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  1. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8randombattle-1148639858 Killing legendaries with Comfey was never more satisfying
  2. Other decent checks to Conk include Chandelure, Gliscor, Jellicent, Dusclops, Reuniclus. If we had Cresselia... maybe in next century
  3. Ur using wrong spread: 252+ Atk Guts Conkeldurr Mach Punch vs. 4 HP / 252 Def Blissey: 230-272 (69.4 - 82.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery It doesn't have to switch in when it obliterates conk with it's raw power I swear it's legit E:
  4. this topic called my name SHINY RATE IS FAIR
  5. I would make players sign up for any Showdown tier available and after seeing how many people signed for which tier, we can pick a showdown tier based on it's popularity in the MMO community and if the effects would be unsatisfactory (such as not enough sign ups in any of the showdown tier) then we can just use another MMO tier or allow a Captain's choice. I wouldn't want to push a tier onto community if they wouldn't want to play it
  6. The only showdown tier worth playing is Randoms
  7. "Why is everyone afk" legit made me laugh, congrats Dusty! :)
  8. @OrangeManiac Your opinion here would be invaluable, pls respond
  9. god please not vgc16 with all round same teams everywhere
  10. Staff also said that dungeons and legendaries will be added. 7 years ago
  11. Normally I'd give you a like but I don't like it
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