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  1. Bumpity bump better get your gamble on fam
  2. @LifeStyleNORE 13 minutes. You get me? GG bruh #flexxx
  3. EDIT: Everyone has agreed to continue with the raffle as is. Waitin for BrokenBulb to confirm.
  4. FYI BrokenBulb will be returning the competitive Qwilfish, Masquerain, and Audino as staff are not allowing raffles for more than one prize. The only prize will be the Shiny Pikachu. Awaiting confirmation from those who already purchased tickets if they still want to participate. @BrokenBulb please confirm receipt of the prize.
  5. 1st Place: Shiny Pikachu (Competitive) + Light Ball Prize held by @BrokenBulb Tickets: Cost: $80,000 each Total: 165/200 Mail to IGN: DoubleJ Also for Sale: Qwilfish (Adamant) 31 / 31 / 29 / x / 27 / 31 (Egg: Aqua Jet) Audino (Careful) 30 / 29 / 31 / 11 / 30 / 9 (Egg: Wish, Yawn) Masquerain (Timid) 26 / x / 26 / 31 / 26 / 31 (Egg: Hydro Pump) Siammese - 3 InuYashaL - 3 CaptnBaklava - 20 StriderxD - 9
  6. πŸ˜ƒ Also mad respect to Arvy, we're a 13 hour time difference and he opted to still play even after miscalculating when our match was. Good shit mate.
  7. @Arvy vs myself tomorrow, Monday, at 3pm PDT
  8. That moment when today is America's day and soon it will be America's week. #USAUSAUSA
  9. PokeMMO TC: Unban everything. Unofficial LC: Ban everything.
  10. Pokepast: https://pokepast.es/b87365c1601d8359 IGN: DoubleJ Decided to #flexxx and include all three listed Pokemon. Initial thoughts are that this team is pretty one dimensional and built on momentum and offense, but can be devastating if used correctly. Design: Gyarados is the centerpiece to this team and is built to set-up and sweep. I chose a +Speed EV spread to offer as many opportunities to outspeed and cripple opponents as possible. While the power might be lacking, it surely can pressure opposing teams. A Charti Berry is used to offset any damage by spread Rock-moves from opposing Scarf Garchomp, allowing for a KO or another boost if Wide Guard can't be played. The support mons that are played around Gyarados all struggle with Dragon-types, so Ice Fang is the coverage move of choice. Starting with Arcanine, this mon is designed to lower Attack with Intimidate and threaten any Scarf or priority users with a Normal-Gem boosted Extremespeed to further protect Gyarados. It also helps to threaten Steel-types like Scizor or Metagross that can tank and get chip damage on Gyarados, which is why I chose a faster variant over a bulky one. Snorlax is really, really bad in doubles (glances at Zigh...) but it can really add some pressure being a fat, stronk tank. The move of choice is obviously Explosion and carrying a Chople Berry can help survive a Fighting-attack to let this monster pop. Most teammates are carrying Protect to help facilitate the Explosion, as well as a Gengar switch. Gengar itself is designed to take a hit and support the team by lowering Speed with Icy Wind or Taunting potential set-up like Trick Room. Gengar was my chosen Taunt user as it threatens Slowbro/King with Shadow Ball who are "oblivious." Hitmontop is an obvious choice to pair with Gyarados, as it can support it with Fake Out and Wide Guard. It also terrifies Tyranitar which might be carrying Choice Scarf to net a quick Rock Slide. Feint is there as an uber-nice predict play to stop Protect users from stealing momentum. Lastly, Manectric is there to absorb Electric-attacks and protect Gyarados even further. It can also Volt Switch for moment and force prediction with opponents assuming you will bring in Manectric to stop Electric-spam (high IQ plays yo). Pros: It's really cool. Cons: Hard to use and relies on skilled prediction. Trick Room can really pose a problem for this team but we have a Taunt user and a fat Snorlax to oppose Rain-teams. I think it's designed well to handle Sand-teams. Hax is a big player and if you get an untimely para or burn, the team might be in the dumbs. One of the more common Doubles pokemon, Rotom-Wash, can also cause headache if played right, but there are several options to stop it.
  11. IGN: DoubleJ Country: USA Preferred Tiers: OU / UU / NU Personal Note: To exert my dominance ofc =)
  12. It would provide additional incentive for matchmaking if these "exclusive items" could be traded and would also lead to further interaction between community members. One of the best aspects of any MMO is the ability for interaction of players and these items are much harder to be obtained than a tournament prize, thus not having as much impact on the economy. +1
  13. Lol gbwead trying to turn NU into a stale tier.
  14. Most times it's a simple majority, which is why staff opted for a 9-person council. There are rare cases where it needs to be more than that, but I can't think of any recent examples of why we ended up doing that. Feel free to direct any further questions about TC rules and regulations to @Munya or just read the TC thread.
  15. tl;dr We have no power in this. We still voted as a group to see what we as a group would do.
  16. As a representative of the Tier Council, I wanted to write and explain that banning these items falls out of our jurisdiction. Regardless, we have been in discussion and we unanimously agreed that hax items such as Quick Claw, King's Rock, and others are not inherently broken. With that said though, we further debated whether they should be banned as they add no benefit to competitive play. These items promote "poor" play by encouraging players to rely on RNG, by removing otherwise helpful items for a very small chance of benefit. Furthermore, these items when actually making an effect on a match simply do so by hurting "good" play. Meaning, when these items result in a momentum changing or game-winning play, it is at the loss of the player whom had the advantage. My opinion is that this is not healthy for our metagame. Counter arguments are that these items are unlikely to be used and even more unlikely to have an effect in a game. Usage is incredibly low and better players recognize there are better items to be had, excluding the Skill Link + King's Rock strategy which has picked up. Overall, the TC was split in their vote(5 for and 4 against) when it came to hypothetically banning these items. FYI, we do not disclose individual votes.
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