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  1. No mention of Mortal Kombat? For shame. Please close this thread now.
  2. Rumor has it team Slhax is trying to dodge me. Get your shit together and let's play Sunday you nabbs.
  3. Nobody wants to play because there's already a very similar event going on. Be patient young padawan, our player base isn't big enough to support two events.
  4. HE STOOD US UP? FAK THAT GUY DQ HIM Mi amor Encanto <3
  5. This is how I feel these days. I miss 2014.
  6. Why are we moving Hydreigon to S rank after it lost access to Draco and Garchomp was reintroduced? If anything it's moved from S to a lowly A to A- at best. It's no longer as diverse (most are just scarf) and Garchomp's presence in the tier hinders it a lot.
  7. Grats dude, I'm like 8 years deep and have only completed Kanto
  8. It wasn't but "kk" Feel free to spam Dugtrio in the ladder as you had mentioned though. If it's objectively broken or unhealthy, we as the TC would be happy to make a move to ban. It just isn't at this point.
  9. It now sounds like you're so bad you refuse to play because Dug scares you so much. NU players are supposed to be some of the most creative with the biggest pool of viable mons in any tier. Come back with a better argument than I can't use my usual teams.
  10. @TohnR I don't mean to sound petty but is your argument that you're bad? Cuz not being able to handle something with little usage and a shit win % kinda sounds like it. We refer to competitive play as a "metagame" where things are dynamic. We can't reliably predict what is considered good or what is considered bad, we just adapt as tier shifts happen. It does suck that we have to invest defensive ev's on nidoqueen now, and can't just let Steelix take endless damage, or just let Drapion come in and out without consequence. It also sucks we have to tip toe with Manetric
  11. Overall, Dugtrio seems to have found a decent home in NU. Having done away with the attack buff that came with Gen 7 we no longer have the raw power to OHKO some of the elite threats in either OU and UU, and thus its usage dropped significantly. Add in the fact that Memento boosted hyper offense is seen less and less, and sash sets are readily thwarted by our game's tendency to rely on hazards. Now, having seen NU evolve it seems while Dugtrio is getting usage it really isn't making that much of an impact. Is it limiting teambuilding? Certainly. Gone are the days when you could sim
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