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  1. I will take this one if you make it 1m.
  2. IGN: Qbeertje Preferred Tier: OU Competitive accolades: Once upon a time I was a decent player. Discord contact: Quint#1739 Other random stuff: I will increase the overall sexiness of your team.
  3. My predictions: daryl yettodie imabetheverybest jaawax lejovi MadaraSixSix luke Sebat/RDL
  4. Which people are also still 4-0? Zigh?
  5. Hey @XondeX my ign is Qbeertje can you please mail me the moneys.
  6. This guy even prioritized ev training before his own sleep 10/10.
  7. I´ll take this one please edit: @ItsGray will take the bet against manytears too
  8. Hey man, naah lets keep it on 100k. My ign is Qbeertje
  9. Sorry man, someone took the bet before you.
  10. Bold is the person I bet on, one person for each bet. Group A Argentina A - Germany UU Souu vs BlizzardGG 50k NU Wiriketchup vs Wildhodor 50k DUBS TiToooo vs Leviatharian 50k Chile - Belgium OU jorgemaximo vs Jaawax 50k taken by @kriger LC NoWall vs Stelian 50k taken by @kriger Peru A - Colombia B OU POLLITOBLACK vs SkullDeus 150k UU robertramirez vs Flesky 100k Group B Spain - Peru B LC Samoerai vs Hernjet 50k taken by @XondeX DUBS Zigh vs lKillua 250k Portugal - Turkey UU Pachima vs Miyes 100k taken by @ItsGray LC ManyTears vs SapphireStoneSSS 100k taken by @ItsGray SMOU Sintatic vs Oltan 50k Korea - Polonia DUBS EYL vs EmmaCACHJ 100k SMOU dSTnE vs Forfiter 50k Group C Argentina B - Colombia A OU DiositoSlurpuff vs Brianattackpro 100k NU Chopyta vs Enchanteur 200k DUBS mspinguino vs iJulianFNT 200k France - China B UU Eastsiideboy vs wyqnibaba 50k taken by @XondeX NU Evenils vs sgerard 100k DUBS Schuchty vs OtoukiO 150k Africa - Brazil OU Lunarck vs Elvesss 200k NU Kanicula vs Risadex 100k taken by @Tawla GROUP D China A - Rest of Asia OU mentalsoft vs xMikasaAckerman 50k NU xbingo vs SweetforU 50k LC MullenYu vs iKreedo 100k SMOU Starmind vs Dinofish 50k taken by @Daifang USA - Venezuela B OU NiKhilR vs ZacMorales 100k Rest of Europe - Canada OU rynners vs PawnWolf 100k UU UmbraMol vs Taystee 50k LC YettoDie vs gbwead 50k
  11. Hey @LUbEnWEiII and @TohnR can you please mail me My ign is Qbeertje
  12. Sorry man, someone took the bet before you.
  13. Bold is the person I bet on, one person for each bet. Group A Colombia B - Argentina A OU xWhinkz vs Souu 150k DUBS Kepzal vs TiToooo 50k Germany - Chile DUBS SteveDerBaum vs Redav 50k Belgium - Venezuela A UU Zbleeex vs Zenenn 100k LC Stelian vs llDaniell 50k DUBS iMat vs xShandow 200k Group B Poland - Spain OU magentozorizor vs Killuminatis 150k SMOU Forfiter vs ChrisJolteon 150k Peru B - Portugal OU ZDFire vs LufeIsHere 150k UU zAnderson vs xBadBones 100k Turkey - Rest of America OU Miyes vs Santiii 100k LC SapphireStoneSSS vs YEYOxD 200k Group C Brazil - Argentina B OU Elvesss vs DiositoSlurpuff 50k NU Risadex vs Personajexxx 50k Colombia A - France OU Brianattackpro vs Evenils 150k UU yaritan vs Eastsiideboy 50k taken by @TohnR LC Dreico vs Poufilou 100k China B - Mexico NU sgerard vs MexiDany 150k LC EEdays vs Baneadito 50k Group D Canada - China A OU Taystee vs mentalsoft 150k taken by @deemoaaron UU gbwead vs MullenYu 100k taken by @LUbEnWEiII NU MamaWally vs xbingo 100k Rest of Asia - USA NU SweetforU vs Titinn 50k DUBS HaseKirie vs KingBowser 150k Venezuela B - Brexit UU DarkCenGn vs Lin 50k taken by @TohnR NU xMarcoReus vs BlueBreath 150k
  14. Quint

    Value Advice

    Can someone help me with this one please
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