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  1. @DoctorPBC your hax will not save you.
  2. Sweet, got a donation from @AurumPegasus
  3. DoubleJ

    Lowered Shiny Chances?

    Should nerf so we don't have to do lotteries anymore.
  4. A long time ago, in a server far different from the one today... a young trainer started his journey with his two brothers...
  5. Fuck you @SweeTforU. Duke #1 tho.
  6. Link to the prior event... congrats to @Lazaaro for holding it down.
  7. What is this? PokeMMO's 2nd Unofficial Tournament with Only Shiny Pokemon! Details? 6v6 OU Tournament Mode All Pokemon Must be Shiny When? July 22nd @ 12pm (PDT) Where? Silph Co Ch 4 How to Register? Just post your IGN below and show up! Prize? Depends on Donations... so come donate! Donations? DoubleJ - 500k AurumPegasus - 100k Parke - Dank Banner
  8. DoubleJ

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Swiss Round 5/5

    I don't care how you scam your way into the playoffs @OrangeManiac I just want some recognition for making the playoffs despite getting haxed over and over again all while playing the toughest competition in the event.
  9. DoubleJ

    NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    Never been so hyped on a preseason game before. LA ALL DAY!
  10. Damn Nik, I stopped texting my girl to read that. So hooked.
  11. DoubleJ

    Shiny Piloswine Lottery!!! Drawing Today!!!

    I'd like to thank everyone who decided to participate in this lottery. I know it's a big list, but the fun and chance is all still there. Good luck to everyone involved. @XelaKebert the list is updated and you can now run this lottery. I appreciate your help bro! WARFRAME FOR LIFE!
  12. DoubleJ

    Shiny Piloswine Lottery!!! Drawing Today!!!

    Drawing will be held whenever Xela gets home. Last chance!

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