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  1. They are almost ready, I made templates yesterday (I even shared them with Stelian). I'll get them done today and share with you guys on discord :)
  2. @Zigh @iJulian @Sashaolin @hannahtaylor @CHUCKunso @SweeTforU @YEYOxD @gbwead I'm terribly sorry guys that it took so long, but I got your sigs. I really did my best with them although graphically I'm a total no-skill... I hope you like them anyway! :)
  3. IGN: Forfiter Tiers: Any, even doubles if you will give me a team Competitive accolades: I embarris... Random shit: I'm fluent in daryl Discord: Ryś#0220
  4. You cant make everyone happy. You can make arguments for and against a manager, but it comes down to a subjective decision. I like all the manager picks for this season, I know that hosts had a hard time making their picks to be as FAIR and justified as possible.
  5. Daryl Daryl Daryl Daryl Daryl Daryl Daryl Daryl this squad will entertain this PSL from beginning until very end E: just read through the thread and saw Cali has the same predictions, nice
  6. I would like to take a moment to appreciate and thank GB as he is pretty much the only TC member who actively discusses with us, even though I do not always agree with him. also I pretty much don't play anymore so I'd make a perfect TC candidate, pm me guys I'm up
  7. I love how devs timed the torch and pitchfork vanities with a Chomp ban. Devs:
  8. Niiiceee some really quality manager sign ups. This season gon be gud
  9. Your English surely will xddddddd
  10. Soo, looks like mortals can also encounter and catch shinies, not only Jonulo...
  11. gb will never return to this thread
  12. I also think that assistant manager is a good idea, we had multiple situations in the past when manager could not show up during draft and someone else was doing this for him. In that kind of situation, such person could be extremely useful.
  13. Jonulo is a man of focus, commitment, sheer fucking will
  14. Petition to change this to Bale's Breeding Compound
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