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  1. Quint

    Goodbye ma boys

    Laters babe.
  2. Quint

    A Player you will never forget.

    @KaynineXL, I want to believe this happened to you too while speaking with me.
  3. Quint

    [TV] Dragonball

    All the gods of destruction standing up for Goku, that was sick.
  4. Quint

    [TV] Dragonball

    Best part of the episode were 17 just casually says to Jiren he wants to wish for a boat haha.
  5. Quint

    [TV] Dragonball

    Jiren finally showing his true colors with that line towards Toppo/Despo.
  6. Quint

    [TV] Dragonball

    Frieza going to sneak his way to victory.
  7. Quint

    Shiny discussion rate

    And this is probably the reason why they dont want to be honest about the shiny rate.
  8. It was hard to see Buffon like that.
  9. Quint

    [TV] Dragonball

    Yep, nice episode. Hyped is a bit of a stretch but yeah im less annoyed now they fused to just one female Saiyan. Team Vegeta and Frieza for sure.
  10. Quint

    2D girl appreciation thread

    And thats why I like you
  11. Quint

    [TV] Dragonball

    Haha yeah i was kidding on the Frieza fusion. I agree about Goten and Trunks, its a shame they arnt in the tournament.
  12. Quint

    [TV] Dragonball

    I think Vegeta is too proud to fuse with Goku again, if Goku will fuse my guess is on Gohan (or Frieza for some weird plot twist).
  13. Quint

    [TV] Dragonball

    Not impressed by this episode whatsoever. Still dont like the female Saiyans.

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