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  1. 100k on Juve winning the CL.
  2. But did you already do your push ups?
  3. IGN: Qbeertje Country: The Netherlands smd @Kanzo
  4. 1m on VALE not winning PSL.
  5. Toppo is the lamest character ever.
  6. @TJXD owes me 200k (for your battle vs. toazt) @Torinnnnn baby you owe me 1m for gunt going 1-5. Can you guys please mail me. My ign is Qbeertje.
  7. The Outraging Lions vs VALE OU: KingBowser vs AbdOu 300k UU: xYggdrasilx vs EpicVerde 100k NU: LifeStyle vs SejuaniSupport 100k Kakuna Matatas vs The Human Caterpie OU: Senjutsuka vs Legendl 100k Taken by Jovi UU: StriderXD vs overToasted 200k Taken by Strider NU: Wolfgun vs Suneet 200k Taken by Suneet Giant Legends vs Top Kecleons OU: Xilias vs Wiriketchup 100k OU: Frags vs Erayne 200k Doubles: Zigh vs Lordofangmar 200k Taken by Abdou VGC17: Linken vs OldKeith 200k One person per bet.
  8. Taking this. I still believe in you @Gunthug.
  9. Or..... a sandcastle hat.
  10. Hey man, my ign is Qbeertje. Oh and you owe me 200k, 100k for you vs. mnemo and 100 for you vs. lifestyle
  11. 500k on Bayern Munchen tonight.
  12. talking about defog... @ShadowGary
  13. Some late bets: The Outraging Lions vs Spartan Warriors NU: LifeStyle vs Jostarr 100k Taken by Star Doubles: DoubleJ vs Lordofangmar 200k DPP: Gunthug vs Raptori 100k Taken by Forf [MISC] Aesthetics Crew vs Top Kecleons OU: enchanteur vs Senjutsuka 100k Taken by Forf OU: Raaidn vs Kemaric 100k NU: Lazaaro vs ihatos 100k Doubles: Lkrenz vs Artemiseta 200k Giant Legends vs The Human Caterpie VGC17: Zigh vs imabetheverybest 100k Kakuna Matatas vs VALE UU: Burntzebra vs EpicVerde 100k Taken by Osuki NU: Parke vs Miguelez 100k VGC17: Oltann vs Rendiz 200k One person pet bet.