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  1. In game name: Join Date: Hours played: Screenshot of your character: Picture of yourself [Optional] Country where you live: Brazil, Santa Catarina The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: Current occupation: working only, selling supplements in a gym. Sweet or Salt Popcorn: salt Your super hero power would be: Stop the time Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: Squirtle/hound - wingul Favourite Movie: Interstellar Your favourite TV show as a kid was: Tv Globinho xD Last meal you ate was: Hamburger
  2. @BlackJovi If you knew me, u would not say I need it ;) I play while I'm at work, (selling supplements at a gym) As perhaps most people think, not everyone who plays pokemmo, people who are trapped in the house for 24 hours, I train, I have a girlfriend, I have my house, I have a job, and i have shinys ;) srry my bad english.
  3. Everyone who is here hunts rare shinys every day, and we all always find common shinys, this is just another normal day at pokémmo xD
  4. LOL WTF xDDDDDD I am not believing... 24°ot 400+ encounters
  5. 22° ot *-* How to catch shiny ditto xD ( spore = nervous :P)
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