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  1. Gb can kick his teammates for acting scummy and all but yo... Jean just lost =(
  2. As a member of the TC, I share the opinion of @LifeStyleNORE
  3. Yo this is cool and all but China just sealed the W #TripleCity
  4. @Kyu that was refreshing. Reminds me of old times.
  5. It's 2022 and shiny tournament awards are still 2x31 (or 0) and 4x25. Nearly every tournament player is using perfect comps, and even bred shiny comps are perfect now. There is no room for imperfection in today's competitive scene. Every statistic matters when we have powerhouses like Garchomp, Conkeldurr, and Volcarona swinging for the fence on every play. Prizes need to step up to meet this demand, otherwise we're reverting back to the days of gift shiny prizes with random nature and random IV's: worthless. My proposition for a shiny Pokemon PvP prize would be as follows: 1. 6x31 (with option of 2x0) 2. Any nature 3. Any ability 4. Up to four egg moves (retained) We can maintain gift status as most of us recognize the complex and fragile nature of our economy, and to meet this improvement, maybe we could consider having shiny prizes offered less often. For instance, we have one (or more) shiny gifts in each format/tier per month (OU, UU, NU, and Dubs) with preference to have these tournaments over the weekend and at hours that encompass the majority of the community. I would also recommend getting rid of all non-shiny Pokemon prizes for tournament play, and instead offer RP, cash, and/or a package of items. These prizes are not worth the time for tournament play and can be earned in matchmaking when wanted. @Desu @Kyu @Darkshade 1. What are the barriers to increasing IVs on PvP prizes? 2. What are the pros to keeping such an IV spread on prizes?
  6. Just take the L bro, you're making yourself look bad at this point. GGnore
  7. Stay salty my friend, the fact that you're still heated after being straight up swept is feeding my ego. Better include this lesson in your thesis brudda. #runsomefuckingpriority
  8. TripleCity making all the headlines, courtesy of "DoubleFlinch"
  9. Just being overly cautious. We both medical bros, this how we do.
  10. I was the King. Thank you PSL.
  11. Metronome Tournaments: first person to proc Explosion won a Lucky Egg.
  12. I saw so many people leave the match right before that dank play
  13. Huar is my new favorite player after watching that recent UU they won
  14. I thought it was bad when I had to play a different tier every week for my teams. This is a whole new level of oof.
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