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  1. Still got ELYL and Queen Cheerios leadership on my account if I recall right. Someone should take it and resurrect it.
  2. Take a razer to the sides + Pomade.... AKA hang upside down for an hour while it dries
  3. Need to get the old Rust Crew back together. Dress up in furs and run everyone down with swords, raiding houses and placing the Stark Sigil on all conquered territories.
  4. I'll be back after next week. 5 hours of my day goes to commuting and midterms are next week. After midterms I'll be on more regularly again
  5. Pulled a codylramey today, worked on this girl for 3 days on the ferry ride over. *fish builds that relationship and works up the courage to ask* Her: I have a boyfriend *after a long pause* Me: I.. have a.. a goldfish Her: what? Me: it died Probably not the best execution. Can confirm didn't work. Rest of the ferry ride over was me trying to come up with reasons to leave the booth
  6. #BikeMMOnever4get #TNTOctober2013Never5get #TTDecember2013Never6get #LawlerVSCondit2016Never7Get
  7. Shadowplay to glad is where it was at my friends (aff Lock/Resto Sham/Shadow Priest). But, that was a long long time ago in as place far far away.
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