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  1. Yuna425


    He should if nothing has changed so far. You need to klick the color palette to chose the color.     I know this is an older Thread/Topic but I want to ask what happened to the available hairstyles for male and female character costumisation?   This still regards the hairstyle-list since some hairstyles seem to have been removed from the game completly.   Do males now only have short hair and females long hair? If so, then why?
  2. Out of the current themes yours works best and looks super awesome. I made small adjustments for my own gameplay, because I preffer red over blue. x3   Eitherway, the theme is looks super awesome. :D
  3. If tell me you IGN then I could add you in game. By the way. The GUI topics aint for personal conversations.

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    2. Yuna425


      Okay, you can add Manyuna in to your games friendlist. Do players need to be online to register them in the friendslist. The games there is no player with that name. D:

    3. hectuko


      ok im going to log in

    4. Yuna425


      K added you :)

  4. Uh well that is awkward. Not only have I been away for a very long time due personal stuff but also my old laptop had crashed completly. I even need to install PokéMMO anew. I lost hella lot of data and whats left is some music, old download data... Worst of all I wont be able to make any themes anymore!!! Q_Q The programm doesn't work properly anymore. From the video-recording programms I use is only one that works and the 30 months free to use limit is over and get big fat w...

    1. Yuna425


      Oh, wow. That post got to long. Well that sucks.

      "...watermark when I try to record stuff. The most importaint thing, and I'll add it to my threads as well, if anybody who has photoshop is interested in expermenting and up-dating themes - I allow anybody and everybody on PokéMMO to take over my theme(-s). I also need to re-upload the *zip. data, because I closed my devianart account last year in october so I could change my username in december(because reasons).

    2. hectuko


      oooooooooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you came back :D <3

  5. This Theme is awesooooome!!! <3<3<3<3 It's looks very stylish and not overtoned at all! :D New favorite!!! <3
  6. I was away for a very looooong time and just as it have been. I'll be still rarely around. PS: The psychic GUI is up-to-date!!!

    1. hectuko


      Baby come back!! pls come baaack

    2. hectuko


      still missing you :( where are you my darling

  7.   It was propably the same person I've meet. Told the user to use bulbapedia. :-/ And with the fact that this was an older post... uhm.. yeah... I didn't saw what page I was on. D:
  8.   "What is a Luck egg?"   It get's realy annoying when people just do not look it up on bulbapedia or pokewiki ...
  9. I think I do a water themed "GUI" next. But I am not going to change anything in the xml-coding nor the fonts. Sorry.

  10. About upcoming client customizations I going to make... I'll give credit to those who made backgroundpictures and those who created "buttons". I also will make an extra txt.*-file as a note who these are from! My current Theme does not have it yet, because I simply forgot it. D:

  11. Thanks a lot guys. ^ ^   Well I did choose Squirtle at the end. It looked like a middle way to go. ^ ^''       Yeah. I know what you mean. That IV and EV stuff is too much nerdieness for me. XD So I propably wont be able to particapate at any competitions like that last one where players could win a shiny Stantler... :-/
  12.   Thanks a lot for the advice. ^ ^ It takes the "Oh,-crap"-surprise. XD   In that case I'd choose between 3 and 7. Both are my lucky nummbers... But I am also hunted by the 5. <.<'' What ever. Looking for certain people anyway. ^ ^'
  13. Hello there, PokeMMO. :D   I am happy to have sneaked in here, even so I did not started the online game yet. But I am very exited how it's going to start out. ^ ^ Still unsure who to take... Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander... :-/   I'm 23 years old and played the Pokemon games since I was a kid. lol   Greeings from germany. ^ ^  
  14. What is it you would like see customized/made?   Frames/Windows similar to a Pokedex. The most Pokedexes look almost the same. All have a red body, most have grey buttons (dispite the Kantodex; it has blue buttons for the nummbers, and two white buttons), white or black frames, and this nice blue or green light in the upper left corner or in the center of the body.   How would like see it customized/made?   Explanation first   Let me show you 2 Dexes to get a reminder how they look like: http://robbienordgren.deviantart.com/art/Pokedex-3D-Kanto-1st-Generation-291057348 http://robbienordgren.deviantart.com/art/Pokedex-3D-Johto-4th-Generation-296443001   All Pokedexes use mostly red, blue (the light), green (smaller lights and buttons) and black or dark grey in addition with some light grey buttons on the newer versions and on the Kantodex with the blue and white buttons and some small red, and green ones.   Because he series have evolved so much I thought we would go with the newest Dexters. Sinnoh and Johto(remake).   Now the thing I have in mind.   Ingame windows / "Pokedex", Team and Battlescreen   In my eyes there wouldn't be so much change dispite the colors.   "Pokedex" and Team   Team: A simple red frame.   Dexter: The frames would be red, because of the actual body. The "screens" would stay black/dark grey... The green or blue light from the Dexes may be in the right or left upper corner inside the frame. If the old frame would be used, then it would be the upper-right corner. I guess it would get into the "textures"-file. All buttons in the MMO have only one color so there would be the question if there should be do green or gray buttons. (I personaly would go with gray.) Mabe two extra frame-lines on the left and right, similar to the Johto-dex? <-That one is just a thought.   Battlescreen   First of. I do not realy know how the Battle-hud and the user interface in the battlescreen are working together.   So I have to take an exsample from one of the already done GUI's...  The Umbreon/Espeon GUI has an Umbreon inside the right corner. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/26488-gui-day-n-night-vb08-eeveelution-theme/   I would like to see a light of the Pokédex there. The Background of it in red. The 4 buttons would stay or be gray.   Is there anybody you think would be able to/you would like see customize/make this?   I honestly do not know anyone for now to do something like this. I hope someone would like to do something like this.    Is it acceptable? Greedings by a newbee.
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