that is more autonomous in nature which will take development time which is most likely not going to be the focus atm.
  8. Squirtle

    Allow us to host automated tournaments

    Come on Bilburt I thought you were smarter than this. Read my first sentence again and understand what you want isn't coming right now. Maybe in the distant future will we look to create more customization on this front.
  9. Squirtle

    Allow us to host automated tournaments

    This would take time to develop something as custom as you are looking for that would not require staff intervention which is something we are not going to be focusing on atm. I will say though that staff can host additional automated events with entry fees and as long as the total fees are around the prize pool being given out I am not opposed to more tournaments being hosted. This would be a conversation you could have with any staff member and they can propose an event like this in the same way as others through our internal process.
  10. Squirtle

    Server full

    Sure it is for security reasons.
  11. Squirtle

    Server full

    No we will not.
  12. Squirtle

    Server full

    We will not share the limit only that we have currently hit it and for the time being are not raising the limit. Sorry for the trouble. You should be able to login within minutes of being in the queue if not faster. Also donation status active will bypass the queue.
  13. Squirtle

    to over powered last gym

    Ofcourse when you know the best poke you take it for yourself.
  14. Squirtle

    to over powered last gym

    Not all pokes are created equal.
  15. Squirtle


    You must drag pokes from your party to begin following you. Some pokes also are not supported and you must use a MOD in order for them to display you can find those in our client customization section of the forums.

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