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  1. Blame @gbwead He wanted PoryZ to stay.
  2. @Munya I appreciate your efforts but the "ban xxx" will never end. Besides that though, PoryZ pretty damn stronk and it's recent statistics make it look even more impressive (high usage and win rate). I'm leaning towards ban, but will need another cycle to see how players continue to adapt. There's been just a handful of tournaments so far and matchmaking is kinda lame to gather information from.
  3. They can't believe they did this too hard bro
  4. So, now there's a two day event for TT; where you register, then an hour later play, then the next day play again?! Why not just expand the TT and not put up with a headache two-day event which is likely even more restricting for staff? RIP LYLE Revival
  5. Y'all forget mixed Typhlo? EQ easy. It's not a matter of coverage it's a matter of having plays. With Dugtrio in the tier Typhlo becomes a 1 for 1 trade at best. If you get a kill, you lose your Typhlo to Dugtrio the next turn. I reckon it will be fine. Too many bulky waters to shake a stick at. Slowing the OG Typhlo counter
  6. Sees conversation about a defensive mon being banned from UU... realizes I am the council now... Pushes glasses up... now this does bring a smile to my face. Now to set aside the cringe, I must admit I'm more disconnected from UU of all the tiers but I must say P2 has some incredible attributes and it's easy to see why it's risen to the top of the usage boards. I'll take a look at how P2 impacts the game and help fight the good fight if the techno duck appears to be nasty. Now with that said, y'all picked the wrong time to bring this up as a tier shift is coming soon (
  7. So is this going to happen next Friday or not?
  8. New cycle coming. Then they'll flood us with Shiny events which means they'll run through their ability to make Shiny events late in the season. Tell them to slow down when the season resets when Shiny mons can be used.
  9. No mention of Mortal Kombat? For shame. Please close this thread now.
  10. Rumor has it team Slhax is trying to dodge me. Get your shit together and let's play Sunday you nabbs.
  11. Nobody wants to play because there's already a very similar event going on. Be patient young padawan, our player base isn't big enough to support two events.
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