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  1. Yoo @Kaitha you still owe me 100k, ign Qbeertje
  2. The Trashtalking Taillows vs Nincadas with Attitude OU2: Pablobacas vs DylanWoodz Dubs: iJulianFNT vs DocPBC taken by @LeJovi The Ruthless Rotoms vs Vermilion Villains OU2: Darker vs Zhiko taken by @Kamimiii LC: Xondex vs Baneadito M-NU: Mkns vs Mendez M-Dubs: InuyashaL vs Lkrenz taken by @Kamimiii Devil Bats vs Sailor Lunatones NU: JasonSparrowX vs SweeTforU Dubs: DarkQuiler vs aldahirramirez M-UU: t-Moi vs Ninamik M-NU: Frags vs kaarnaa Just Blaziken It (0) vs (0) Empoleon Bonapartists OU2: Purpleturkl
  3. @Xigbar and @Kaitha can you both please mail me 100k. My ign is Qbeertje
  4. Yo @Spaintakula can you please mail me 300k for these three bets from last week. My ign is Qbeertje
  5. Sorry man the banaedito bet is already taken, the other one is cool.
  6. Empoleon Bonapartists vs Sailor Lunatones OU1: getovaherez vs Aldahirraminez UU: MadaraSixSix vs SweeTforU taken by @Xigbar LC: YeyoXD vs Inxss taken by @Kaitha Vermilion Villains vs Just Blaziken It OU1: Yosoyarca vs Zokuru taken by @LeJovi Dubs: Rendi vs PinkWings LC: Banaedito vs TheDH M-OU: LKrenz vs purpleturkleton M-UU: Zhiko vs Kriliin OU2: Kiwikid vs Lunarck taken by @kiwi Nincadas With Attitude vs Devil Bats OU2: Chuckunso vs CristhianArce UU: Umbramol vs tMoi NU: Aerun vs JasonSparrowX Dubs: DoctorPBC
  7. I owe @MikasaA 100k @Sebat can you please mail me 100k @Spaintakula can you please mail me 300k My ign is Qbeertje
  8. The Ruthless Rotoms vs Nincadas with Attitude OU2: Darker vs DylanWoodz Taken by @Toxicz and @LifeStyleNORE NU: Kanicula vs Zymogen Dubs: AkaruKokuyo vs EYL Taken by @Toxicz LC: Stelian vs Elcoolio M-Dubs: InuyashaL vs DocPBC Vermilion Villains vs Sailor Lunatones UU: Zhiko vs TohnR taken by @Spaintakula Dubs: Rendi vs Artemiseta LC: Baneadito vs Inxss M-OU: Yosoyarca vs SweeTforU Devil Bats vs Empoleon Bonapartists OU1: CristhianArce vs Schuchty taken by @Moi Dubs: Santii vs Superman taken by @Sebat LC: Urquid
  9. Nincadas with Attitude vs Just Blaziken It OU2: Abstract vs Lunarck UU: Umbramol vs Mlhawk M-Dubs: EYL vs Zokuru M-NU: Aerun vs Tawla The Ruthless Rotoms vs Devil Bats OU1: Huargensy vs CristhianArce LC: Stelian vs KiiritoX M-OU: Darker vs Frags The Trashtalking Taillows vs Sailor Lunatones OU1: BlueBreath vs Senjutsuka UU: QuinnW vs Kaarnaa Dubs: iJulianFNT vs HALOTT LC: PoseidonWrath vs Inxss Vermilion Villains vs Empoleon Bonapartists OU2: Kiwikidd vs Brianattackpro LC: Baneadito vs Yeyoxd
  10. I will take this one if you make it 1m.
  11. IGN: Qbeertje Preferred Tier: OU Competitive accolades: Once upon a time I was a decent player. Discord contact: Quint#1739 Other random stuff: I will increase the overall sexiness of your team.
  12. My predictions: daryl yettodie imabetheverybest jaawax lejovi MadaraSixSix luke Sebat/RDL
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