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  1. Hidden. Fucking. Abilities. About fucking time, I'm sold. Gonna start playing actively from tomorrow on omg this is gonna shake the meta upside down
  2. Wayyyy more than that. Around 8 years if I'm not mistaken
  3. I think that the fact that it's pretty much forced to run Shed Shell as it gets trapped by both Magnezone and Dugtrio isn't really helping with it's viability in OU, but again I don't have any experience. Still waiting for a bigger, more competitively relevant update
  4. I guess you're right, but Conk does have a bigger attack stat and superior physical bulk... Idk. Machamp didn't have tremendous usage in NU so I would at least want to give it a try. Im unsure how much meta has changed ever since I stopped actively playing but I remembered NU to be fairly offensive and fast paced metagame where mons like Machamp wouldn't really have much place due to low speed. I'm theorymoning here a lot right now due to lack of experience so I defo could be wrong here
  5. I also believe this move was a bit too rash, I really don't think Machamp would be too much for NU with Mach and Drain punches. At least a short test period would suffice
  6. I guess ban is better than just straight up not being allowed to play
  7. he'll counterflex it with his english
  8. IGN: Forfiter Accolades: I managed to stay away from this game for 6 months Fluff:
  9. Ok, at least I'm glad it's not a troll
  10. Aren't there wild Electrodes in Cerulean Cave? @Rache mind helping us out here?
  11. Are you seriously quoting yourself from FOUR YEARS AGO to prove your point and show that you were right how OP Torkoal is? You know you are making yourself look absolutely ridiculous, right? Unless it's a troll for which I fell
  12. Afaik brothers from different mothers
  13. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8randombattle-1546069914 Godlurk reverse sweep
  14. We started with 3v3 catchmmo back with Slowbro with CM + Rest and Snorlax being on every team, but I digress. Old times, hope this actually never comes back lmao We had a power-based system I think up to 2014 or 2015, which was putting pokemon in respective tiers based on their "power", based on community's input and TC's judgement. For our smaller community (uncomparable to showdown, from which the usage-based tiering was taken) I believe that might be way better, not only because of the uniqueness of the system itself- of course there is an argument, that it can become heavily biased, but first of all- we will not have things like monthly usage-based moves, which will not fuck up big tournaments like it did many times in the past. Pokemon moves in the tiers would happen only after a collaborated discussion between community and TC. Secondly, we will be able to avoid situations where even a small group of players is spamming a certain pokemon in a higher tier to get rid of it from the lower one. Obviously, this kind of system is putting a lot more pressure on TC and increases their workload, as the moves between tiers would be fully dependant on them, instead of usage. Imo, it's worth discussing if such an option is even a possibility.
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