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  1. Most left because mods don't want to implement any meaningful post game content besides grinding. It's far easier to have yearly events and expand regions than to create something new. I don't blame them, but the fact is that postgame is incredibly repetitive.
  2. the reason for exclusivity is to promote the purchase of future limited items. Try buying some next time then waiting.
  3. You made a statement, but have yet to draw a conclusion. I recommend revisiting your previous comment.
  4. Originally the pokemon games were designed to have different pokemon at different levels, otherwise why would they implement these experience groups
  5. The only advantage of many bug pokemon is that they belong to the fast experience group. Where the subpar stats are supposed to be offset by higher levels. However with level caps, a butterfree is subject to to same leveling limitations as a tryanitar. Leveling caps obviously favor pokemon that belong to the slow experience group, as they tend to be stronger per level. I suggest that if these level caps are to be maintained, then modify the level caps to be different for each experience group.
  6. will these gyms be implemented in game?
  7. Allow players to design their own teams and gym areas (secret bases maybe). It will allow the community to create it's own content. A
  8. yeah im getting no pokemmo in my volume mixer
  9. I have not played much and want to pick up some collection before they get too expensive.
  10. Ah yes, one person who has beaten the game dozens of times has beaten the game with spinda.
  11. My least favorite thing about the difficulty changes is that it disencourages having fun with your team. Byebye to the days of actually using NU
  12. it would be useful to implement milk drink out of battle, still need the pp for the moves though
  13. probably due to the fact that Apple makes everything a huge pain in the ass
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