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  1. i appreciate the input. lets just hope the devs and the "big dogs" hear everyones displeasure with the new update and attempt to make it right. how they go about doing that is on them. imagine making an amazing game that people love to play and enjoy logging on every day just to shove something noone wanted down their throats. goodluck devs, your money grabbing efforts have yielded you the exact opposite of what you wanted.
  2. Regardless of what you guys tried to do here with this update, i dont expect nor want a change in this update it would just destroy the economy more than it has already. This game has lost significant value to not only me but to a massive amount of people. I wish i could crunch the numbers but for now all i can do is make an educated guess based on the people i have talked to and the posts i have seen. I actually used to put money into this game because i felt the devs actually cared about the game and not profits. this was the update we got, not the update we wanted :(.
  3. i think this is something everyone can get behind. I personally like the new color changes, but the perspective from color blind people wasn't even considered in my opinion.
  4. I agree and disagree. you are right feelings are not facts. but that saying goes both ways, just because some people agree and like the update does NOT mean that its a positive change. Unfortunately i do believe this was a whim update, not only that but it also pushes players to spend money. you can not seriously sit there and look at the new donor status tickets and tell me that Is not pay to win. all i have to do is buy 100$ worth of those tickets and sell each one for 200k of in game currency and be massively rich. Its very blatant that the devs are prioritizing that $$$$.
  5. I agree and hope the devs understand they have made a mistake. As with any game updates are going to have split opinions with those who like and dislike the update, this update has an overwhelming amount of people who dislike it. I just hope they can learn from this.
  6. ---How to kill player base on a game 101--- i wonder if the devs even play this game. Ive played this game since 2013 and seen a dev online one time in my entire playtime.
  7. I dont think the game is P2W but i am also extremely displeased with this change in the update. tanked the market on items that were useful. now the only thing worth ANYTHING in Pokemmo is shinies, which also happen to have a significantly lower encounter rate than the vanilla games. this update just made the rich players richer and the poor players poorer. Im currently wishing i could refund the money I put into this game. This was the one game that i was really into and have played for years now, unfortunately this change has just taken the will to play out of me :(
  8. how do i go about updating or disabling the mods?
  9. file:///C:/Users/pc/Pictures/pokemmo%20not%20a%20sableye.PNG heres the URL screenshot because it wont let me paste it into the media section.
  10. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I just recently got back after not playing for a year or so and downloaded the new required Pokemon black ROM and everything looks really nice. However my old character was in victory road in the emerald version and Pokemon sprites where coming up as the wrong one, for example i will be battling an Absol but the sprite will be an onix. i have a screenshot of it but i cant seem to figure out how to upload it in :/
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