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  1. This is the only reason why I am not installing this game right now.
  2. You talk like you don't play vgc at all, therefore I wouldn't say you are a proper doubles player, smogon 6v6 doubles is totally different thing compared to real doubles aka vgc/battle spot, therefore opinion disregarded. All I'm just gonna say that the official doubles format is the most popular and it has the best rules, therefore we should have it too.
  3.  Jaa oot suomesta kans lol.

    1. OrangeManiac


      Jees, opiskelen tosin Hollannissa täl hetkel

    2. MuhQOppa


      juujuu, laitoin replyy tuol, älä ota turhan tosissaan vaikka oonki ehkä vittumainen :D vois lisää kaveriks tuonne peliin ja jutella siellä vaikka tosta jos on viel jotain..?

    3. OrangeManiac


      Juu tottakai, emmä mitään tuolla ota henkilökohtasesti

  4. 4v4 is garbage? Seems like you are mostly singles player and you just want doubles to be more similar to singles for shit to be easier for you, I see. And you just said the difference between 6v6 and 4v4, 6v6 revolves around "having complete team" while 4v4 revolves more around strategies and strategic picking, though thats prolly less true for the current gen3 doubles meta as there arent that many strategies available compared to later generations etc. And about the timer, mostly its just that I wanted more total time as 3 min is way too little the rest is pretty much whatever I think. But yeah since bunch of things are coming soon, I guess we'll just have to wait and see..
  5. So the timer is 3 min + 10 sec added per turn right? Why not make it more similar to the real games timer, example. 5 min and 5 sec added per turn and 1 minute to choose moves each turn and if you dont choose them fast enough then the game selects moves automatically from the first slot, its way too harsh now. Also 6v6 instead of 4v4? I assume some singles players made these tourneys, this make no sense at all, feels more like singles..feels like the strategy mostly seems to be take out blissey counters and have it last to stall win, with 4v4 this would be less of an issue because there would be less switching into hard counters and more strategic thinking what to pic.. also no team preview...? 77 turns? please kill me. (pic from todays tourney top 8) So would also be nice to have pick 4 from 6 with team previews on top of the timer improvement, has there been talk about this?
  6. I really want move sounds too.
  7. Agree, singles tend to have this kind of problems where matches last forever and if item clause can help to reduce that, I'm all for it, item clause already works well in vgc so I'm sure it will work well for singles too. Do the doubles here even have item clause? I sure hope so and if not, we need it.
  8. Doubles here seems like perfect for a big fan of vgc who started playing vgc on 6th gen, since I can experience the older generation doubles, this is not the same meta that there has been but mix of few of those, still really interesting and I think definitely worth it. Time to start grinding and breeding for the team I guess.
  9. Exactly when does this start, how many hours from this post ? I'm having problems converting the times... edit: 1 day and 2hours ?
  10. Count me in! IGN: MuhqOppa
  11. Count me in! IGN: MuhqOppa
  12. Can somebody tell me exactly how many hours till the sign up starts ? I tried looking at the time differences but I got so confused ;__; Its 1AM for me now and Saturday.
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