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  1. Only 7 spots left with my sign up. So many wanna be managers this season.
  2. I wanna be manager too becuase im best manager ever in psl history. My team always the best because i dont have wall full of texts. Get me and u get to see the very best team ever created again.
  3. How long till PSL 8? i think 3 days preparation is enough. What u think zebra?
  4. 1/3 trophys win 2 left :) leggo juve.
  5. OU 1 Ou 2 Ou 3 UU 1 UU 2 NU 1 NU 2 Doubles 1 Pokemon Showdown DPP Pokemon Showdown Gen 3wunner Pokemon showdown Gen 6 for some luck to decide 11v11 thats how we do it in EU. tyvm
  6. Juve taking Zivkovic tyvm.
  7. this better not be scam. i sent all my money.
  8. u drunk bro. Roma sold pjanic because he got injured lots of times and he didnt fit in their plans. Juventus sold Pogba but only with assurance of getting Pjanic. It's not Romas fault Pjanic is playing like a boss at Juventus. Same goes for Higuain. Couldnt even touch Juventus when he played for Napoli. They just have the mindset of "If you can't beat them, join them." I even remember the start of this season everyone laughing Juventus for throwing so much money for Higuain. Juventus had always the greatest trades in football history. Look at Pogba and Coman. from ZERO to 100+ mil profit. This got nothing to do with having money to get this. Besides all this. Everyone is eventually gonna face the cyclus Milan went thro, it's just if the clubs are prepared for it. And for Udinese they will always be the #1 supply of promising talents for Juventus:P Go get us a young super Central Defender talent. He needs to be from Italy but it's okay if he has south american nationality.
  9. Nah he gone. like Miccoli from Palermo gone too. rip legends.
  10. No. Juve gonna bring back that lost ticket for CL. Juve going to make Serie A great again. Time for italian teams to dominate the European football once again, except Udinese they so bad.
  11. I hope u and ronaldo both cry on national television when Juve lifts the trophy. Even when real got Zidane they couldnt beat Juve. PersempreBianconero!! FORZAA!!
  12. Ronaldo is uguusexual. Thats his only motivation to train his body for football.
  13. If monaco finished their chances score would be 4-2. Doubt u would say the same about dybala. He was so shit in this match even he got frustrated. Ever pass to him somehow he couldnt controle. Or the dribbles he tried to make the first touch was shit and couldnt keep going.
  14. omfg. this god damn Monaco was so tough today.TBH Juve was so damn shit in controlling cuz the young lads were so hungry at Monaco. ffs every bal controle on higuain or dybala was a lose. Barzaglis pass was 90% wrong. But give Juve a little space and they show u what they good. Thats what made the difference today. But i'm not very happy with the performance of some players. Dybala was just not having his day i think tho. Time to prepare for the classi derby.