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  1. Also these hypothetical debates over how we THINK the development team feels vis-a-vis alternate accounts or server space really don't relate to the suggestion at hand. Please try to stay on topic.
  2. I'm tired of this "devs hate alts" bs. It's simply not true. The devs might hate alt accounts, but they don't hate alt characters. If they hated alt characters, then they would simply remove the feature. The battle box and/or intra-account mail service would alleviate one large motivation for creating alt accounts. So, if you're a dev and you hate "alts" you should implement this feature now.
  3. Been waiting for this feature since 2012, still have no idea what's taken the dev team this long. 1) By allowing characters on the same account to trade/send mail/have a common PC box, we would allow for greater player independence as well as eliminate one of the main motivators for creating alts on different accounts (a point which has already been raised in this thread and which I agree with). 2) If you're worried about balancing, just make this feature unlock after beating the elite four. It's really not that complicated. I don't see how this feature would be broken, exploitable, or unbalanced. In my four years on this game, no one has ever made a convincing argument against this feature. That being said, it STILL has not been implemented.
  4. I would appreciate this feature, but there's probably a counterargument somewhere about balancing. If/when you DON'T specify a gender when breeding, you have to wait until it's hatched to know what gender it is. Thus, if you're also trying to breed a partner for it, it's risky to take both eggs at the same time, and the player is forced to take a "one-at-a-time" approach.
  5. "I won't use the feature" isn't a great counter-argument...
  6. A related aside, would someone want to update the guides for EV training to reflect this new information?
  7. hey starmie

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  8. Agree 100%. By skill-crane I only meant that the items you win are cosmetic, they are usually luck-based irl too
  9. People gamble for 1 of 3 reasons: 1) Win Money. But gambling is not an efficient way to make money. And I don't think it is ethical to promote gambling addictions in a (principally) children's game. 2) Win prizes. But what prizes would you win? Vanity items might work. Nothing else does / makes economic sense. Most things are easily obtained from GTL. 3) Have fun. But if you want to gamble download a gambling game. I just don't think that the MMO would be any more fulfilling with more sophisticated ways to waste in-game money. The only suggestion I can offer in favor of this is a skill-crane type game where you can win vanity items that you would otherwise have to pay real $ to obtain.
  10. What is the point, then? The players of MMO are here to play pokemon, not poker. In the real world, gambling is a money sink, and gambling results in an average net loss in money. In light of this, MMO players would refuse to play casino games. In a game already dominated by money-grinding, no one in their right mind would spend their hard-earned cash on a game of chance, when the expected outcome is a loss of money. The alternative would be to make gambling profitable: either through money or some sort of other reward. But then, I would have to agree with a comment that was made earlier; if making money is guaranteed, then this is only exploitable. As a final case-in-point, I encourage you to check out the current game corners and report back on the number of players you see using them. If the demand for gambling isn't there, then nothing can or should be done. Maybe, 3 years ago, when everyone and their grandma hung out at the slots to go for those coveted HP TMs, we would've appreciated some variety to the gambling options. But, today, it appears that this isn't the case.
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