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  1. it would be useful to implement milk drink out of battle, still need the pp for the moves though
  2. probably due to the fact that Apple makes everything a huge pain in the ass
  3. Weedle

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    From I understand some people are putting out the idea of ariticially limiting the shinies so they can profit from holding shiny pokemon? I don't admins will ever implement rules only to give you profit, so why even ask?
  4. Weedle

    Halloween event?

    I think that was an uncalled for insult. Please realize you bring nothing of value to the world when you act like an ass. Especially when at most I made a small grammar mistake. Then you go ahead and write an poorly written sentence in English /:
  5. Weedle

    Halloween event?

    I hope so, the end of year events is the main reason why I started playing again
  6. Weedle

    NU Matchmaking

    Have you thought about making a team dedicated to NU?
  7. Hello! I currently have a OU competitive volcrana, gengar, and wobbufet. I would appreciate any suggestions to balance out my team, I have little experience with comp battling. Volcarana Modest 252 in spatt, and 252 in speed. Heat Wave/Hurricane/Giga Drain/ Quiver Dance Gengar Timid 252 in spatt, and 252 in speed Thunderbolt/Focus Blast/ Shadow Ball/ Subsitute Wobbufet-Wobbufet
  8. Weedle


    Google translate: I think they should lower the rng of the leagues, it is too much hax that they put to him; it is not possible that being a poke to +4 or +6 evasion and pokes out that strike low precision attacks (accurate wave, flare, etc) without failing and lose for that or hit every time critical hits. I think they should improve that because it's disgusting, with all respect. Atte: BOYKADD
  9. Weedle

    NU Matchmaking

    your best bet is to join a group of NU enthusiasts, i remember they were organizing weekly tournaments at some point
  10. Weedle

    The State of the Economy

    I think adding my viewpoint will add some independent thought to this forum. I've played since the beginning of pokemmo, more or less. Mostly taking long breaks between playing because there is and was honestly only so much you could do in this game. However I've experienced quite a bit different economies in this game. I personally do not think that the "deflation" currently being experienced is going to lead to the "end" of pokemmo. I have observed that there is a rather large influx of Chinese and Spanish speaking players that are filling the ranks of our pokemmo members. It's quite clear that even if the game is less appealing to English speakers, the Chinese and Spanish thoroughly enjoy the game in the state that it's in atm. I do agree that the economy feels rather weird right now, I attribute it to the old school players being jaded by the small variety of ways to earn money in this game. There is only so many times you can grind trainers, or items before you begin to utterly hate it. However I have noticed that the price of entering competitive battling has been steadily decreasing over the past year, which is a good bonus to the health of our only end-game entertainment. The biggest downside to our economy seems to be a depression in the moral of the playerbase. There is no big motivation for them to earn money and enter competitive battling. The answer is to prepare more big tournaments, and events to motivate players. The various seasonal events are fun ways to earn money, but there are huge blocks of time between them with almost no big events. I don't think that "dungeons" are the solution, they will be fun for a month then will become another way to grind. I recommend more ways to players to generate content for other players. Possibly team owned Gyms, or increase the ease in organizing player owned tournaments. I would like to finish this collection of opinons by stating the fact that players have been complaining about the economy for years and still they play this game. Tbh the economy has never been in a great spot, as grinding as always been a chore. The mods don't seem enthusiastic about any changes to the current grindfest the game has been over the past 6 years. Luckily I have more or less accumulated resources that allows me to ignore grinding at the moment.
  11. Weedle

    Bring back Off-Topic

    The community is just not the same ever since it was removed
  12. My ign is Beedrill/Beedril. Anyone can feel free to add me!
  13. Weedle

    Losy Exp. Share

    Hola, necesita un exp share? Tengo un exp share que puedes tener. IGN (Beedril/Beedrill) Hi, do you need a exp share? I have one that you can have.
  14. Hola, I'm looking for some spanish speaking friends ingame. My spanish is pretty bad but I want to immerse myself to learn spanish. I would be open to a guild. Gracias busco amigos que hablan en espanol. Estoy estudiando espanol, pero no hablo bien.

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