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  1. Bleh should have announced it early and held it next week...
  2. Meta, Luc and finally Hax to UU. Make it happen fam!
  3. DoubleJ

    Quick Wishlist

    @Squirtle Glad the non-Shiny comp prizes are 6x31 now. Great change. Although 2 requests still: 1. Offer zero (IV) options 2. Shiny Comps should be at least 2x31 + 4×28. This is still very important for the competitive community to stay UTD with our current level of play.
  4. A few topics on my mind: How well has the tier adapted to a new speed tier with the additions of Garchomp and Infernape? Is rain still as viable with another water-absorber like Gastrodon in play? What new pokemon not named above will make the biggest difference in the doubles meta moving forward? @Zigh =)
  5. It's about the principle, not about whether it's a good bet or not. We wanted to gamble, so this is the circumstance. Next time put some criteria for voiding a bet. If mkns actually plays and smashes lkrenz I'll pay. If it's the other way around I hope you'll do the same.
  6. Lol you can't just cancel a bet. If it happens it happens. If not then oh well.
  7. Clubs are dead af but there Keks are forever.
  8. Yes @LKrenz your end is just 250k now =)
  9. Cool story bro. Sounds like you did everything you could.
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