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  1. Spam: Please ReFollow this thread of Spontaneous Tournaments This thread was closed by a mistake of Staff, and lost all the followers thats why Einstein stop posting his tournaments there Will be posting some funny Togepi Metronome tournaments Also Location of these tournaments will be changing so forget about Lavender Tower hue
  2. Details Tournament Mode | Single Battle | Unlimited Players | 6v6 NU Date & Time Sunday, 25th August | 3PM EDT | Check your time zone --> Time Zone Converter  Registration Registrations will open 15 minutes prior to the tournament. You must post here your IGN. Accepting Retration via PM in game 5min prior the tournament.  Location Lacunosa Town Ch4 (Unova) First Place Prize NU Comp Your choice of nature, moves, with IVs 3x31 & 2x30 (Except Only Male Pkms) & 10M Second Place Prize 1M 3rd and 4th Place Prize 500k Host: ProfesorEinstein & Haazuu
  3. Or search your pkm in serebii, there is a eggmove window https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/egg/350.shtml
  4. It will be only stabilished tiers. Random tier will be dermined by a third program. Ex: And about the shields It will be similar to the Logo, Breadlicious will provide some shield forms and designs, King have to send some details of what he want on his shield These are some designs that Breadlicious found
  5. Clan Wars will be a Monthly event in which you will have to cooperate with your teammates and fight for your team honor against each other’s teams in a tournament that will be divided into two parts. There will be two Classification Tournaments of 16 teams in that only the best 4 teams of each bracket will get an Invite for the Final Clan War. Clan Wars Invitational will be in the first two weeks of the month and next two weeks will be dedicated to the main event! Clan Wars Invitational: For Clan Wars Invitational we decided to do it as same as Official Team Tournament, 3 Players battle as a team at same time. (Clans can switch members complete between rounds) Tiers: Three tiers have to be selected for every CW Invitational. OU is the most played tier so it has to be in every tournament. Two tiers/format more will be chosen randomly. Prizes: All Semifinalist will earn: Invitation for Clan Wars Team Shield. (A customizable logo) Winner team will receive: Invitation for Clan Wars Team Shield. (A customizable logo) 1M + Donator Status Ticket of 7 Days + Complete Clan Uniform(Lava/Aqua/Galaxy/Rocket) for each 3 winners Clan Wars: There will be 8 Clans Invited, they will face each other in a Round Robin Format, Rank by Match Wins. 6 vs 6 Players battle at same time. (Clans can switch members complete between rounds) Tiers: We will play 5 tiers/format for this event, plus a random tier chosen for each round (To allow ties) OU UU NU LC Dubs + 1 Tier chosen randomly Prizes: Winner team will receive: A Star on their Team Shield. 30M + Donations Donations: We will be open to donations this time to boost up the prize, If you wish to donate please mail your donation to “Haazuu” in game. Challenge Method: You can challenge any of the 7 enemy clans whenever you want, within a period of 2 weeks you must have fought against all clans. King of each guild should schedule their wars, remember, it’s a 6vs6 players at same so make sure to get your 6 players ready. Kings choose their Line-Up in turns one by one. Ex: King1: Chose WarriorX for play OU | King2 has to Choose a rival for WarriorX Now King2 Chose WarriorZ for play UU | King 1 has to Choose a rival for WarriorZ Etc. Until fill all the tiers. Event will start this August, we will be open to advice and opinions Extra Information: Hosted by: ProfesorEinstein & Haazuu Poster maded by @Breadlicious; He will be our shield maker We are looking for Refs if you are insterested PM me.
  6. Render/Image: Text: [Aw] Haazuu  Donation: Whats your ign? I will send cash Type of Request: Signature Note: Something cute
  7. wooops, I mailed you 300k, I I thought it was 100k each
  8. Para aplicar y unirte a Asgard Warriors deberás tener un nivel decente en competitivo. Por esta razón deberás tener un duelo con alguno de nuestros miembros y demostrar tus habilidades! Puedes aplicar enviando los siguientes datos por Mensaje Privado a @Haazuu Nombre en el Juego(Actual y Antiguo): Teams en los que has estado: ¿Que Tiers Juegas?: Motivo para entrar a [Aw]: O bien puedes mandar Mensaje Privado en PokeMMO a los siguientes miembros: Reclutadores: Kiwikidd Haazuu LKrenz Zhiko 90% Del Team es de habla hispana English
  9. Teselia Nacrete City After You | 1 Silk Scarf Dragon Pulse | 2 Dragon Fang Drain Punch | 2 Black Belt Sleep Talk - Sonambulo | 2 Silk Scarf Snatch | 1 BlackGlasses Stealth Rock | 4 Hard Stone Wonder Room | 2 Twisted Spoon Worry Seed | 1 Miracle Seed Castelia City Aqua Tail | 3 Mystic Water Dark Pulse | 3 BlackGlasses Dual Chop | 1 Black Belt Earth Power | 3 Soft Sand Electroweb | 2 Magnet Foul Play | 3 BlackGlasses Last Resort | 2 Silk Scarf Magnet Rise | 2 Magnet Zen Headbutt | 3 Twisted Spoon Mistralton City Bug Bite | 2 Silver Powder Defog | 3 Sharp Beak Drill Run | 2 Soft Sand Gravity | 3 Twisted Spoon Gunk Shot | 3 Poison Barb Iron Head | 2 Metal Coat Roost | 3 Sharp Beak Seed Bomb | 3 Miracle Seed Uproar | 2 Silk Scarf Opelucid City Draco Meteor | 4 Dragon Fang Kanto Blue Shards - Island 6 Dive : 3 blue shards. Endeavor : 3 blue shards. Hypervoice : 2 blue shards. Ice punch : 3 blue shards. Icy Wind ; 3 blue shards. Magic Coat : 3 blue shards. Nightmare ; 3 blue shards. Psych up : 3 blue shards. Role Play : 2 blue shards. Signal Beam : 3 blue shards. Skill Swap : 2 blue shards. Snatch : 2 blue shards. Snore : 1 blue shard. Spite : 1 blue shard. String-Shot : 1 blue shard. Swift : 2 blue shards. Trick : 2 blue shards. Red Shards - Island 7 Air Cutter : 2 red shards. Ancientpower : 3 red shards. Covet : 2 red shards. Fire punch : 3 red shards. Heat Wave : 3 red shards. Iron Tail : 3 red shards. Mud Slap : 1 red shard. Outrage : 3 red shards. Selfdestruct : 2 red shards. Sky Attack : 3 red shards Superfang : 3 red shards. Twister 1 red shard. Uproar : 2 red shards. Green Shards - Island 5 Defense Curl : 1 green shard. Iron Defense : 3 green shards. Heal bell : 3 green shards. Helping Hand : 1 green shard. Pain split : 3 green shards. Recycle : 2 green shards. Synthesis : 3 green shards. Yellow Shards | Island 1 Bind : 1 yellow shard. Block : 2 yellow shards. Bounce : 2 yellow shards. Endure : 3 yellow shards. Headbutt : 5 yellow shards. Knock Off : 2 yellow shards. Low kick : 2 yellow shards. Superpower : 3 yellow shards. Thunderpunch : 3 yellow shards. Copied From
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