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  1. No Problemo.. are you far in the game? :)
  2. Krisaroo


    Maybe its your additude :)
  3. Krisaroo

    I am Zadd

    Hi Zadd.. yh some scripts arent finished.. notice that this game is still in alpha whutver Welcome! :D
  4. I liked your old profile picture more :3
  5. ahh me neither :( rly want new link to the past Edit: i do have a wii tough
  6. skazord pls.. its a zelda fan... every zelda fan is cool.. btw zeldaxd what u think about wind waker hd and link to the past 2?
  7. ah ok :) sorry for me not knowing spanish :D
  8. oh Pokemon Red fire sounds fun..
  9. my long lost zelda brother... hug me like a goron! welcome 8)
  10. let me help you.. how you doing?
  11. People will never know who i am >=D

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    2. Krisaroo


      ask them, you got no proof >=D

    3. Munya


      They knew when I tried this, they definitely know who you are.

    4. Munya


      I have figured out who you are

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