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  1. OU Viability Thread

    S: Dugtrio, Tyranitar, Ferrothorn (Already gave my thoughts on this earlier, going to start on A now) A: Volcarona: This thing is a special sweeping legend. Being able to easily remove Blissey with Dugtrio allows Volcarona to really apply pressure late game. HP Rock, HP Ice, or even just +2 with Stealth Rocks up breaks Salamence. Dragonite is the better revenge killer with access to CB Extremespeed, but even that doesn't kill the bug. At the end of the day, you better just hope you've got an answer. Salamence: Without Draco Meteor, this dragon's diversity is severely limited. Regardless, it still has many tricks up its sleeves along with incredible typing and a beautiful ability. Nerfed Outrage or not, Salamence is a weapon of mass destruction. Haxorus: Being a pure Dragon, Haxorus has the luxury of carrying only two weaknesses and no 4x insta-kill worries. Add an insane 147 base attack along with the move Taunt, Haxorus can easily DD sweep you into oblivion. Especially if you rely on Skarmory as your primary answer. Blissey: The Pink Blob will never cease to be the premiere special wall in this game, so long as eviolite is absent.
  2. OU Viability Thread

    Can be considered a hax item which is not competitive by definition. Similar to quick claw.
  3. OU Viability Thread

    Carry defog + scarf or specs magnezone and do work. Ice Shard to protect against Mach Punch RK. Jellicent is the best counter, along with Gyro Ball Forr. Special mention to Skarm to phaze it out. Can also carry Vap if you're really desperate (wish + scald is good in general so it's not worthless).
  4. OU Viability Thread

    Let's start from the top down and hammer out our S mons first: 100% agree Dugtrio is at the top. With incredible speed, resistance to stealth rocks, lack of pursuit users that resist eq, and as increased attack stat from the last time we saw it... easy S. Ferrothorn. With iron barbs working now it's just a behemoth. Gyro Ball is flat out stronk. And having the diversity to set up all the hazards is great. Tyranitar. Has all its tricks and can do so much. Trap, set up hazards or set up itself, swing away with great coverage, or RK. Outside of that, no S mons come to mind right now. Keep an eye on excadrill with sand rush working. 5 turn sand might be the trick to keep it from ubers.
  5. Selling lots of comps n cool stuff

    Nature on HP Fire Tenta?
  6. [TV] Dragonball

    mfw the Dragonzord about to slap Goku and Vegeta.
  7. Didn't know about the weather/speed thing, that's just dubs right? Discharge so minor, ban it!
  8. The timer thing seems to be functioning right in singles, which is odd. Dunno about dubs. What's the weather bug? Lightning Rod + Volt Switch you mean?
  9. Doubles isn't broken, it's just that the new additions aren't working. Geez.
  10. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Goodbye sweet colorful friend made of instant cash.
  11. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    @Risadex But did you catch it?
  12. Great prize, but could we get an option for 0 IV? Reuniclus is one of those premier Trick Room users.
  13. [TV] Dragonball

    Couple early theories out there about the elimination order. See spoilers below...
  14. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Robo go visit your parents in May =)
  15. [TV] Dragonball

    Also, the bald theory is coming to fruition.

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