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  1. Factss af. like my unfinished new competitive pokemon was fully evd b4 it hatched!!! GREAT SERVICE REALLY
  2. NU1: Kanicula vs @SweeTforU 250k Kanicula NU2: @Axelgor vs Heeyder 250k Heeyder assholes gonna lose trust
  3. 6ix1uan6ix9nine aka 6169 if stoopid af
  4. IGN: Kanzo Country: Spain/Holland Tiers: OU UU NU LC
  5. All u had to do is remind me like that other loser. But since u went straight for this. I aint pay shit now. Sia loser.
  6. bro ur a loser how u dare to link me this. dont u have any type of pride? anyway whats ur ign? can share some of this psl money! sia loser
  7. Omfgg hypee aff matchess. This defi worth the fucking finalss. Can u guys imagine if lava went to finals with rng...... Fucking lets goooo v4!!!!
  8. Bro what is soon? U sound like kyu with the new update announcements...
  9. And me when that happens:
  10. Bro chill man. I am benched week 6....
  11. Betting thread Mikasa vs stelian Week 5 Mikasa vs stelian Whole forum mentioned Mikasa vs stelian -----‐--------------------------------- Mikasa next day: 1mil me vs whoever my opponent is Jajajajajjajajajaja
  12. Is this a typical team lava syndrome? The need to explain themself? Bro i said i fukin luv it. Fak that sia scum up!!
  13. It's the "who ever my opponent is" For me Sounds so damn cool and arrogant. Fukin luv it!
  14. Ngl this gonna be a hype week
  15. Bro who the fak even takes this srs lmfao
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