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  1. Sure thing, it'll be pink though!
  2. Strange request! I turned him into a trainer ^_^
  3. Your current sig is pretty awesome man, but here you are :)
  4. Haha me too. Can never stay away from Pokemon for too long though. Some days all that should be done is grinding in 4 tiles of grass for rare stuff ^_^
  5. After being down for like 2 years I've got enough time now to do these again. :) Come at me with some requests people!
  6. Apologies for the requests I haven't completed. I'm having to close Smevian Sigs. Building a game/writing music is taking up too much time for me to play Pokemmo at the moment, but in the future I'll return with a new sig shop. I'm not sure how the thread is locked/deleted so I'll leave it to a moderator. If I have to do it myself please get in touch. Thanks everyone who donated or even just paid compliments. Smevis
  7. This was definitely one of the more interesting requests! :) I think this looks good, what about you?
  8. Sorry for the delay guys, drank WAY too much last night and now I'm suffering, I'll get something to eat then maybe start, if not it will be later. Ughhhh :unsure:
  9. I do like! Looks good :) I took the lightning out by accident when I changed the colour :blink: oops lol I'm online just now. IGN Smevis :)
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