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  1. TeamName: KeepZhikoBan IGN: Frags - Captain IGN: Haazuu IGN: FABBROoo IGN: Pitzzin
  2. Oh I didnt pay attention to that, I suppose thats because if you but x99 someone will come and list more with a lower price and it will take more time to sell
  3. Because the berries price got nerfed and that was a good method to farm yen It was decreased to 1.78-8m from 2.3m per account, pp max were in 40-45k in that moment and it was better than selling the berries to the NPC I dont think so if it is worth now Or..... It's the fault of @Walerito hahah
  4. Hey/Hola Frags told me to message some other executive from Aw, I think you are could you invite me to the team, my ING is TheKingOfPvp Thanks. If not could you tell me who else is executive from the team?


  5. March ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors
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