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  1. Best Dragon type

  2. A lot is missing right now but as I said- the guide will not be updated anymore unless someone else would like to take over (use my guide as a base for their own) or a mod would update the OP.
  3. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Well, I'll tell you my story then. Year 2014, August. I encounter a shiny tangela after months of searching in a single encounter spots. I went to tangela patch to just get few defense EVs. I killed it in rage. Year 2015. Year 2016. Year 2017. March. After, yeah, 2.5 year and circa 1m encounters total due to my very active game, I encountered a shiny persian. I cried from happiness, but it's not one of the pokes I would keep forever on my account regardless of the offer. @RacheLucario has it now (I presume it still is the best paydayer on the server). Year 2018. We have almost february. I don't know how many encounters I got clocked, but the "30k" has been probably clocked somewhere around June already. I never got capcha'd in my entire 5 year career. Jonulo has 42 OT shinies. Shiny rate is fair
  4. List of "Hidden" pokemons for Pokedex

    @RacheLucario I'm sure you can shed some light on this ;) E: Unless it's my 5-10 gym runs each day which do not make sense, I could have interprere it wrong
  5. List of "Hidden" pokemons for Pokedex

    Im 100% sure it does appear in Blaine's team as well. You can trust me on this one, Im doing ~~5-10 Kanto gym runs each day
  6. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    I really wish I had any to enjoy
  7. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    @OrangeManiac ;^) Jonulo 42 ot shinies? Shiny rate is fair
  8. List of "Hidden" pokemons for Pokedex

    Brock or Roxanne carries Archeops from time to time, same goes for Carracosta. I know one of the gym leaders (I think Koga) had a Skuntank too
  9. PP Up/Max for BP or something similar

    Not only they are being incredibly expensive, but also the amount of these items on the market is scarce. And yet, they are proobably THE most desired and needed item for competitive players. We really, really need an urgent fix for it.
  10. [LC Discussion] Regirock

    We have an archeologist over here
  11. EDIT: Honestly, gb did a great job as well, but LKrenz had to step in the very middle. If PSL will go as smoothly as these 3 gentlemen (yeah, Zeb too) lead the auction I'll be satisfied with the season itself as well
  12. Props to @LKrenz for stepping in and leading the auction, that was some really well done job
  13. Thanks Doc, just read VVVV thread, ima check discord now

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