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  1. @Bestfriends time to hype these weenie's
  2. Real talk I can feel some serious hype
  3. I like the idea of randomly encountering the wild dog trio tbh
  4. Just Slowbro and Tangrowth with Regenerator is all I ask
  5. It's time for a history lesson @Munya please have a seat. It was a dark and stormy winter day, when JJ and his now ex wandered into a vibrant home full of youth and full of wonder. There sat a not a boy but a man, whom tapped on his keys: tappety-tap. I asked him, "Dear man, what is it that you tap for?" He responds, "Why JJ, this is PokeMMO." "PokeMMO you say, is that something like WoW, but for Pokemon?" "Yes, yes it is." On that very night, young JJ reached out to his brothers Bowser and Stud and said to them, "Let us play!" We frolicked and fancied all about Kanto, locked out of gambling halls and unable to travel across the great seas to islands afar. We fought the Elite 4, and implementation just recently made. It was then that Bowser felt bored and said I think I'm done, but when out of the Bloo a shiny appeared, he decided to stay. Not soon after, a Stud named J found these Forums full of champions much like ourselves. It was 3v3 he said and they host tournaments to fight! We Exploded with Gengars and Exeggs, we Psychic'd with Slowbros and once a gambling hall opened we used the elemental TM's to our advantage. We came close but didn't win, although clout came with our near successes. And then came wins, many wins for a team called LYLE. Soon after 3v3, a boat to the islands appeared and 4v4 became the common duel. A team named MISC who could not win decided that 6v6 was the way (protein?). We beat them still, as well as everyone else. From CB to EV to TWL to VVVV to even Weenie Hut Jr's. No team stood up to us and month after month after month after month we claimed team title after team title. Breeding came and BikeMMO was the new rage, then a new map, and from there it kept growing and growing and growing and growing. It was AW who rose up to usurp our throne, and our rivalry is still heralded as the best to this day. Now we rest on a game much complete, although we still ask: where are our legendaries and hidden abilities?
  6. Good question, because I got 5M on Duke
  7. @OrangeManiac UU also has more viable walls and better Scarf users that can stop Azu and Venomoth even after set-up. Everyone keeps mentioning Absol and other crit users as stoppers to screens, but you also have to recognize how dangerous they can be with effective screen support, which is what Electrode offers.
  8. Speaking as an individual and not for the TC, I recognize that Electrode presents a problem for the NU tier. While dual screen setters already exist in NU, none do it better than Electrode due largely to its raw speed and access to any combination of Volt Switch, Explosion or Teleport to carry momentum forward. In a tier already plagued by overpowered offense and underwhelming defensive cores (which just took a big hit with Venusaur, Gligar and Dry Skin Toxicroak moving up to UU), set-up sweepers will gain an unfair advantage making dual-screen teams seemingly OP and too good not to use. Counter play will revolve around Whimsicott spamming Encore/Taunt/Defog with Prankster and hoping you don't lose even more momentum with an untimely Defog from other mons if you choose to forego Whimsi. While yes, there are always niche strategies to slow down Electrode, it is often way too easy to predict its counter play and thus you place yourself at a disadvantage trying to stop this overly supportive PokeBall. I personally believe that Electrode poses a unique threat to NU and should thus be banned under the Uber Support characteristic. This does not invalidate other Dual-Screen strategies which already exist, it just prevents this playstyle from becoming too good not to use.
  9. Comparing weak ass Choice Scarf Togekiss to a boosted Cloyster with King's Rock/Razor Fang is pretty hilarious. I guess we'll all just need to keep running Lucario and Infernape with Vacuum Wave.
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