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  1. You can deduce from battle logs that she did not- Nidoking was faster than Adamant Excadrill, yet it was slower than Hydreigon (without the notification that "Tailwind has petered out")
  2. Ok Kyu for real, did you read the whole post?
  3. RysPicz

    Amulet Coin

    I'm also not fond of the changes made to Amulet Coin exactly because of the reasons Suigin mentioned, however I wouldn't want to bring it back as a held item- this was really terrible that one of my mons had to hold the item during an entire fight to actually grant me the higher payout. I would prefer the item to be re-worked, I dunno, like 15 battles with boosted money payout per amulet coin? Just food for thoughts.
  4. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8randombattle-1086784950 that was quick
  5. Don't worry guys- him and his family are safe, his hard drive died so he doesn't log in. He's in the southern part of Italy which is less infected :) His discord might be dead but I contact him frequently on facebook
  6. Team name: Pokemon Aura Team tag: AURA with that weird A Registered players: Forfiter, JimmyPowka, ForfiXXX Team captain: DarylDixonTWD
  7. E: lol nvm ok I'm stupid and I embarris, I missed the point
  8. I didn't participate this season but I enjoyed watching the fights on youtube and @mago1993 thank you ever so much for your really hard work.
  9. Lol ohai Kuro, been a while
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