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  1. Meh Dont know havshi, I mean, altough I got the pokes for it I'm not competetive. And since it's still all about grinding and not about fun with missions or new regions.. all the fun is gone ;o I like it oldskool like when we all played on the GBA/GBC but then multiplayer ;D
  2. Not all :o Last(first) time I had Rayquaza(Like last week), my first poke didn't restore when I won a battle..;o  
  3. LF 5x snorlax when PokeFlute is used :'') Struggle is real for beginners
  4. NO U're not new...
  5.   Dat's why he's unemployed. Or it would be vice versa ^^
  6. Just add the fee @ selling price. If you don't want to pay any fee's. Try to sell it @ Trade Chat ^^
  7. I know that ^^ But it will safe a lot of time if you don't need to click on the poke... And.. when you expect a good pokemon (based on price) and you click on it and it turns out being crap it will also disappoint you
  8. There are lots of pokemon for sale @ GTL. What about a little description in the spare room next to the buy botton? For example; Timid Comp Lvl 50 4x31 with eggmoves I think this would make it a bit easier for buyers to navigate through them. Merry X-Mas
  9. Well we allready got whisper in window, can we list them there maybe ?^^ Whisper in window is already listed. But yeah we can decline some and accept some peeps to talk with.  
  10. Yeah but well, then you gotta let EV's unabled.. With the chance that someone will ruin them @ comp pokes
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