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  1. He does want green things but we are not talking about pokemons in here xdddddddddd
  2. And I actually do like and respect GB for that decision. His job as a host is to do his best to get the matches played and this is exactly what he was doing.
  3. Tbh from my perspective this sounds really cool, even as a long-term plan. Ingame auctions would help a ton even right now, not so sure about the ordering system though. But, Kyu- let's be honest, we are all waiting for dungeons, legendaries and hidden abilities. Did this get pushed aside due to some other obligations/ plans?
  4. Thanks Kyu, I needed a new signature and this is just perfect
  5. Desu labcoat was in pvp boxes, Kyu hat in regular Mystery Boxes E: lmao I would never expect results like that
  6. How do you check that? 😮
  7. I miss the times when the competitive scene was ran by the players and not devs. I miss when we had our unique "power" tiering system and not usage-based. I don't miss the 3v3 times though with Snorlax and Slowbro in every team kekw
  8. I brought you the seats guys, let's sit and enjoy the drama
  9. First Rule of the Internet. Every person in the webz is a dude unless proven otherwise
  10. jesus christ did you make this photo with a landline phone omg my nokia 3310 makes better photos wtf
  11. Ahhhh more reasons to stay away from this game
  12. That's Kings rock and razor claw. But I know this isn't something you guys are responsible for, though. Sand Veil is fucking cancer, so is cursed body.
  13. I don't think it's the "combo". It's the fucking dugtrio, again and always
  14. I'm afraid not, at least not that I'm aware of anyone recording my match
  15. I do have my suspicions that user caioxlive13 is probably a multi account of user Murcielago (or Xatu). Please check.
  16. Surely Bold, with most likely Foul Play/ Wish/ Protect. Fourth move can be Toxic, though I saw some running Psychic to punish the fighting types switch-ins.
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