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  1. You'll come back. Congrats on your graduation though, best wishes fam- really hope real life goes well for you.
  2. Rarest I've seen so far is the New Year's Hat. Or Party Hat? Not sure what is it's exact name. I think there's only one active on the server currently
  3. Volcarona is part bug, so it doesn't get hurt SE with Earthquake, making your berry redundant. I would really prefer running Timid natured one with Life Orb or Leftovers. I'd also adjust it's IVs -maybe even 29 HP IV so it'd hit 159 HP, making rocks/ spikes/ orb recoil smaller compared to what you're getting while having 160 HP. If you're running 31 HP IV I'd rather put the 4 EVs into HP. Passho berry makes a lot of sense since Gyarados is quite a common switch in for Volc. I'm just unsure about Giga Drain (I think I'd rather want HP Ice for Garchomp/ Dragonite). Sand rush
  4. Exactly yeah :) You can also click on "Link" button in the chat and pick the pokemon from your party. Unless you're on phone, I don't remember how it was done that way
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