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  1. I have a blue one. how much you offering
  2. . Looking primarily for Yen $ and Best Offers for this Female Naive natured Shiny Zard. Accepting $$$, Limited Vanities like Desu Coat, Electric Storm, Flamming Skulls, Open to trading down for Rare Shinies like starters, eevee, metagross, zoroark, lapras, pinsir for example.
  3. I don't think the few active players that have one would be willing to sell it, considering it's like the rarest vanity
  4. awesome, awesome, awesome! I really like it! you did a great job! THANK YOU!
  5. mm if u need more request you can do shiny mareep, shiny spheal, shiny heracross, or shiny alakazam ty
  6. wuddup Akshit! Can i request one? ninetails, I also like lots of colors and crazy designs i added u on FB and IG, but tbh u dont need to add me, just a ninetails would be cool i really miss your signatures too! u dont got the programs for it anymore? I checked out your art work, i wish i had half the skill and mad creativity that u got i really like when you put a whole bunch of random stuff mushed together, its pure genius -your #1 fan :)
  7. Name : chuur Team Tag (If you want): [HURO] Characters/Pokemons : shiny houndoom Background (If you want any): dark background thank you!
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