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  1. Getting sick of people leaving you hanging in a duel, and I have to sit there for 2 minutes for the duel to end.
  2. I only have pokemon in Unova that i collected randomly on the way to the event. I was happy to hear the event scales with level, but the pumpking is absolutely broken. How do you intend anyone under OU to beat this boss?
  3. When your favourite event rolls around you miss it, you'll understand why it matters.
  4. Nice to see your efforts in even trying to understand as a moderator, but then again all of you mods are only good for becoming global celebrities in game. Your game is in your community's hands, not yours.
  5. Where in my original post did i post about an event being difficult? Assuming shit and making an ass out of yourself, when all I stated was to make this event for everyone is completely pooped. Again, what is anyone losing if this event was in all 3 regions? Why Unova only? There's not a single down side to having it the way i proposed.
  6. Oh you're satisfied? CONGRATS, this game isnt just about YOU either. Im talking about something that would make EVERYONE happy.
  7. Most games ive played always start the event at least a week prior, to let players enjoy it. There was no heads up of this crap being in Unova, so now im just stuck looking at people getting their free shit while I sit here debating if i have the patience to get myself all the way there.
  8. Why not have this event spread across all regions? seems stupid to have it in just one place and exclude anyone who hasn't even begun Unova. Especially, since you've introduced this event so late into the month. Shouldn't be that difficult to just make one giant pumpkin located in each region. What are you losing exactly? You would only be satisfying 100% of your player base, rather than the people who have access to that, which only limits the fun. Looks like I wont be enjoying anything Halloween related this year, since I really shouldnt have to go to a new region, waste time with gym leaders and and tackle my way through just to reach an event. -Redmirror
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