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  1. Add The Remaining Gen 4 Pokes

    Johto confirmed?
  2. must be update hype

    Exactly! Perfect conclusion! Heard it Kyu? SO much wasted time!
  3. must be update hype

    I can tell you with all the details
  4. must be update hype

  5. must be update hype

    HERE COMES U-TURN AND STEALTH ROCK PREPARE FOR CANCER What we need is a Mystery Box hat. Which would be obtainable from- obviously- Mystery Box
  6. Unova Starters

    Don't be surprised if this Star will not be enough to sweep through storyline. Amirite @RacheLucario ? I bet you prepared some nasty stuff.
  7. patience is key for unova

    Stop me ;v)
  8. patience is key for unova

    Can we get Unova already please so people will stop making stupid topics like that?
  9. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    I wasn't sure if this was just a coincidence but then I saw a spoon
  10. People interested in the US/ UM leaks, everything covered in one video:

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