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  1. Team Name: KingCheerios Team Tag: LYLE Registered Players: SweeTforU, pachima, Kanzo, wiriketchup, artemiseta, Goldeneyes, NikhilR, Burntzebra, Gazelli, yangsam, HackGod, notarchon, Dementor, DoubleJ Team Captain: DoubleJ
  2. Oof, English isn't that bad bro
  3. Of all the players in this game that have had their names fucked up by Bestfriends, I have never been one. This is an imposter account. Be warned.
  4. 250k on SweeTforU beating Sejuani Week 6 x2
  5. Here comes the LYLE and AW HYPE =) Gib dem descriptions
  6. Shout out to LORD on the TT Cup win. Pretty cool we were also the January 2019 TT finalists. Started and ended the year on top. LYLE #2
  7. Week 4: SweeT 100k x2 Lluvvia 250k x2 Tawla 100k x2 Lkrenz 200k x2
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