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  1. DoubleJ

    [PSL X] The Salty Suite

    How much money am I going to get to lose to @DarylDixon? @Sashaolin
  2. DoubleJ

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Nah I don't take team bets if they've already started. Sorry brah.
  3. DoubleJ

    [PSL X] Predictions Thread

    I mean, I've been pretty mediocre these past few seasons that I've played and my team has still done incredibly well. #cursedsinceseasonone
  4. DoubleJ

    [PSL X] Predictions Thread

    Tbh, the only reason Dank Express sucked ass is because I didn't couch...
  5. DoubleJ

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    1m on Red Scale 1m on Kienzangoose 150k on Schuchty over Spart 150k on Stairway over Necro 250k on yang over wiri 250k on Nik over XPLOZ 250k on ZDFire over villa 500k on Gb over Roxxass 100k on Coolio over Jaawax @JIceJDragon 350k on Kameme over TJ Only taking each bet once
  6. DoubleJ

    [PSL] State of the PSL Address

    Not yet. Most build HYPE.
  7. DoubleJ

    [PSL] State of the PSL Address

    Sooner. No. We can only hope. PSLXI: World at War.
  8. DoubleJ

    [PSL] State of the PSL Address

    Big things are coming
  9. DoubleJ

    [PSL X] Week Seven

    @DestructX stalled his team build just long enough to where I had to leave after a couple minutes. GG brah and good show. Jolly Heracross OP, but I didn't want to see what stally BS you had to test to see if it were actually just Adamant.
  10. DoubleJ

    [PSL X] Week Seven

    JJ vs Des as soon as he logs, which should be soon.
  11. DoubleJ

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Some quality first round matchups. I can't wait to lose all my freshly earned AURA money. Bets will be posted in a couple hours.
  12. DoubleJ

    [PSL X] Playoffs Round One

    Lf "the real ghost managers" duel between myself and @Zhikodark
  13. TC with the OP answer
  14. Tiering in PokeMMO is largely usage based and because of that you'll see a lot of differences from the standard metagames, especially considering the subtle differences we have. For example, the lack of Dream World (Hidden) abilities and some changes in movesets, power, and stat changes. Most updates are geared toward Gen 7, but we still have some lower Gen mechanics, for instance 20bp Knock Off. Here, Froslass lacks Curse Body and struggles to find usage in even NU.

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