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  1. How about: We get rid of P2, P-Z and Lucario at the same time? πŸ™‚
  2. You really don't look forward to meeting Daryl. His mom, on the other hand...
  3. oh man you're up for a big surprise
  4. It's like fighting with a windmill, we manage to get rid or Lucario, they will drop us a Haxorus at the same time. I already gave up after few months of trying to actually do something, seeing how it was just wasted time and effort. But I do admire GB for his persistence, and I do agree with him (which is rare). And I also think 90% of UU competitive community agrees as well, Lucario has to go.
  5. It doesn't? For me this kind of post embodies our current discussion about Lucario, community wants it gone as soon as possible.
  6. At this point I would just literally disband tierlist council because they are useless to that degree and let the players with highest ELO/ competitive tours wins vote ingame for a potential drop of a pokemon to a lower tier
  7. The job of TC is to be the voice of community and based on the community's input, TC is supposed to make decisions regarding tiering to benefit the metagame the most and create as healthy environment for us, players (and yourselves) as possible. For a longer period of time, TC does not discuss anything with us and the decision with bringing down Lucario despite our very strong voice of disagreement only proves that the playerbase's opinion doesn't mean shit and you will just do what you want. Bringing down Lucario as far as I'm concerned is not something that the upper echelons decided and it was a TC decission, for which you are getting bashed right now from multiple sides and this only proves how angry is the community about the current situation with the council itself along your decisions. Really glad you banned Dugtrio, that was a step forward, but you made 2 steps back by bringing Lucario down to UU. I am not angry at TC for not banning King's Rock, Bright Powder, Sand Veil or other bullshit like that. I know this is our of your hands guys and the entire tiering system and policies are so fucked up in MMO I can barely find words in any of the 3 languages I know to describe them (and those that come to my mind would probably earn me the last warning). But bringing down Lucario is something we were strongly opposed against and it was your doing. I don't wanna move the entire discussion about Lucario to this thread but I'll sum it up how I would fix the entire situation: 1. Community-voted polls regarding any suspect threads, just like it is on Showdown. 2. Only active players recruited for Tierlist Council. 3. Quickban Lucario
  8. To be able to strike down the most common answers for it, such as Hippo, Mandibuzz and Skarm, which 95% of the time are physically invested. Oh man I wish. Unfortunately no 😞 Pokemmo wants you to grind for your life
  9. I think that with this particular set (Sub + DD) you would probably want to invest a tiny bit into HP to gain an additional point of leftovers recovery, and due to that, I would change EQ to Bounce. Bounce will provide you with a secondary, decent STAB and a move that will give you even more leftovers recovery, helping your Gyara to maintain healthy thorought the entire fight. I do like this idea, although I think I would want to add 20 speed EVs and take the defense EVs away- Skarm is in a vulnerable speed tier when it comes to walls and getting Taunted before you can Roost might be a big deal. Yes, Gengar does get Nasty Plot in MMO- however, remember, it has Cursed Body and not Levitate here. When it comes to setup set, it usually carries Sub/ Plot/ Focus Blast/ Shadow Ball and carries leftovers. With Substitute Gengar can fish for Cursed Body proc (which is incredibly ghaey if I may add) and get further setup opportunities. Other than that, your specs set looks standard and very good. I don't know if you want another setup sweeper in your team- you already have quite a lot of them. I think CB or even Scarf infernape would make more sense here as you could use speed control in your team and some momentum gainer through u-turn. Pretty standard, decent Scizor set and spread, although you would surely want to run 252 HP on it (odd HP) and invest a tiny bit in speed as bulky SD Scizors are not uncommon and being able to win a speed tie with an uninvested SD Sciz can win you the game. You would probably also want to run either Careful or Adamant Sciz instead of Impish. Garchomp unfortunately doesn't get Rough skin in MMO. The most common rock setter Chomp set is Naive/ Hasty with 252 satk/ 252 speed/ 4 atk with EQ, Rocks, Draco Meteor/ Fire blast or Flamethrower with Life Orb. Overall it looks decent and I think that this team could work if we would just change it a tiny bit and probably modify later on, based on your experiences with it.
  10. Aerun eats pizza with pineapple
  11. I hope I can say this on behalf of the entire community. Thank you, Rachel
  12. Don't forget to mention that it cannot be intimidated either πŸ™‚
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