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  1. So I just played an OU match and... This just happened. If my opp would remove hazards (2 layers of spikes and rocks) then he'd have like 100000% chance to win. Why do you guys insist on making this game's competitive experience for us so much shittier?
  2. Dubs: iJulianFNT vs Azphiel 2.5m on Julian
  3. I have an even better idea Pachi! How about we delete all yen in the game, all comps and all shinies and all items and make all people start over from the beggining? What do you think about it?
  4. Judging from the fact that we still got items like quick claw, king's rock or brightpowder allowed, I dare to say that staff actually wants to make this game much less skill-dependant and more luck reliant. Thus, I believe that pory-z should stay
  5. I got idk, 13 full boxes of 5-6x 30-31 comps. Im more than sure that there are people who got more but I still think I got quite a lot
  6. PZ was just brought down. Give it time, people need to adapt (or at least try). It isn't in UU for long enough to instantly warrant a ban imo
  7. Wish I had not forgotten my password to the SPIDERMAN account god damn
  8. Holy shit that's one breed from comp. What's the nature?
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