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  1. The pitchfork and torch show that @Kyu knows this community very well.
  2. Probably about to be another 2 weeks to a month.
  3. Sadly I feel like if we don't have any word at this point today isn't the day.
  4. Might actually do some sort of pve outside of ev training if this was a thing.
  5. Considering I'm awful and don't have much time I wish the season rewards were a smidge easier to grab. Between people leaving to early or my tier not being as popular as OU or randoms it makes things frustrating.
  6. It could be a potential boon for the tier. No other pokemon in the tier or untiered ( without picking a not fully evolved Mon with low stats) shares Blaziken neutrality to rocks, immunity to burn, and offensive dual stab. Would this lead to a slippery slope though? Removing any moves from mons that is problematic in the lowest tier of play.
  7. Holy crap never noticed the regions bit. Why isn't the community freaking out more about that news?
  8. While I agree that HAs are a important addition to the game that should come as soon as they can I also have to ask how many tiers do you play? If you're fighting the exact same teams it has to be OU. NU is hella diverse atm especially after Venusaur got moved up. Unfortunately Blaziken is on almost every single team but it's something you get used to.
  9. 300k for a NU match good? Just got to find a time when my kid is sleeping.
  10. Chill with the team, pvp, make weird comps.
  11. epicdavenport


    There's plenty of ways to acquire the money to breed faster and easier as well to just straight up buy comp pokes. If you want a team of full 5x31 pokes it's going to be difficult/costly. There's cheaper ways like going for 28s and 30s instead of all 31s.
  12. It honestly depends on stats and what you want it to do. Pvp happens at level 50 which means with no nature or ev investment a 30 and 31 are the same stat. That obviously changes with one or the other. I usually breed for 2x31s and 3x30s, the 31s going to what ever stats I find most important. But going as low as 27 or 28 on a iv is only a 2-3 stat difference and can be barely noticed on things like fast attackers that can't take many hits anyway. Sweepers are fine with 28/31/28/x/28/31 ( apply the same to special attack ). A pokemon that wants to be defensive is fine with 31/x/31/x/28/x ( apply for special or if you want speed and attack ). I've seen some of the best players in the game use some pretty terrible iv pokemon before.
  13. So maintenance update with zero new content. How does this effect the current meta?
  14. @Kyu Is the maintenance in preparation for the expected flow in of players for whenever the event drops or just routine?
  15. Blaziken has been touched on several times but has still yet to get its own discussion thread. Any tier council members care to share their views of it? Even if none see it as a issue you can't deny that it isn't meta defining/warping.
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