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  1. @TheBloo LYLE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
  2. All I know is I watched a replay and saw @NikhilR get into another fucking CM war... Good shit bro.
  3. Please, @TJXD is the real GOAT. He carried Nik tbh.
  4. Bro, was that not what my post just did? =) @MullenYu vs DoubleJ @ 9am PDT Friday
  5. @MullenYu message me on discord. Same account name.
  6. This is getting so deep. Maybe @Gunthug will write about it one day and we'll know the truth. "The Last Raffle"
  7. Whens the next PSL?

    1. DoubleJ



    2. AugustRed


      you are the only legend in this interaction. Im joining the next PSL tho 

  8. I'll be knocking bro. I'll whisper you tonight
  9. Fuark we got scammed by @Lin @Kyu better reward us all.
  10. @LifeStyleNORE be like "Phew, thought I was gonna raffle this shit for only 10m"
  11. Got in on the action and sent you some goods.
  12. @Kanzo you're Europe's only hope. Channel CR7 my brother.
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