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  1. Yup, the winners bracket or however you call it
  2. 2.5m Munya's Kecleons make the playoffs 1:4m Munya's Kecleons make Top 2 prior to Playoffs (If you win you get 1m, if I win you pay me 4m). 1:8m Munya's Kecleons win PSL (if you win you get 1m, if I win you pay me 8m).
  3. This could be the worst standard event ever known to PokeMMO. Not only is it Doubles (the format with the lowest interest) but the prize is hardly viable, but to top it off you also have IV's which are counterproductive to its only usable set. The only thing this event has going for it is the time. Kudos for putting on a weekend event.
  4. Missing No. U Togekiss Yourself Tyranitards SoonTM Rhyperiority Complex A few names for our shitty community.
  5. Yo mama so mean, she yelled at you and it made me wanna quit making fun of her. Peace out girl scout.
  6. Yo mama so dense Newton got excited when he saw her.
  7. Yo mama such a ho, I asked her for a snack and she said $20 bucks and I'll meet you out back.
  8. You can't even talk bro. I heard yo mama was so fat that when she got out of bed she caused a TM 26.
  9. Was almost as good as Shadow Ball against Quiver Dance Venomoth when you had the sweep. Only cuz I love you tho.
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