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  1. First we made @DestructX a savage, and now @aftershocker. You still making me proud my man.
  2. Gonna happen soon.
  3. @EricTheGreat they just jealous fam, you keep being you, "beta". =)
  5. @SweeTforU and I in UU for 200k soon.
  6. NU HYPE. Let's go after SweeT and I. Lol, no friend requests you pleb.
  7. Baby you a dreamer
  8. Kk, be ready then brah [LYLE] vs [NORE] ez.
  9. Done. You free in like 30 minutes?
  10. I'm just ashamed that @Toast called himself Lebron James and then linked himself to a picture of Bubba Chuck. Do you even know sports young man?! I predict his PSL team will be as bad as his NBA team.
  11. What is this? This is a wager thread, where community members post their name and challenge me to a duel for respect and glory. Why? I was the originator of the wager threads and I'm getting bored again, so let's see what you've got. I'm also interested in seeing who is the top dog in each respective tier today so that I can make better draft day decisions. At the very least, if you have the confidence to play, and if you can beat me, I know you're halfway decent. How? Just post your IGN, which tier, and how much you want to wager below. I'll then schedule a time with you. Restrictions? OU, UU, NU, and Doubles. Minimum 100k wager. I retain the right to refuse a duel (mostly if you're an unknown random). Location? Vermilion City, Ch.7 Good luck! Results? @SweeTforU - JJ won 200k UU (End-Game Bad Calc, Crit Master) @Parke - Parke won 100k NU (Para Master, RIP +6 Chimecho, RIP aGGron) @Lazaro23 - JJ won 100k OU (Dank Offensive Match) @MknsZblex - JJ won 100k NU (He cray cray)
  12. Went to bed and woke up with hopes of finding something interesting to read here. Nope. Nothing.
  13. It adds character imo
  14. Then sign up fam