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  1. Weedle

    Why so many chinese?

    Checking up on the game after a six month break. Any reason why this game is Chinese now? Did some super famous Chinese streamer shill this game to his audience or something?
  2. Weedle

    Shiny discussion rate

    thats not rng abuse.
  3. Weedle

    Shiny discussion rate

    obviously someone has not heard of rng abuse
  4. Weedle

    Shiny discussion rate

    because people would start to try and manipulate the variables in the formula to get more shinies.
  5. Weedle

    Shiny discussion rate

    someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  6. Weedle

    Shiny discussion rate

    Its easy to overestimate your encounters when you spend more time uguuing on channel chat than actually hunting.
  7. Weedle

    Lower the berry powder costs for pp ups

    Thats how tournaments work, winners get prizes and the resources to breed more comps. Thats how pvp matchs work, you get ranked to get bp which you can turn into resources. Not sure whats your point.
  8. Does Sand Veil count as an evasion boosting move or is it legal due to the fact it reduces accuracy instead of boost evasion.
  9. Weedle

    Hidden Power Changer

    Does it only drop 1 iv neccessary to get the desired hidden power or does it drop more? Also how much does it cost?
  10. Honestly the e4 were totally brutal before. I ended up just using comp mons instead of using story mons because they were so hard.
  11. What hidden abilities do you think should be changed in pokemmo from vanilla mon? I for one think speed boost blaziken is broken and should be given an ability like flame body. I'm pretty sure there are other "useless" pokemon that could be given niche purposes by switching around has.
  12. Hello. I would like the ability to expand the pokemon summary page, and what I mean is to allow us to view the stats, ivs, evs, and moves all in one strip. I would be satisfied if all the summary pages looked the same but we could have all five pages open at once. What this would allow is for easier posting on the trading forums. As right now you either have to manually type the pokemon information or take a snip of the nature, then go to a different page and take a snip of the ivs, then go to a different page and take a snip of the evs, then go to a different page and take a snip of the moveset. Streamlining this would remove a lot of hassle from trading on the forums, and I believe it to be a fairly simple change.
  13. generally one should try to avoid trainer battles at all costs, and if you do battle use a pokemon that can either clear without taking damage or use self healing moves.
  14. Weedle

    Possible Ridiculous Spawn Rate?

    during the bananas catching event I caught like 5 pansear and 5 pansage but only 1 panpour. I think these rates were commen with most participants.

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