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  1. if messi wasnt that greedy and instead passed to Gomes. Gomes could have set Suarez for goal and get an assist. Look at here look at here blah blah. that nigguhs analyze is so shit lmao.
  2. sure. if u idiots wanna lose money:) Tottenham xD
  3. If you really wanna lose your money. just 200k tottenham gonna get deleted from CL.
  4. @londark ty Udinese. Good to see u back on track. TYVM
  5. fak u and ur predictions. forza Juve!
  6. This whole game was a short summary of Udineses season so far. Too bad Perugia couldnt get the equalizer...
  7. It's all about monehhh monehhh monehh. What a surprise.
  8. I should sent them my Football Manager line ups and trophies. Maybe i get to picked for manager. imo the best line up Italy could have and should have used at their first group stage matches and till the last match against sweden. 4 1-2 3/ 4 2-1 3 basically 4-3-3. either with a deep midfield or a defensive midfield who can controll from back and make plays. Buffon Florenzi, Bonnuci, Chielini, Darmian Veratti/DeRossi/ Marchisio/candreva Bernardeschi Insigne El Shaarawy Immobile This team and with this strategy, Italy would have done so much better in group stages and probably gained some team plays. You could see vs Sweden some players didnt understand each other with combos, when to pass in the foot and when to pass deep. There was no bond between each one of them on the field. There was just that regular passes to the sides and crosses in the box nothing special nothing skilful, nothing just nothing Cutrone for Immobile. This cutrone guy is 100% worth to let him play more. 100% sure he wants to give his all to prove himself 100% he would destroyed swedish defenders and do some trouble. Then there is lucatelli candreva De Rossi etc to fill in when needed. Rugani for Chielini incase chieli goes all rage and risk red. and get rid of that freaking barzagli. 100% not worth playing in such an important game like wtf. When is italy going to have some trust in their young talents. aslong they dont line up their talents more they will lose to Spain everytime. and basically fu ck up their youngster from improving faster... Buffon i understand chielini and bonnuci i understand but even those i wouldnt have used that many times and gave the young lads more chance. Italy is basically destroying their young talents.
  9. Man this world cup is going to be sooo mehhhh.

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