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  1. Can't believe what these oddly coloured pixels do with people
  2. My Murkrow "THUG LIFE" killed quite a few of Chimechos
  3. This can go up once again
  4. I preferred the time when you were banned
  5. I surely prefer spending 24/7 in an online pokemon game just to brag about winning community combat because I have nothing else to brag about ;) Didn't you quit?
  6. I regret following this thread
  7. You should be proud Im turning your Seel into a meme... Haven't I been mocking it for like 2 years already? I remember taking piss out of it on teamspeak with Patrick xd
  8. I wonder who will reach 100 shiny OTs first? Jonulo, Chesars or Alatea?
  9. Let's bring PSL to an absolutely different level. Actually, to a different dimension. @DarylDixon SIGN UP
  10. This pic reminds me of my ex Brings back memories from last TT :D
  11. Oh damn I can bump it again
  12. Are you trying to trigger me