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  1. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/sm-ou-suspect-process-round-5-voting.3615232/page-5#post-7513063 Arena Trap got the iron boot of ghaey from OU in S_M :)
  2. I have a dream...

    [Discussion OU] Metapod Guys. I believe we can make it happen. I'm omw to make a comp metapod, I got quite a bit of free time. @Tyrone Metagod is coming into OU!
  3. [LTS] Event Rules & Description

    You suck at memes Kyu. @Tranzmaster give this man a lesson
  4. Owning 60 pokemon but no national dex

    Wow not even linking my walkthrough suited for MMO and stuff
  5. Tis true it's a bit early for the fireworks especially when Juve couldn't play with their strongest squad (and the match was on Camp No U), however you must admit they did look seriously good and that win was pretty convincing.
  6. Semedo from Barcelona played really, really well. Considering current prices, this guy was a steal. Also Messi a god but we all know that already
  7. Giveaways

    But there are often giveaways done by staff. All for free. Like, warning points :) E: @LifeStyle and @BlackJovi would confirm if they could
  8. Iron Fist is not a hidden ability for Chan. Also I listed only pokes from gen 1-3 and Conk is gen5. We would have to breed one anyway, compared to the army of pokes I listed

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