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  1. DoubleJ

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Signup thread

    Player name: DoubleJ Timezone: PDT Preferred date of draft: Any weekend day. Do I think I can be active for the duration of this event (~ 2,5 months): Yup. Team Name: "PSL's Finest"
  2. DoubleJ

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Signup thread

    DoubleJ Goldeneyes Artemiseta Will add other info later
  3. @OrangeManiac can you put an exact reg time?
  4. Girl please, don't even try to understand me.
  5. A little preview of the coming season for my babe @Moisesrg and @Sebat
  6. @OrangeManiac We draft only 6 mons correct? And we use that team throughout the entire season, being able to change sets between each match?
  7. DoubleJ

    Shiny Heracross Lotto- ALL SOLD

    I'll take any 3 numbers. Will mail in like 15 mins.
  8. Reserve me any number. I won't be able to log and pay until Sunday morn, but I'll have 100k for ya.
  9. DoubleJ

    Value Advice

    Value of... Shiny Spoink - Jolly - 11 / 27 / 0 / 10 / 2 / 28 ? *Caught in Viridian Forest
  10. Well it's nothing you can do honestly. We all know who dictates what you can and can't give. Just keep posting tournaments brah.
  11. Key point there being "winner", as in a single person of 128. Factoring in the time commitment and effort put in by 128 players, the prize just does not equate. Which is what my man Orange is trying to state. Sure someone gets a cool prize and some spending coin, but the reward for effort is not equivalent at all.
  12. Oh my, a tribute tournament. @Akshit I knew you secretly still loved me.
  13. DoubleJ

    psl X donation thread

    We wait for the real PSL

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