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  1. C tier doubles players at their finest
  2. Ya, there really wasn't any matches on the level of ours. Pretty sad. They've got me on some OCPs to balance out my hormones.
  3. Zebra smells.
  4. Gb pls, there a new biased host in charge.
  5. I have retracted my trade offer
  6. Gbwead for Bil
  7. Bil OP
  8. @LionKIng is doc's favorite coach.
  9. Bil, my former son, is number one
  10. Moe League yo
  11. He been around longer than me and is somehow still bad. How can you not like him???
  12. Pfft, bias is as bias does. Eric > Gbwead. He actually got away with benching zeikooo. *lub u in secret
  13. Why you no make deals like this with me????
  14. So busy. All summer. No play much. #wins