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  1. u overreactinn. its nothing to worry about.
  2. Kanzo

    Sig Appreciation Thread

    Look at mine. so sexyy. SO to Eggroll the #1 godd in all 7 heavens!
  3. Ohhh thee comeeebackkkk
  4. I'll take the winning number pls.
  5. Yup but their own fault. Tho i have good hopes for Inter now to attract better players during the summer transfer and surprise in CL.
  6. Honestly for such age, His reflexes and postioning in goallie saved Juve in so many games this season. I really hope Juve finds a new icon like Buffon asap. Gonna miss him big time just like how i miss the golden age of this game. btw did u see lazio vs Inter?
  7. i partly agree with you when it comes to Juves poor performances. The thing is there are different reasons why Juve is playing so poor in every lane. from def to attack everything has been poor compared to previous seasons. And to still see Juve get the wins in serie a and yesterday against a team with full of young and fit guys that's still pretty amazing and that has been the job of Allegri. thats his work imo. the reason why im happy Juve won yesterday is cuz i somehow hope this win wakes up the best out of them for the remaining games in CL and Serie A. I really hope this is the medicine Juve needed to get to their best again tho i know every lane of juve is weaker then to teams like Bayern City Real and Barca this season. But i still belieb Juve can reach finals one more time.
  9. Oh man CL returns gonna be lit guys. Well not for liverpool city and bayern but who cares about them ayee.
  10. Who caress. Juventus winning scudetto and napoli choking on a bbc.
  11. if messi wasnt that greedy and instead passed to Gomes. Gomes could have set Suarez for goal and get an assist. Look at here look at here blah blah. that nigguhs analyze is so shit lmao.

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