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  1. @CHUCKunso vs myself Thursday, September 24th at 11am PST (8pm UTC+2) Get HYPE.
  2. If Pachismo doesn't use a CB Flail Persian at least once I'm gonna be sad.
  3. @SweeTforU out here with the page king and a popular post tag. My man is winning.
  4. IGN: DoubleJ Reason: To get rich Preferred Tiers: Doubles > OU > NU > UU Competitive accolades: Go to Hall of Fame, Ctrl + F --> DoubleJ Discord contact: DoubleJ#1381 Other random stuff: Daryl 6-0'd me with a Magmar lead once. I also got beat 3 weeks in a row in PSL by beta players using Linoone. But I then won that fucking PSL in the championship tie breaker against the best dubs player at the time. I also won a Shiny Eevee, a Shiny Charizard, and a Shiny Kangaskhan in official invitational tournaments. I'll let you figure all that out.
  5. @pachima pulled a JJ. Picked 6 competitive and 2 memes just to keep the season lively. I like it. Never hard picking spots @Havsha was a surprise but grats!
  6. Shit son, you don't even know your history. 3v3... EV... Blissey... [LYLE] in fo'
  7. IGN: DoubleJ Reason: I am the HYPE. Other random stuff: Leader of [LYLE] KingCheerios, historically the most dominant team to ever play this game. Former PSL Champion, clutch master of Doubles. Former Grandmaster Couch. Former 3x PSL Host who brought the iron fists. Former 4x Manager who led the shittiest team ever as well as one of the greatest. Beloved by many, hated by more.
  8. This stupid nerf bullshit should never be a thing. It fucks with doubles too hard. @Munya don't be beta. @Darkshade @Kyu @Squirtle Vanilla. Canon.
  9. Glad/sad Chomp is gone, but thank the lord we aren't doing that bullshit complex ban nonsense.
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