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  1. I can agree with that. To a lesser extent is wobbuffet considered problematic in the tier?
  2. Has the TC looked into Blaziken? It's usage has been going up every season and feels like a massive power house in the tier with it's stab close combat and flare blitz.
  3. Ok so the title is a bit of a lie, it's not all untiered pokemon but mostly. My current team consists of: Lickilicky support: heal bell, wish, protect, dragon tail ( so it isnt ghost fodder and forces switches on set up pokes that it can tank a hit from ) leftovers Throh: Bulk up, rest, sleep talk, circle throw ( I have a sawk as well but just like throhs aesthetic ) leftovers Cryogonal: rapid spin, recover, reflect, ice beam ( this has actually been one of my more helpful pokes since I bred it ) leftovers Skuntank: pursuit, tauant, poison jab, sucker punch ( since rotom is so popular it kind of goes against my throh really well ) black sludge Eelektross: thunderbolt, flamethrower, giga drain, super power ( most of the teams I make I include a high coverage poke for surprise k.o. ) life orb Rhydon: stealth rocks, earth quake, rock blast, mega horn ( horn catches the occasional slowbro that my team would otherwise struggle against ) eviolite I have more NU pokemon but find myself struggling to make a cohesive team that doesn't have a gapping weakness to both venusaur and blaziken.
  4. What happened to the old tournament that needed points from other tourneys to enter? It used to be so hype. Can't remember what it was called though.
  5. 2012 pokemmo was barebones but it actually was decent.
  6. I haven't talked to him since I lost my phone kayaking. Tell that asian happy bday for me.
  7. Read it last night, I need the next chapter so bad. Inb4 hiatus.
  8. .-. Why can't Jiren just be eliminated already?
  9. As long as she doesn't choose Griffith over Guts idc
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