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  1. RysPicz

    Football discussion thread

    lo. bet seemed open but alright >:V coulda said that the bet was only for him tho
  2. RysPicz

    Football discussion thread

    But not your 500k >:V E: Pls mail it to Daryl (ign Excavalier), he'll need it more than me
  3. RysPicz

    Football discussion thread

    at least you're keeping your eyebrow
  4. RysPicz

    Football discussion thread

    Tranz rage in 3... 2... 1...
  5. You first need to talk to @DarylDixon. He is the leader and boss, he recruits people as well
  6. RysPicz

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Swiss Round 5/5

    can anyone tell me the ign or forum account name of this orangemaniac guy?
  7. jeehad? is that u?

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    2. Demando


      oh no .. all those amazing comp Pokemon and shinys gone :/ that really sucks, i guess he never made another account after that? let him at least know that i said hi :)

    3. RysPicz


      Comp quality went up a lot, now you will see 5-6x 30-31 everywhere ; p I think he did have another account but it was banned too. I'll ask Fuji to tell him "hi" from you though ^^

    4. Demando


      yeah with breeding its way easier now, btw how do i go to the new regions? i'm still in the very first one

  8. RysPicz

    Football discussion thread

    I'll take that
  9. RysPicz

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    when I saw someone tagging you I thought another tenta was caught
  10. RysPicz

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Swiss Round 4/5

    I asked Kimi to tag me on discord when he'll be ready to fight cuz Im available like, all the time. Might happen any day any time, no specific time mentioned
  11. RysPicz

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    It's so broken on paper I can barely describe. Don't forget this thing now can run a coverage move in X-Scissor for things like Slowbro (OHKO after rocks) and if something wants to wisp/ haze it, it has taunt. Bulk isn't very appealing but the sheer raw power of this thing is just terrifying. As usual, I will give it a test and speak from experience later on, but even for now, without any testing around, this looks like a horrible decision to bring it down
  12. RysPicz

    Football discussion thread


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