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  1. come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. srsly when u gettting back

    1. xPepper


      Doesn't look like any time soon

  3. Misses yewwww

    1. xPepper


      I miss all of y'all too

  4. xPepper

    New Blood

    What he said Calm down bby girl he's still fresh meat. Still time for blood c: Welcome to the game Kyro. Hope you continue to enjoy it.
  5. If I knew I had em I'd say yes but I don't like making promises Idk if I can keep
  6. Obby Edit: lol Stella you made someone want to quit?! XD good job
  7. Idk about all the hot chicks but I'm a really sexy bro that would love to talk by ;*
  8. Yea we all lie to him to make him feel better. [spoiler] jk.. Kinda[/spoiler]
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