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  1. I will take the 200k on cathshf.
  2. The Gain Train (0) vs Schwifty Shiftrys (0) UU: ZDFire vs Giantpipe 300k The Flocking Buzzwoles (0) vs The Brave Blazikens (0) OU: EVLGOON vs pIata 100k UU: CATHSHF vs DestructX 200k The Driftveil Dragonites (0) vs The Hungry Salamences (0) OU: KaynineXL vs Aerun 100k (Taken by Gunt) NU: moisessss vs Kriliin 100k (Taken by Gunt) Doubles: JIce vs StriderxD 100k (Taken by Gunt) The Machoke Artists (0) vs The Boosted Monkeys (0) OU: enchanteur vs JhowCrazy 500k UU: Arimanius vs Kanzo, he probs going to lose but he is my boy so 100k on him. (Taken by Suneet) Doubles: Gbwead vs LordOfAngmar 300k One person per bet.
  3. Im not a big fan of the female saiyans. I hope they give Cabba (even) more spotlight instead.
  4. If you bet with kamiimimi you dont have to pay
  5. That was what made this episode so great.
  6. LF the person that said eving so he/she can ev for me.
  7. Nope, we are good.
  8. Takens probably just made this thread so he can like every comment where bow is mentoined so he can uguu suck some more.
  9. @JIceJDragon I mailed you the money a long time ago (ign Qbeertje). My bets for this week: Schwifty Shiftrys (0) vs The Driftveil Dragonites (0) OU: Tranzmaster vs SpartacusGD 200k UU: overToasted vs BurntZebra 100k The Brave Blazikens (0) vs The Boosted Monkeys (0) OU: Cogeid vs eloyriptor 100k UU: Sebat vs Miguelez 200k NU: aftershocker vs Lazaaro 100k Doubles: Bilburt vs LordofAngmar 100k Taken by Mike The Machoke Artists (0) vs The Gain Train (0) OU: Enchanteur vs yosoyarca 100k UU: Yangsam vs Fabbrooo 100k NU: Gbwead vs Parke 400k The Flocking Buzzwoles (0) vs The Hungry Salamences (0) OU: Maekaaay vs Aerun 100k UU: Mkns vs Frags 200k Doubles: Sweendog vs StriderXD 100k Taken by Gunt One person per bet.
  10. @Gazelli you guys are welcome
  11. Hey @Coge can you please mail 200k to my ign Qbeertje.
  12. Taking Doc
  13. 100k on my boy Kanz (vs Lucas)
  14. OU: Schuchty vs Kevola 100k Taken by Coge OU: Erayne vs Walpayer 100k Taken by Coge .
  15. oops wrong thread