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  1. It's not an opinion when 3 people voted for enchan and then all 3 suspiciously changed their vote when zeb called for a tie breaker revote.
  2. Sorry, no extensions.
  3. Greyworm dies. Jaime dies. Cersei dies. Tyrion dies. Cyburn burned alive. Mountain burned alive after killing the hound. And then I cry.
  4. Ya anytime bro just schedule
  5. Shout out to my boy @TheBloo for EV training my mons. The dude can finish a poke in less than 3 miles. Very impressive.
  6. @camilo7 has confirmed that he is willing to fight @DFire in OU. ZDFire, please let me know if you can play this. I know you've already agreed to play Ari in UU. @BlackJovi remember you're sponsoring.
  7. @DFire vs @camilo7 Jovi has staked this match for 250k (the beginners max), let me know if you boys are willing to play 1v1 in OU.
  8. Just some classic @TheBloo
  9. Sorry you've got an inferiority complex you gotta keep in check mate.
  10. Idk, 4 boring teams? We should probably move on =)
  11. I fucking hate Arya. @KingBowser wow.
  12. Damn, I'm getting the PSL9 itch. It's time for these boys to finally be managers: @yangsam @Toast @BlackJovi @Osuki
  13. Shout out to @DoctorPBC for donating 1,000,000 yen to the good cause of hosting exciting fights!
  14. Dumb as hell, but I'd support it 100%. C'mon @Desu, ship everyone! @Bestfriends