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  1. Dammit, I thought I checked the entire forum for posts like that. i guess I'll keep adding on so it stays original.
  2. Alright, let's see what I can do then. EDIT: How's that?
  3. PokeMMO Job System: The job system would be an intricate and well balanced game mechanic that allowed the people of the Poke world to follow out specific goals and playstyles tailored to their specific class and or job. Along with these classes and jobs, items could be crafted, extra interactions with NPCs and other player characters would become available and entire forces built from a plethora of teams could be created. Authority Figures: Authority Figures whether the region police or those of higher status made to guard the ultimate of player characters would have special benefits designed to allow them to have a special reign over characters without making them all powerful and all knowing. Certain ranks (depending on the authority in question) would have abilities that would allow them to paste wanted lists, track down criminals determined by a criminal ranking system (more on that in a minute), make poke arrests (nothing serious, a fine maybe depending on the severity of the crime?) and other types of challenges. There could be a small police facility in areas around cities that allowed them to trade information and other types of materials and the such. Why: Allowing for a class of this stature would let people guide the Poke Universe based on how they thought the anime or manga should have really gone. Or even to just look good in a uniform. How: This type of class and or job would be determined by either the Devs or a vote for teams globally across channels. The team would need to be at least 50 strong to help create a sense of diversity across all channels and only one team could hold this type of class to help keep the job balanced. These teams would have certain restrictions on them to help them keep the game friendly and lower the threat of abuse, no spamming of abillities without criminal flags being tossed up, no destruction of police property (if player housing makes it into the game) and the such. More to be fleshed out later. Criminals: Criminals are the basics of the crime system and would allow trainers to create havoc. A basic theft system that allowed the stealing of in house items or player items, a crime ranking system from 0 to 255, with 255 having the worst rating, therefore the most severe punishment applicable via the Authority Figure class, and other types of naughty properties. Why: This job/class system would give people the chance to live out their dream of being a Team Rocket or Team Magma or whatever diabolical team have you they can think of. It would give the game a sense of urgency and make it more immersive without breaking Poke lore. How: Adding playability as a criminal would also allow for crime bosses determined by teams (a max of two at a time, we can't have lawbreakers running around madly now can we? ;D) and grunts who are at the lowest of the hierarchy. Anyone will be able to commit crimes, but only those of a crime team can preform major operations, such as taking over towns, and robbing the casino blind (that would be horrible! D:). THEFT OF POKEMON WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE. Theft of personal pokemon would be too unbalanced, and create a game where people would fear walking outside. Unless someone can help think of a system where poke theft would be okay in any situation, I highly doubt this would be a feature. Pokemon Gym Leaders: This is one I think would be fun for the poke veterans and upcoming poke challengers. Gym Leaders are the best of their class, only dwarfing underneathe the E4 (Elite Four). Why: Everyone wants to be a gym leader... Okay, maybe not everyone, but I know of a few who wouldn't mind owning a gym and showing people how it's done. This would create a nice end-game (if you could call beating the E4 end-game) feature where people could become a gym leader for a period of time in a section of area new to the Poke series. Creating these spaces would give MASSIVE replayability for any aspiring poke fanatic. It would also add increased difficulty by having trainers with highly trained EV pokemon stand inbetween you and your custom badge. How: There could only be a maximum of five Player Character Gym leaders. Each gym would need to be composed of a group, 5 to 6 trainers total. These gyms would only be accessible during certain times in which the gym leader would be online and located at the gym, therefore, these gyms are not mandatory for the continuation of the story, only as a side quest have you. Each gym would need to focus on one type of pokemon (with hybrids being okays) and legendaries are not permitted by either the gym leader, it's trainers or the challenging trainers. There would be multiple cycles for these gym leaders, each cycle lasting 1 month(?) so as to give the player time to allot a team and create their poke gym to their liking. Once this cycle is up, the gym is up for grabs. If the gym leader were to lose to anyone during this moment of vernurability, then his position as gym leader is lost, and the trainers who followed him must leave as well. This allows everyone to harbor a chance to become a gym leader. The Elite Four: This would work similarly to the Gym Leaders. However, there would be a distinct difference between the NPC E4 and the PC E4. Why: The Elite Four would be composed of the best of the best of players. These four defeated the custom Gym Leaders and was able to climb the ranks of the leagues. This would create a massively competitve nature between players and give everyone the chance to proclaim 1337 status among the PokeMMO realm, How: The E4 would be dedicated a single channel, and only those who defeated the PC Gym Leaders would be allowed access to the channel in order to challenge the E4. All E4 members would have to be present and online for this to happen. During the entire cycle of the E4, only one battle between a four trainers at a time and the E4 would be allowed as to keep the system balanced (we don't want multiple people sharing poke facts about the E4 and going in with exact poke advantages. This would be unfair towards the E4). Any E4 memebers who were defeated would be forced to give up their position to the victor. Those trainers who won would be allowed to change their team once and register them to keep them from switching it up. E4 members who survived would be allowed to switch their team once and register them to avoid team switching. To determine what players would be allowed to battle E4, there would be a tourny between the people who challenged the PC Gym Leaders who obtained all of the custom badges during a certain period before they could challenge the E4. -------------- More job ideas? Maybe changes to the system? Let me know in the comments.
  4. It happens every night. That strange knocking upon my door. The sliding of letters under the door cracks with strange symbols on them and the giggling. At first, I thought it was just my friend next door who sneaks in and plays tricks on me. Until he moved away to Pewter and it continued. I called the authorities and they said no one had seen anyone, it hadn't happened to anyone else and my doors along with my windows didn't show any breaking and/or forced entry. It's been keeping me up all night. It happens every day at 3:33AM. I even left my door open one night to see if I could catch them. But nothing showed up. I figured if I left it open while I slept, I should be okay. But I wasn't. I wasn't okay. The door closes by itself, and the giggling commences. It's driving me insane. I stopped eating. I stopped drinking. I'm too afraid to sleep at night. I just want to sleep. I spoke with the Professor next door, he told me it could be a stray pokemon. Gastlys were known for their hauntings and the such. I wasn't as convinced. So I moved. Cerulean seemed like a nice enough place. An apartment on the fifth floor across the street from a busy pub made the noise seem peaceful. For the first time in months, I had managed to get some rest. Then it happened. A shrill screech, like something from a bad snuff film. I startled awake to see my bedroom door jammed into the wall, a hovering figure with a dark face and a wide twisted and cracked smile, standing menacingly in the threshold, it's aura radiating a dark red. I locked up, I couldn't move, my body went cold and my blood shot down to my feet. Everything before me suddenly slowed to a stop. No pub noise, no shrills, just my heart beating. The figure lunged at me, and all I could remember was jumping from that fifth story window. ---- I woke up at my apartment, face flat on the table feeling like I had been hit by a big rig with no brakes. It was 3:23 in the morning. I was tired, too tired to care when and how it happened. I sluggishly made my way to my bedroom, before I realized I saw something standing at my doorway giggling. I quickly darted across the hall and hid in my workroom. When I peeked back out, I noticed it had vanished. I heard a slight crumpling noise as I dug into my pocket and located a letter with strange symbols. I quickly jumped awake from the item, my heart thumping in my throat as the symbols formed letters "SLIDE IT UNDER". I walked slowly down the hall as though possessed, and slid the letter under my bedroom door. Then I giggled.
  5. Thanks for the theme bud. Probably my favorite so far. ;)
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