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  1. Yo I'll trade someone a Surf Pikachu from RBY for a Shiny
  2. <3

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    2. DoubleJ


      DoctorJJ SoonTM

    3. Emlee


      Ahhh! When do you graduate? I'll have a doctorate too in a couple years - although obvi not the one where you help other people. 

    4. DoubleJ


      I'll formally graduate at the end of Spring, but I've met all of my credit requirements. This Friday is "Match Day" where everyone across the country finds out which residency they'll be starting at this Summer. Pretty damn awesome. And congratulations to you!!! JSTUD got his PhD this past year. 

  3. Had to make you wait for my love bro, thanks.
  4. One post = HYPEBuilding made EZ. @RysPicz is dumb btw
  5. The ability to sell a ticket would be lit. Let's bridge that gap between comp and collectors once again. EDIT: You could even tax a player who decides to "sell" their ticket for a minimum of say 1M which goes straight into your pocket.
  6. Totally fair, but to remedy this kind of "hiatus" you should probably just take the reigns with a big "F-U" and host another one of those... uh... what was the name? Something along the lines of "Kyu's Awesome Tournament" with a halfway decent shiny prize in OU. You've always done big things for our comp community. Until then, I'll be patiently waiting for this two-months worth of work.
  7. DoubleJ

    Quick Wishlist

    It might be cool to give the "particles" for Pokemon some kind of added effect such as earning more yen with Pay Day, increasing rare party encounters, acting as a very weak repel, or even increasing speed of the character while walking/running/biking.
  8. It's an older suggestion that was brought up initially when gift (can't be traded) Shinies were first introduced that had random (Shitty IV's) back in 2014 (?). I'd 100% be in favor of this, in addition to the IV buff and removal of non-Shiny prizes.
  9. @Kyu get baited "lol rofl copter" But in all serious, we've done this a few times and I continue to appreciate your responses. The economy bit was more so of an avenue to build a larger conversation about the tournament prizes. Yes, we competitive players get upset when we see non-Shiny prizes for a 3-4 hour event that we committed 3-4 days, or more, preparing for. We get even more upset when we realize that those non-Shiny prizes have IV's that are worse than what we could breed or even lack the customizable ability to be used effectively, for instance on Trick Room teams that require a Speed IV of 0-1 or a suicide lead that may require lower HP, Def, and SpDef IV's. Personally speaking, I don't think most of us really care what Pokemon it is so long as it has some viability in some tier. We know you can't (won't) give out the good stuff anymore like the customizable "Pick-Your-Own-Mon" or even something as great as a *gasp* Starter. What we simply ask for is that competitive "official" tournaments hosted by staff ALWAYS have a competitive Shiny Pokemon as a prize and we really, really would love to start seeing customizable IV's so I thank you for taking the time to look into it. But to circle back to that economy for a bit, fuck those rich boys and nerf their cash. #kyunaldtrump#mapa#jindu'shorseisbetter
  10. Cool. Not that hard to interpret. You can exchange 'items' for things, stuff, objects for which to use within the game, etc.
  11. Agree with a lot of what you said and honestly this is a forum for discussion that may spark a better solution or change by the development team. The idea of accessing alts is something that should be addressed to prevent monetary benefit for players. Regarding the ultra-rare vanities, I'm of the mind to say fuck it and reintroduce them which would be terrible for those who have them in their possession but not for everyone else. I'd say put them in a PvP Box at an extremely hard to obtain rate. It's been done before. And lastly, your last point is redundant as I know there already are Ultra-Rare Shiny-or-Not Pokemon but I figure these are what should be the exclusive items and not purchaseable vanities.
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