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  1. "were do u find little girl"
  2. Hiker Zack sent out Cloyster and British Forces.
  3. Well last time I heard Gizmo was a Developer not a Game Master, but yes the image real.
  4. This must be what hell looks like.
  5. >MasterHand confirmed >brb >jizzing pants
  6. the eyepatch is amazing
  7. All I have to say about these posts, wow. Just junk this suggestion then, the system is very flawed in my eyes but whatever.
  8. This option would also work but to be honest it would probably be more difficult to do that as opposed to the original idea.
  9. So you are saying a clan that has over 40,000 members that can't use the KoG tag because some other scrub that probably hasn't been online since he has taken it? I don't see how that is fair. Perhaps the clan system should be colour coded when they are apart of your team kind of like how your friends are green, your team should be orange/red etc. There are no good tags left or available, there has to be a better system.
  10. Tag Name: KoG Clan name#1 : Old school Clan name#2: darkages and so on. What I am asking for is to be able to use the same tag, even if they didn't have any affiliation. Most of the good tags are already taken and most have been trashed on accounts that no one uses anyways. I want the tags to be similar to COD clantags where we have no restrictions on how many different clans can still use the same tag.
  11. This has probably been discussed before, but let's face it, most of the good tags are taken. I am asking for an edit of how the team system should work. E.g. KoG is part of the Xiled Gaming Community, there are many sub clans in KoG. We would all like to have the KoG tag with a different name in the clan so we can still be associated with each other. The Tags are too context sensitive and we cannot all use the KoG tag. It would be awesome if we could all just let the tags be whatever (minus explicit words) without restrictions.
  12. If you leave, good, we need the server space for the dedicated trainers and funny/awesome people.
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