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  1. DoubleJ

    I'd like a clear understanding here

    In other words, get gud.
  2. DoubleJ


    Log on and fight me for dominance
  3. DoubleJ

    Quick Wishlist

    For the PvP Tournament Players: Forfeit Option Shuffle Bracket Between Rounds to Prevent Counter Teaming Team Preview Tournament Seasonal Event Give us some love fam. It's time.
  4. DoubleJ

    Summary of Team Tournaments 2018

    As far as you can go with reliable data is always better for the game.
  5. DoubleJ

    Summary of Team Tournaments 2018

    Whenever you want
  6. DoubleJ

    Summary of Team Tournaments 2018

    @Bearminator This is sexy as fuck. Any chance you can retroactively go back and look at prior years too? Would definitely be nice to have an "official" version of my thread in the comp alley using your calcs.
  7. DoubleJ

    [Sig] [Art] Plat's Art Palace

    Name: DoubleJ Team (Optional): LYLE Render: Surprise me babe Donations: Shiny Duckbrah
  8. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4randombattle-841272084 @OrangeManiac Noctowl #1
  9. @Lightningvolt Regardless if whether you posted it or not, players that were active before this posting have a clear advantage by one week of play. The rest of us interested in earning the first title are far behind now. I'd suggest making a quick change and not retroactively reward points like you currently are, or rather, start with February using the same dates.
  10. Kek, next seasonal gonna be LC just to taunt the player-base With a 1st Place prize of a Shiny Vullaby hahaha
  11. Ok this is really fucking dope, although it kind of sucks that you already started the point count a week ago. Why not just start it in January, considering it's the "January Player-of-the-Month?"
  12. DoubleJ

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    I'm with @Kaitha
  13. DoubleJ

    Villa Gathering I (Sunday, Dec. 16th)

    @pachima @BurntZebra @NikhilR @Laz Give it a go? I probably can't make it, but might be fun to have some LYLE rep Lol just saw your post

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