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  1. You misunderstood what I meant there, but Im more worried about the fact that you ignored the rest of the post, as if you agree with it. Unless you do not see any problems, then it's even worse than I initially anticipated
  2. catching events with better prizes than competitive events actually shit prizes in general, we're getting 4x25 IV comps in 2019 lmao bad updates no round table no dungeons no legendaries no sinnoh ded gaem I could go on My current opinion about MMO? For the first time I'm seriously wondering if Sinnoh's arrival in 2022 will revive this game
  3. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-991739594
  4. Despite all our differences, I see we still understand each other
  5. First Sinnoh and Dungeons, then thread
  6. I wanted to play around a little but got sleepy and decided to just finish this quick https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-990908091
  7. This is exactly the kind of thread I expected to see on this forum
  8. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-978587635 It would not have to end like that if he wouldn't freeze me
  9. lmao you're optimistic
  10. I'm unsure about your maths. I was thinking about a different approach (multiply power x accuracy). Stone edge has 100 base power and 80 accuracy (100x 0.8)= 80 Rock slide has 75 base power and 90 accuracy (75x 0.9)= 67.5 Now I'm not a math expert, but that's 12.5 more base power on average coming from stone edge. Now we can go into comparing the secondary effects of those moves: 30% flinch on Rock Slide 12.5% crit on Stone Edge So if you take into account the crit rate from stone edge which deals +50% damage and ignores the stat changes (that can be really big), Stone Edge deals way more damage on average compared to situational rock slide. You are overestimating the power of flinches and already assuming that you are faster than your opponent; if you fail to KO him with rock slide and flinch him, the retaliation can kill you, when stone edge might've brought you the needed KO. Unfortunately, competitive gameplay isn't all about maths. There's also the argument that Rock Slide with it's inferior base power (25 on neutral and 37.5 on super effective hit) misses the chance to OHKO on many different occasions. Rock Slide is highly situational; it can be used on mons like Aerodactyl or DD Tyranitar (lolol) if you wanna go ghaey and fish for flinches and it's far superior in Doubles due to it's aoe (and flinches). Keep also in mind, we have gen7 crit mechanics, meaning that Rock Slide doesn't have 6.75, but ~4.1 crit chance. There's a reason why Stone Edge is preferred by most experienced competitive players and why it's the most common choice by them (aside from mons that got sheer force, obviously). Overall, stone edge is just way better.
  11. I'd say we need more fair shiny rate so everyone will abandon competitive play and hunt oddly coloured pixels
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