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  1. Quint

    Value Advice

    Can someone help me with this one please
  2. Quint

    Value Advice

    How much is a ghost costume worth?
  3. Good day, my orange friend.

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    2. KaynineXL


      Just checking forums and saw you on, must talk to my boy Quinty.


      How's the kids?

    3. Quint


      Lurking at the unofficials. Got 6 now. Switch this convo to snap? 

    4. KaynineXL
  4. You are doing a great job man, keep it up.
  5. That goalkeeper of South Korea, woow.
  6. I dont have seen any self-reflection of the Maroccan players whatsoever. Yes they got mistreated a couple of times but lets only focus on everything but yourself thats the way to improve as a team.
  7. Glad Iran is out, they pissed me off.
  8. True that hopefully they do better than two years ago were they got beaten by Wales in the quarter finals, they looked good on paper too back then. Im from the Netherlands (rip our WC), but im planning on watching every match after the group stage in Belgium. Im a traitor.
  9. My pick is between France or Germany. Despites the great selecton and form of Neymar I dont see Brazil winning it, or even reach finals. Which country do you guys think will be the surprise of the tournament?
  10. Isnt it in Birmingham?
  11. Mmm not really interested in the event but I would like to meet up with Kay, are people down to go out after the event?
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