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  1. I also do feel that we have a lot lot lot of choiced mons (probably too many). In 2 of my matches I ended up with 5 choiced users (all of them were CB). Another thing is level balancing dependant on tier. I know it's experimental, but I think we might have to take a look at each pokemon individually instead of looking at the pokemon's tier. For example, Slaking is so ridiculously powerful and fast due to the level gap (and bulky) that it can grab multiple KOs during one match while taking very little damage. I'm not exactly fond of the NFE eviolited pokemons such as Yanma, Murkrow, Tangela or regular Porygon. I think we already have a lot of fully evolved mons which completely suck (I'm looking at you, Sunflora) regardless of circumstances and I don't think that expanding this any futher would be necessary. Additionally, when gen4/5 along with HA and legendaries will get implemented, we will be facing an incredibly wide pool of mons and 90% of them will be completely useless during a randbat match. Biggest fun of randbats was when you were getting lots of strong mons on your team, and your opponent was not far behind, not when fighting with tranz trash. Just my thoughts, although I've been playing randbats for 8+ years on showdown, now I WILL play that in Pokemmo I do love it here already
  2. The only strategy to catch a Chansey in Safari is to throw rocks into it's face until it crawls to you and begs to get inside your pokeball
  4. This so much. I found it hard to believe that even an anti-maths person like myself understood everything you wrote. Props!
  5. Guess why I don't play officials anymore?
  6. Gentle isn't a neutral nature, too u do dis...
  7. None of the neutral natures are listed for a reason
  8. Another month with cancer arena trap, yayyyy
  9. Let's get rid of Dugtrio's arena trap and then I'll rise another shitstorm to get rid of something else
  10. I'm completely indifferent about Pory2 but
  11. Certain place. Amount of badges does not matter. Other than that, Gilan's guide linked by MoxPeanut will answer your every question (it's really good).
  12. Lmao poor @YettoDie should've been banned ages ago if that was a thing E: And me alongside him
  13. i totally agree but we would need to make this permanent instead of 24h +1 from me, this is the best suggestion that ever appeared on this forum
  14. For storyline purposes it's decent. You'd probably want a higher special attack, but if you will evtrain it in satk and speed (and then teach it Psyshock/ Thunderbolt/ Ice Beam/ Surf) then it will serve you really well. After finishing one region, you can re-breed it with another Staryu or a Ditto to get higher special attack IV and use it for next region. Starmie in general is one of the best pokemons for storyline and yours has 4 really good, high stats that can help you a huge lot. For competitive purposes, unfortunately this Staryu is useless. You can maybe use it as 1 IV (30 sdef) breeder but other than that, it won't really help much.
  15. Oh man, you probably don't know MMO staff... They can and they have done something like that multiple times in the past already, I even got struck by that personally. If you wanna hit the dog, you'll find a stick
  16. And here I was wondering where was the limit of stupidity when it comes to staff decisions
  17. It's not the usage itself. For god's sake, this is really becoming ridiculous because it's being repeated on literally every page of this thread. I don't know how many times I have to reiterate this so people will realize that usage of something doesn't mean it's uncompetitive/ broken. Kinda shame I got only 2 hands because they aren't enough to express my facepalm. Do you really think I'm writing posts in a specific manner to get likes from people? Are you out of your mind or out of arguments? If a noname like yourself puts into my mouth words I didn't say and then additionally calls me out for alleged ignorance, you think I'd just calmly sit and watch a rando blatantly lie on forums and attack me for pretty much no reason? We don't like each other with Madara yet we were able to discuss our stands without issue, I received respect and returned it back. Present your arguments in a civilized matter, without calling anyone out, and you'll receive the same from me. Right now you're being treated like a terribly lost player that has no idea what he is talking about. I just called out you for the absolute stupidity and lies you are spreading over forums and I'm about to do it once again. Lemme help you out, because your calcs are somewhat lacking. 252 Atk Choice Band Heracross Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Porygon2: 152-182 (79.1 - 94.7%) -- 56.3% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock 252 Atk Heracross Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Eviolite Porygon2: 146-174 (76 - 90.6%) -- 25% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock I even used a Jolly Hera for you as it's the more common nature. Looks like P2 isn't as unkillable as you're making it? I even switched your Pory EVs and nature, just for the sake of your magical 3x Nature 4x252 EV Pory. I don't give a shit about feeling superior, I'm a man on a mission and I want to get rid of all the bullshit rng that devs included for no reason. And no, that was not a sarcasm, because you keep switching your Porygon's nature and spread with each paragraph to support your claim (fact =/= sarcasm). I'm indifferent about Pory's residence in the tier. So we're searching for switch-ins for P2 in the tier right now. Sure- Umbreon, Gigalith, Scrafty, Gastrodon, Dusclops, Snorlax. From both offensive and defensive sides. Also another Pory2 (lololol healthy meta). Sure, Azu, Krooko and Mamo don't come in for free on Pory unless predicted Discharge/ Ice Beam, but Pory is currently used a pivot, similar to Rotom. It switches in to tank a weak hit and either hits itself or teleports to preserve momentum. The thing is, being a pivot means that Pory is highly suspective to U-Turn and Volt Switch itself, giving the mentioned earlier mons easy access to switch in and strike it's weak physical side. Suddenly Krooko doesn't have access to CC and cannot hurt Pory2. I guess it also cannot have CB as held item. Looks like I was wrong for all those years of playing, thanks for helping out fam and thanks for worrying- sorry to disappoint, I'm not drunk. No dude. Saying that "modest pory2 walls entire tier bar mons with fighting moves" is a ridiculously stupid lie full stop. Read it once again and think for yourself, thinking before typing really doesn't hurt. How is it a defensive uber? Please post calcs that support your claim, provide us with replays/ specific situations from the game. I will be more than happy to read your post and change my mind if you will be able to present valid, reasonable arguments. Other than that, for now you're just making yourself look really bad. I do agree, it is centralizing to some degree. But, that's the same story for the S tier mons in every tier- you just have to come prepared for Garchomp, Conk, Sciz when you play OU. You have to prepare for Rotom and Slowbro while playing NU. And you have to prepare for P2 when playing UU. I didn't miss that fact, of course Pory with support can be a problem. But same thing goes for a lot of mons, for example if you support your PZ with a Dugtrio to remove Gigalith that would otherwise wall it, then PZ becomes a problem. Wait, didn't you win your first official tour like, 2 weeks ago? Pretty big mouth for someone with such lackluster discussion/ competitive experience. Maybe you should go back into hunting shinies and playing pve events? About me and playing- dude, you're making a total idiot out of yourself right now. I could understand if you would direct that kind of line to a dude who returned after few years of hiatus, but I actually played a lot of UU for V4 during the team tournaments and the team PSL, I got around 200 matches last season and even found some time to play in officials. I never speak about things where I got no experience (that is why I don't talk about OU). And now you're making yourself look terrible again- do you finally want to discuss Pory as defensive uber, or unhealthy? Return to basics, read Senile's tiering etiquette guide and read this thread to see how mature people can discuss their stands. If you will continue to attempt to undermine my credibility by saying I don't play, then we don't have anything to talk about. If you want a decent discussion, then focus on P2 instead of trying to attack me. Bonne nuit.
  18. We should put priority in making the game less rng-reliant so "noob in 400" won't beat a 700 points player by sheer luck through sand veil evasion. Shit like quick claw, bright powder and evasion-boosting abilities are affecting entire game in almost all tiers, while Pory2 resides in UU only, although this is just my own opinion. I can understand that you are mainly a UU player (?) and Porygon affects you more than the other bullshit devs brought upon us not too long ago, though. Oh, so CB Heracross cannot KO p2. Or a scarfer after rocks. Right. Good to know. Have you considered joining TC? I guess in your world Porygon2 magically resists fighting STAB and runs 252 hp def satk sdef and 3 natures at the same time, walls everything and oneshots everything that switches into it. Regardless, flame orb hera is ran 75% of the time so your argument is pretty much irrelevant. It's like saying that "if Pory2 is not eviolite then Yanmega can 2hko it after rocks". I'm not here to educate you what a mon can do to other mon, I mentioned physical attackers (without even mentioning Azumarill, Krooko, or Mamoswine) which can quite easily dispose of Pory2, as the bold natured Pory is used only 20% of the time (mostly calm/ modest). Please don't put words I haven't said into my mouth. I have not said a single word or even implied that Pory cannot wall a physical threat (that's actually ignorance, and additionally, hypocrisy, but I digress). Of course, it can do it with a Bold nature and max def, but then it gets 2shoted by PoryZ, Yanmega or Exegg's Solarbeam. It's a double edged sword. And gets 2 shoted by Yanmega or PoryZ. Nice tradeoff. Then special wall gets killed by any fighting STAB. Again you are behaving as if P2 can run Modest/ Bold/ Calm natures at the same time and has 252 hp def satk sdef. This is a blatant lie. Modest P2 can wall the entire UU metagame bar CC/ Superpower/ Hjk? Are you trying to lie to yourself or to us? Trying to use a lie to support your claim of a broken mon instantly makes you look ridiculous and drastically kills all your other arguments. If you want to discuss Pory2, then do it the right way. Is it an offensive uber? Surely not. Is it a support uber? I don't think so. Is it a defensive uber? Run the calcs and check yourself, it doesn't magically switch in on every attack in the game and soak it up. Is it centralizing/ unhealthy? Maybe. That would be the only criteria we could use to actually discuss it. I guess I like my CB set too much, it's seriously fun tho (and hammer arm 2hkos Pory even without rocks. Unless you're me and you miss that 90%) I couldn't care less about Porygon2 in UU, it's one of those mons for which you'll have to come prepared but it does not fit any of the uber criterias.
  19. There are things that are imo more important than P2. Getting rid of Dugtrio, Quick Claw, evasion-boosting abilities/ bright powder and any other shit that only adds rng to already rng-heavy game should be our priority imo. Again, if Pory2 is broken (although I do not believe it is, especially in a meta which has so many powerful physical attackers such as Medicham, Heracross, Swampert or Metagross), then keeping a potentially broken mon to wall other broken mons isn't an answer.
  20. Same here, if you need me to steal your money be your middleman, I'll be happy to take the donations help
  21. It was supposed to be "canon" I think. As canon as draco meteor-less Hydreigon and Dugtrio with 80 base atk stat
  22. You can mute Daryl for racism every time he says something stupid. Which means, you can keep muting him every time he says anything
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