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  1. If two teams finish with the same record, for instance 3-4, then the first tie-breaker is how they finished head-to-head, meaning did one team beat the other when they played each other. If they tied in head-to-head, then it goes to wins and losses to break that tie.
  2. Rendi dodged me again. What a floofball.
  3. 1. JJ 2. Coolio (ovaryToasted op) Everyone else sucked or were boring af
  4. Pretty sure I owe some people money, but the good news is that @FNTCZ owes a brother 2.5m
  5. @Parke did it for me. Viva Los Kekleons!!!
  6. First 8-0 in how many seasons??? RIP Krooks. Also shout out to @Parke for having to carry the squad and save the season for the Jurassic lads. I hope you lose.
  7. 500k on pachima beating oscar 500k on urquidi beating kiwi 250k on laz beating mkns
  8. lmfao "ovaryToasted" best one yet, Coolio truly best host
  9. Everyone been waiting for zigh and i in verm, so we gonna go now
  10. Dunno what he said, but I like the idea of an occasional "one team" tournament.
  11. Oh two weeks ago. When I get home I'll look for the post and then send it.
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