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  1. Really not liking level caps

    Some points were made, and I just wanted to point out that even before the difficulty revamp I knew numerous players who had trouble beating the gym leaders/e4. Ofc they quit after they beat the storyline and realized post game was grinding hours to get a comp team, but still the changes won't be well received by poke-noobs.
  2. Teleport+Dig Ocarina

    Why would it not make sense? All it does is remove the annoying clicks required to sweet scent while still making leppa berries a part of the economy. Maybe next time you should look because I found the post in like five seconds through searching "sweet scent" in the search bar. https://imgur.com/a/rWtsJ
  3. Teleport+Dig Ocarina

    Teleport and Dig use 1PP(and escape rope costs 200yen) versus sweet scent which literally has an entire economy built around the use of leppa berries. Big difference.
  4. Teleport+Dig Ocarina

    If you looked at the thread the mods said if they implemented it would be charged by leppa berries.
  5. Teleport+Dig Ocarina

    I would find these ocarinas useful, and if we are going to start adding Sweet Scent which is a non HM move as ocarina why not these one as well.
  6. Hello I have one 5x31 Jolly Gyrados, and I'm not sure what steps I need to take next to have a strong comp team. Any advice would be helpful in planning a team/moves/evs
  7. Selling Shiny Stunfisk! Only one in server!!

    OK catch me ingame @beedrill
  8. General Hordes Guide

    is there a similar guide to kanto and hoenn?
  9. https://imgur.com/a/ExrqX
  10. Selling Shiny Stunfisk! Only one in server!!

    bump, added comp breeding ditto.

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