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  1. Haazuu

    World Cup Week #1

    starting soon, verm4 gg wp sir
  2. Haazuu

    World Cup Week #1

    Actually stupid decisions, how the hell allow to play a team with only 3 players just for "They want to represent their country" There is a Rest of the World team
  3. Haazuu

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    Its fine, take
  4. Haazuu

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    50k on each, only taking once
  5. Finally he won something Congrats
  6. Haazuu

    [Sig] ✨ Fatlafel's 12 Days of Xmas ✨

    Name: Haazuu Team Tag: Aw Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Meowth Theme Colors: Yellow / White, something cute Type of Artwork: Idk, Pack 2?
  7. Haazuu

    [Sig]Matt's Signature Shop

    Or a normal Sig with Render/Character: Drifloom or Drifblim either Donation already sended
  8. Haazuu

    PokeMMO NU League - Discussion thread

    I was thinking about making a UU/NU Ranked Challenge, the PvP Matchmaking doesnt works because no one try to join in the Queue or there are a very few players. With a little insentive($$$) people may be try to play rankeds so my idea was offer a price to the first one that reaches X quantity of Elo And of course notify here as a reminder when the ranked of X tier are open
  9. Haazuu

    [PSL X] Strawhats

    BullDogBlue was going to play in week 3, but 1 week before he said to Abstractt "Im sick" and he disconnected a minutes after. He was part of [HDML], the rumors began to run. People say he was Banned and other theories. I also made jokes about it. Today we got the bad news from one of his friends confirming the dead by a infection(No details). The reason of this post it's only for pay respect to him.
  10. Frags LKrenz Haazuu AurumPegasus Enchanteur Kiwikidd YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL Zhiko Akles Antiwall AxlGhost belieberboy Candiido chechof FABBROoo JRyu kevpr NecroskullDark Phobosz ProfesorEinstein Walpayer xPauu yosoyarca ZeknShooter Arikataru Aringo AxLKghost Azurael BethoRP CholoCarbon Darkneu DrackHD EnrriqueX Frink Goticsel Javess Legendl lXavi MaatthewMLG NiicoCarp Obito OrigenesESP Oxizakre Pitzzin PredaKiller Sejuani ? timwaps
  11. [Aw] Asgard Warriors . The tale of how our team was founded goes back to the last weeks of December 2012, Age when the team was created, two young fellas, but seasoned duelist where going through a “lonewolf” path, both weren’t interested in getting inside a team, they were satisfied with their way of living, till their paths crossed and they established a good friendship, one that was characterized by mixing different likes, both had similar strategies and good technique in duels, those guys were Roco and timwaps, it goes without saying that the creation of this team was important in their trainer’s life, the goal of the team was to gather members that were of their same category/level, not newbies, but only people who knew about the game and had experience in the comp environment of battles. After several attempts to name the team, two words were chosen, “Asgard” was chosen by Roco, since he liked the Norse mythology and its gods, the second word was “Warriors”, chosen by timwaps because he values, courage and strength, things a warrior must have in battle, never giving it up and persevering till the bitter end to get a hard-earned victory. This two words made up the name of the clan, which is still active to this day, with quite a bunch of achievements under its belt, be it in wars, achievements earned by our members singlehandedly, good breeds for the economy, and of course, monthly team tournaments. After its creation the team was an underdog, specially because it was born in Channel 5, where most players were from Latin America (I.e Spanish language), with most people there not being really into comp or even knowing it existed, it proved difficult to look for talented people. To attain their goal, they started to do mini-tourneys in the channel to gather the attention of Ch5 players and discover who may had a shot at joining AW. This was proven to be hard task to accomplish, the reason being that the team Dark Dragons (DD) already had one month since its creation, and had recruited most of the good duelist there was in the entire channel. Fortunately, as months passed by, the team finally started getting people with a vast knowledge of the competitive play which are still active, some of them being JAVIERMASTER, patinhoxxx, Frags, Dalibored, ValeRoth, Balthier, Sacky y Pel, the team was solid, most of the new recruits who had shown skills but lacked experience were backed up by the rest of the team and now are full-fledged comp players, while they weren’t the first bunch of members, they are equally important for the team, two of them were homicidio and markikoz (Walpayer). The good relationship with the rest of the CH5 made the team grow a positive reputation and recognition by others, which resulted in it being compared to Dark Dragons at a certain period of time (Summer/Winter 2013), after all, DD was and is considered one of the best teams. Most of their players were lvl 100, which at that time, most of the channel saw as experts. The biggest gap between DD and AW was our playstyle, DD was mostly centered around lv 100 play while Aw was busy in the lvl50 play, there were no quarrel between DD and Aw for a while, since they were both considered the “best” at lvl50 and 100 respectively. With the passing of time and our members preparation, not as individuals but as a team, we seized victory at the June Team Tournament, the era in which we were at our peak, by then Roco had already left the game for IRL work issues, timwaps was assigned as captain and with his good administration, the team continued growing, which can be looked up in the rest of the monthly team tournaments brackets, but even though being one of the key members of the team and the leader at the same time, his work and being an University student made him not being able to always be there. Tim had his hands full, and here’s where our likeable, male and handsome patinhoxxx step it up as our leader, it didn’t last long, but his work at being our administrator and creating outside-relationships made the team grow. After a while Frags was given leadership, since he was not only good and knowledge about the game, but an all-around great user. Español

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