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  1. Topic, I'm bored at work and I feel like seeing if other people share my opinion
  2. I used to run on 2 laptops at the same time or laptop + phone, as long as you aren't running 2 copies of MMO on one device you should be totally fine
  3. That you shouldn't worry for grinding the trainers on multiple alts- I've been doing that for quite a while and I'm still playing :P Nah, you're fine
  4. You can get banned for lots of Spiderman threads Trust me
  5. It's a shame it was not enough to get out from the group stage after one of the worst performances in history of PSL, isn't it
  6. I can and I just did, umad? Also trying to compare "Drako... Dracarys!" to "VGC" only makes your team name look even worse, maybe ask Vorred if you can rename your team to "Shit Name Inc." to make it at least a little bit better E: How did your team do in last PSL btw? ^_^
  7. I don't deny that I've managed to win against you literally only twice during multitude of our fights if I recall correctly (and once thanks to RNG which is most memorable for me), absolutely not, but what does it have to do with your absolutely terrible, shit, garbage team name? And I don't hate you dude, not at all, there used to be only one person in this game whom I hated and that's in the past, I just dislike your lack of creativity to make a good PSL team name and that's it. PSL team names at least used to have SOMETHING to do with pokemon, have a good reference to a movie, song or a historical moment (or Vorred's literal Shit Name team, which was still better than yours) and yours turned from bad to even worse. I'm disliking your team name, not you
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