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  1. Manga General Thread

  2. Manga General Thread

    Read it last night, I need the next chapter so bad. Inb4 hiatus.
  3. [TV] Dragonball

    .-. Why can't Jiren just be eliminated already?
  4. Manga General Thread

    As long as she doesn't choose Griffith over Guts idc
  5. Manga General Thread

    Yeah but the next chapter is beyond hype, we're finally getting Casca back!
  6. Progression path.

    You can do everything with one character.
  7. Favorite games to play & future games to be Hyped for

    MGSV and Ground Zeroes. R.I.P. Metal Gear ;-;.
  8. Can you help me with my team?

    What about getting rid of omastar for jellicent? Keeps with the rain team while dodging fighting moves while resisting some other important types.
  9. Things that Tilt me about pokemon mmo

    Can't remember what thread it was but Kyu described his day in depth and it was pretty busy. They're a small dev team doing a free game with not unlimited time. I've stuck with the game since 2012, just give it time and things will be implemented.
  10. Aqua jet belly drum won't be to strong ?
  11. Eviolite

    Chansey heals status on the switch and you end up having a gimped weak pokemon from using super power. That allows the opponent to set up on it or do damage to the next poke if you switch. Nidoking is definitely not a good option for the task.
  12. Gen 6 Plans?

    Would you guys ever consider recreating and implementing the later gen pokes into the game if it turns out to be unfeasible?
  13. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    I hope they were kidding about changing pokemons stats.
  14. Does Sand Veil work in comp?

    Maybe because evasiveness effects only one poke while acc can effect several? Not sure if that's the reason just a possibility.

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