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  1. Yeah I did, but I see quite a big difference in what happened in my situation and this one: I was not given any info regarding the IP address or anything else, just a confirmation that the ghosting happened. Noone leaked out the conversation I had with someone to anyone else. Here, hosts received private chat logs from another player. Which, we (Taillows) as accused party still did not receive. In fact I found out about the whole affair as probably the last person despite being associate manager but w/e I was dead anyway. I don't want to be the judge of the situation itself, I already spoke with both hosts and I made my point, however I could not argue or talk without seeing of what exactly happened (Doc described the situation after I already spoke with them). Additionally I'm biased as fuck, Yetto is the oldest friend I have in MMO and he has my full trust and every word he says is perceived as "truth" for me so I'll leave the arguing to the people involved, they know the situation better than I do.
  2. Kriliin was always an NU god, not much changed
  3. Honestly, from a POV of a guy who has been away for most of the season due to some serious unexpected reasons, the only thing that really worries me the most, is leaking private conversation by staff to other players. PSL seasons come and go, players change teams, different teams form and so on, but this is a situation that should never happen. I can understand staff diving into the conversations of players due to suspicions regarding RMT, heavy insults or something of a similar caliber. Now it makes sense why hosts did not want to show their "proofs". While I do care about what happens to my PSL team and teammates and my resources were always available for them and I tried my best, this situation is something to look into for future seasons. I hope staff will make at least a small statement about this situation.
  4. Are you sure it's still up-to-date? I didn't update this for years
  5. Mind letting us know what kind of bug this was? E: I'm up for some further testing in other generations to see how stuff worked out. I had a similar stuff in a world cup where a "bug" was determined a bug but not a bug because things should be like they weren't be.. complicated stuff asf, I'll be happy to help to research/ test the stuff
  6. Since everyone is reading this thread I'd like to take a moment and remind everyone that shiny rate is fair also this suggestion is worse than tranz's comp skills
  7. Doubles: iJulianFNT vs GasaiYunoSan 100k-5m on Julian Can take infinite number of times
  8. too u do dis... Devs, please, competitive play is for our enjoyment, let us create and modify it in a way that is actually entertaining for us rather than altering moves, abilities and so on.
  9. Tough to enjoy this tbh. I can't even see where the NPC is because of how many people are around and I keep getting disconnected each 5 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming you for that, but for me the event is currently unplayable.
  10. It's the very first shiny comp I ever made, hope it serves you well
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