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  1. I can't send you a pm here, and you're not online so i will just leave this here.

    I can't really make that 3m bet with yangsam and i already send ya the money.

    If you could send it back would be amazing, I owe some persons and i really need to pay them.

    also i would like you to let yangsam know about this.

    Once again sorry for my english

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    2. SluaghMMO


      so it is 1-1 so far right? correct me if im mistaking.

      I guess if yang actually agrees on cancelling the bet, you could send me the cash back


      I'm not like... "crying" or some shit but tbh i really need that money now

      it all depends on yang decision

    3. DoubleJ


      I'll pass it on to yang, and if he agrees I'll send cash back. If not, we're gonna ride this out. 

    4. SluaghMMO


      i agree with that. thanks for your time and patience doublej

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