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  1. There hasn't been honestly too much chatter in the thread here about Conkeldurr. In my experience, Conk is a teambuilding nightmare and you have to bring at least 2 checks on your team and even at that it can still be a prediction nightmare. New additions to PokeMMO with the most recent update threaten Conkeldurr, namely Hurricane Salamence (although unreliable 70% accuracy outside of rain) and Nasty Plot Hydreigon, meaning Hydreigon needs to have chip damage for Conkeldurr to feel safe. While these aren't surefire answers to this offensive behemoth, it does add some sense of reliability. Previousy, Conkeldurr had numerous set up opportunities in the face of Draco Meteor Hydreigon, as it loved coming in after a sack with a -2 SpAtt drop for a free Bulk Up. It also freely switched in on commonly played Pokemon like Tyranitar, Blissey, Chansey, and Ferrothorn. Common checks include Rocky Helmet Gliscor or Hippowdon, although neither can truly stop a Bulk Up set (excluding Whirlwind Hippo that takes chip damage in the process), also included are Bold Reuniclus, Salamence, Pelipper, Gengar, Skarmory and Cofagrigus. Unfortunately, Gliscor, Salamence, Pelipper, and Gengar can easily be one shot by coverage moves thanks to Guts, so that's where the prediction comes in. Reuniclus is 2hko'd by Guts Facade and Skarmory can be 2hko'd by Guts Close Combat. Cofagrigus remains the most the closest thing to a counter, thanks to Hex + Mummy. Offensive teams struggle with Conkeldurr as a Guts-boosted Mach Punch threatens many offensive pokemon and switching safely kills momentum. Scarf mons like Garchomp, Infernape, Gengar, Rotom-Wash, and Hydreigon all become set up bait or predicted switches once Conk is in against them. The best way to handle Conkeldurr as noted above is to carry at least 2 checks (there is no true counter, excluding Cofagrigus) and to play extremely smart. Chip damage is your friend, as Conk is losing health to Flame Orb every turn it attacks, and despite resisting Stealth Rocks, that 6.25% damage is handy. Add in Sandstorm and suddenly Conkeldurr is begging for Drain Punch recovery. Are we all willing to play with something that restricts play so much? I've personally won many matches with Conk and lost many matches to Conk. It's a great Pokemon, but is it just too great?
  2. *dusts off sneakers I know what it's like to lose... but destiny is here all the same. Or should I say, I am. #flexxx
  3. SweeTums showed Kriliin what the fuck was up.
  4. Dead game. Jovi lose by default because his players quit on him ez
  5. Ban Foo, Pory, and Bronzor if we don't want to balance with a Foo return.
  6. Summary of TC's Decision: Draco Meteor bad. Nasty Plot? Maybe bad, we see.
  7. @gbwead ya quit using Tangela and get gud
  8. These hosts suck. I never should have let them run the show.
  9. @CHUCKunso bro, I love you guys but real talk Taillows fucking you over for one match potentially fucks our entire season over. We suck, but we worked really hard half the time and earned our spot for sure. @gbwead I know you have an opinion on this.
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