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  1. NU might be even worse. There needs to be more incentive to play the lower tiers since OU and Randoms are so dominant.
  2. If Slowbro ever goes to UU Blaziken will need a discussion. Altaria and Bro are about the only checks that don't get 2 shot by life orb Blaziken.
  3. Emboar is untiered and Zoroark is NU, Krookodile makes the team UU and I'm not sure Emb and Zor will do very well in UU compared to the lower tiers. In NU however Zoroark is quite good but without hidden abilities Emboar is pretty much totally outclassed by blaziken.
  4. Agreed. The lack of hidden abilities makes some pokes either worse than they already are, not playable, or gives to much power to some. If they do legendary pokemon in them like we were told and add some exclusive clothing items like pvp has it will be played content with or without hidden abilities. Would be nice for Blaziken not to be the only fighting type I see in NU.
  5. I don't see what needs better explanation it's pretty solid.
  6. Would boosting reward point gains or at least give a reduced amount for losses be a consideration? Rewards being behind the rng of your team feels bad, especially for 10000 points.
  7. With the ban of dugtrio I feel like some pokes can have more of a chance now without a random risk of being taken out easily. Really want to try toxicroak out especially. The issue I find getting around is the rotom and blaziken combo. Especially Blaziken. Being able to now run life orb more easily it can be fairly tough to wall and revenge kill in a consistent manner now. Suggestions on how to get through the duo would be super helpful. Toxicroak set is - Jolly swords dance, sucker punch, gunk shot, drain punch Dry skin
  8. Not as good at these discussions as most, just a question. Would the introduction of boots not also promote the use of more ice types? bringing a kind of natural check to dragonite. From what I can tell most stab invested ice attacks even shard would one shot even with multiscale active. Edit: This obviously only really goes for dragonite.
  9. This topic is purely to discuss the communities views on heavy duty boots and whether their introduction would be a healthy addition to the meta game. Ever since generation 4 when stealth rocks were introduced they have been a over centralized and massively utilized move throughout the game. But before rocks we had spikes another type of entry hazard so why do rocks in particular matter? Taking type in to account unlike spikes rocks can do a measly 3.125% damage to a unreasonable 50% just for a pokemon being switched in. This is something that has made dedicated leads just to set up rocks putting your opponent on the backfoot turn 1 with little risk to the playing setting them. Some leads are even used as fodder that will stay in and sac themselves just to simply to damage and make sure rocks stay up. The possibility of losing 25 to 50% hp on a single switch has made some pokemon entirely unviable, even effecting whole typings. To add to the topic any damage calculation that can be made is improved by the presence of rocks. Stealth rock is also more unique beyond taking typing in account from other hazards as it has no immunities like spikes and no entry remover like toxic spikes. The hazard isn't perfect though it has counters in rapid spin and defog. The 2 moves themselves still being risky as the pokemon being switched in to remove them are still effected by rocks and this effects what pokemon are even useful at removing them, limiting team building. The introduction of heavy duty boots would give a fighting chance to pokemon with a 4x weakness who can be ko'd within 2 switches simply because a player put up entry hazards, could give more options for removal of hazards with choices like cryogonal not losing 25% hp to switch in and spin, as well as bring balance to a very centralizing move that has effected the game for generations.
  10. Most people know that later gen pokemon and regions will most likely never be a thing here. They games are just to wildly different to be implemented without drastic changes to what we already have. How ever I believe moves could be a different story. Obviously not all moves can be brought in since we don't have fairy types or for other reasons. later gen moves may make other pokemon who aren't currently viable worth a look.
  11. Is this something that has been discussed? As nice as it sounds to add them into just a randoms game mode would be so annoying after waiting on them for so long.
  12. There are only 2 options and one starts with OU and the other RD. The results are about the same either way.
  13. With the RD tier now in can we please have a more in depth way to search for what tiers to watch? Can't find a NU in the sea of RD and OU matches.
  14. What am I supposed to do for 2-3 hours! /s Wooo update!
  15. Is garchomp being almost 10% higher than the 2nd most used pokemon in it's tier not warrant a discussion at least? 42% is very high.
  16. Considering the 4x weakness to ice and how common ice is I'd say it's more of a tank than a wall.
  17. Value advice on shiny granbull 30/30/23/x/31/31 Impish Heal bell. Trying to sell or trade for another decent shiny.
  18. Can we get rid of the no rewards in matchmaking if the opponent forfeits before turn 6? Today alone I had 5 matches of no rewards but win/loss ratio being improved. The seasonal rewards already take a while to get this feature just makes that more difficult and punishes the player not forfeiting simply because they're winning.
  19. I can agree with that. To a lesser extent is wobbuffet considered problematic in the tier?
  20. Has the TC looked into Blaziken? It's usage has been going up every season and feels like a massive power house in the tier with it's stab close combat and flare blitz.
  21. Ok so the title is a bit of a lie, it's not all untiered pokemon but mostly. My current team consists of: Lickilicky support: heal bell, wish, protect, dragon tail ( so it isnt ghost fodder and forces switches on set up pokes that it can tank a hit from ) leftovers Throh: Bulk up, rest, sleep talk, circle throw ( I have a sawk as well but just like throhs aesthetic ) leftovers Cryogonal: rapid spin, recover, reflect, ice beam ( this has actually been one of my more helpful pokes since I bred it ) leftovers Skuntank: pursuit, tauant, poison jab, sucker punch ( since rotom is so popular it kind of goes against my throh really well ) black sludge Eelektross: thunderbolt, flamethrower, giga drain, super power ( most of the teams I make I include a high coverage poke for surprise k.o. ) life orb Rhydon: stealth rocks, earth quake, rock blast, mega horn ( horn catches the occasional slowbro that my team would otherwise struggle against ) eviolite I have more NU pokemon but find myself struggling to make a cohesive team that doesn't have a gapping weakness to both venusaur and blaziken.
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