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  1. Eh, not sure if they can help or not tbh. By the looks of it, all I lost were my comp pokes. And I got a lot of cash from the sales, so I should be OK. Already bred myself a comp aerodactyl and will work on building up a team
  2. I just joined some sorry ass 6-man discord server
  3. Online right now, all my pokes are gone, rip
  4. RIP. well I'll log in later today, I'll see if my shit is still there or not. Hey suneet, hows it going homie?
  5. Sorry to hear that! Is everything under control? Also, I'll look out for everyone once I get my account unblocked. There was apparently a security breach in January?
  6. Yo fred! I will carry the bushido banner onwards :) How have you been? Is anyone else around?
  7. Hello! I used to be active in this game back in 2012 and 2013, and was an officer in Bushido. I retired when I transitioned to college, but now that I'm completing my Master's degree, I find myself itching for another dose of PokeMMO. I see that a lot has changed and I will be curious to re-learn the game mechanics as I go! Also Gen V whhaaaaa Hmu if you're an oldfag and remember me. Otherwise, I would be interested in making some new friends in-game!
  8. Also these hypothetical debates over how we THINK the development team feels vis-a-vis alternate accounts or server space really don't relate to the suggestion at hand. Please try to stay on topic.
  9. I'm tired of this "devs hate alts" bs. It's simply not true. The devs might hate alt accounts, but they don't hate alt characters. If they hated alt characters, then they would simply remove the feature. The battle box and/or intra-account mail service would alleviate one large motivation for creating alt accounts. So, if you're a dev and you hate "alts" you should implement this feature now.
  10. Been waiting for this feature since 2012, still have no idea what's taken the dev team this long. 1) By allowing characters on the same account to trade/send mail/have a common PC box, we would allow for greater player independence as well as eliminate one of the main motivators for creating alts on different accounts (a point which has already been raised in this thread and which I agree with). 2) If you're worried about balancing, just make this feature unlock after beating the elite four. It's really not that complicated. I don't see how this feature would be broken, exploitable, or unbalanced. In my four years on this game, no one has ever made a convincing argument against this feature. That being said, it STILL has not been implemented.
  11. I would appreciate this feature, but there's probably a counterargument somewhere about balancing. If/when you DON'T specify a gender when breeding, you have to wait until it's hatched to know what gender it is. Thus, if you're also trying to breed a partner for it, it's risky to take both eggs at the same time, and the player is forced to take a "one-at-a-time" approach.
  12. "I won't use the feature" isn't a great counter-argument...
  13. A related aside, would someone want to update the guides for EV training to reflect this new information?
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