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  1. Shiny Stunfisk Lottery

    apparently Dilburt wont let me refund the lottery so chances are it will be still be held whenever he feels like it
  2. Shiny Stunfisk Lottery

  3. Shiny Stunfisk Lottery

  4. Shiny Stunfisk Lottery

  5. Shiny discussion rate

    thats not rng abuse.
  6. Shiny discussion rate

    obviously someone has not heard of rng abuse
  7. Shiny discussion rate

    because people would start to try and manipulate the variables in the formula to get more shinies.
  8. Shiny discussion rate

    someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  9. Shiny discussion rate

    Its easy to overestimate your encounters when you spend more time uguuing on channel chat than actually hunting.
  10. Shiny Stunfisk Lottery

    lets get this lottery over with already!
  11. Lower the berry powder costs for pp ups

    Thats how tournaments work, winners get prizes and the resources to breed more comps. Thats how pvp matchs work, you get ranked to get bp which you can turn into resources. Not sure whats your point.
  12. Shiny Stunfisk Lottery

  13. Shiny Stunfisk Lottery


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