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  1. I also believe Hidden Abilities will finally be a thing. It's why I've stopped breeding new Pokemon for the time being, gonna save all that money to breed a team with hidden abilities.
  2. Ah, I see. Well if you wish to make a team around Magneton, Gyarados is a great partner for it since they cover each other's weaknesses. A solid fighting type is also what I'd add to any team. Gengar and/or Alakazam are also neat for a Kanto playthrough.
  3. Welcome to the game! Hope you enjoy your stay. Are you looking to make a team for PvP or just one to complete all the story modes efficiently?
  4. The only ingame benefit of a team is having your own private Team Chat, so you can stay connected with those you've invited. You'll be notified who goes online or offline, even if they aren't on your friends list. And when your team is big enough, you can enter team-based tournaments.
  5. THANK GOD I am not the only one who sees this problem. I am so tired of people throwing challenges in the overworld and then disconnecting when the match doesn't go their way. Then you are either forced to wait around 10-15 minutes to get out of the match OR log out and terminate your session. But the second option leads to the game penalizing you. That doesn't sound too fair now, does it? I even wrote a support ticket asking about this problem a while ago, but it fell on deaf ears. Why did they remove a button that caused zero problems whatsoever and solved disconnecting situations like these? The world may never know I guess.
  6. You need to keep an eye on Global or Channel chat. People call them out there if they happen to find them, so you can get to them too. Finding these phenomenons is a team effort for all of us.
  7. Game's already got that covered.
  8. >People using the same thing over and over again in OU Since when has that ever changed for the tier? LOL Even if you do ban a supposedly broken Pokemon, another one will rise to take its place. I'm also surprised you didn't mention anything about rain teams. Swift Swim+Drizzle was also banned back in Gen 5 since we're talking history. Specs/Life Orb Kingdra is okay, but Excadrill is inexcusable? I'm also pretty sure a rain team can absolutely wreck all the Pokemon you've mentioned. And here's another historical fact, generation 5 revolved a lot around weather wars. You don't like the sand? Turn it off with rain or sun. Or heck, use the sand to your advantage as well. Tyranitar has amazing stats, but tons of weaknesses. Metagross is strong, but slow as well, it was even considered UU at some point. Garchomp and Hydreigon have already been given a nerf to stay in OU. Volcarona can be walled by some Pokemon and I don't think I even need to mention Stealth Rocks. I don't exactly find OU very thrilling myself, it's definitely not a tier for everyone, but it's one you can adapt to if you put your mind to it.
  9. Well first and foremost, a Chlorophyll sweeper. Exeggutor is usually the way to go, but there are others like Victreebel and even Sawsbuck who I've seen used well. A Flare Blitz abuser like Darmanitan. Under the sun, it'll one shot a lot of targets, even do tons of damage to those that resist it. That's usually the trio people work with. As for the rest, if you wanna go the generic route, put Garchomp, Rotom-Wash and Scizor on the team, they compliment almost any team well. Though I can explain the role they serve to give you an idea what kind of Pokemon you can replace them with if you feel like it. Garchomp is there to take care of the sun team resistances, mainly other fire types and dragons. Rotom-Wash is there to threaten opposing rain teams and to some degree sand teams. Resists water and ground that would hurt your sun setter. Scizor is there to resist dangerous priority moves to your chlorophyll sweeper like Ice Shard and Extremespeed.
  10. This is indeed not a bad idea. But allow me to help with a hardcore ruleset that encompasses the entirety of this MMO. I shall call it... PokeMMO Kaizo. Rule 1: You are forced to accept Trade requests from every stranger no matter how out of the blue they may be. Whatever they offer, you must offer something back in equal value. Rule 2: If you see someone begging for money or Pokemon, you must answer to that. A true heroic trainer must put the needs of others above their own. And if you lie about having no money, the game will make that a reality by draining your money to zero. Rule 3: You must answer Whispers from every stranger properly no matter what language they're in. No cheating with Google Translate either. You play Pokemon and aren't a multilingual genius? What are you doing with your life? Rule 4: Nuzlocke rules apply as well, even in PvP's outside of ranked. So if there's someone who's flexing their tryhard OU team on newbies with 2 badges, you better hope they do not catch you. Rule 5: Every gym leader now has Pokemon with the move Wide Guard, making your Eruptions and Water Spouts completely useless. Rule 6: You know how the chat prevents you from mentioning the names of other MMO's? This is a step beyond. If the chat detects you mentioning another MMO, your account will be deleted, BUT you will generously be redirected to the login screen of the MMO you dared speak about. Rule 7: All Pokemon have lost their sense of smell. Rule 8: You think berry farming is still chill? Think again. You must defend your berries from wild pokemon trying to steal them for themselves while remembering to water each and every one of them. I hope you like Plants vs. Zombies because you'll be playing something like that until your berries fully grow. Have fun, Starf Berry farmers. Rule 9: The Bidoofs have started a revolution and destroyed all existing Ocarinas. Their jobs as HM slaves will never be replaced again. Rule 10: All shiny Pokemon have migrated to the Safari.
  11. I can agree that when making an NU team, I do think about how to prepare for Blaziken. It is undoubtedly a huge threat in the tier. And I won't repeat what's already been said. But you know who else I prepare for? Feraligatr - That thing is hella scary especially when it has a chance to set up. Blazikens do not wanna face em either, especially with the constant threat of aqua jet. Ambipom - Probably a HUGE part of the reason why most Blazikens are scarfed lol. And even then, Fake outs hurt a lot to those who don't resist em. There aren't too many safe switch-ins either with the coverage it can have. Golbat - A great support and a huge pain to take down if you don't have the proper moves for it. Can tank the fighting types in most cases and knock em out with Brave Bird. Rising threats like Lilligant and Ninjask. And even they have their ways of dealing with Blaziken. I can keep listing more, but the point is that NU's got threats to worry about as much as Blaziken. It's tough to make a team that consistently wins because of this. But I will mention one more thing. NU rain teams. Ohhhh boy. Even if they're not that common, I can tell you that they make the big bad Blaziken look like Chicken Little.
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