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  1. Such a great year. I lost the counts of my shiny encounters. But today i found another one. Finaly got my shiny Ralts.
  2. wtf if points diff doesnt go before then why is it a group stage in first place....
  3. @xiaolinggg Yeh don't pay bro! I 100% support u. You even tagged them?? And still no respond. my man you should ask them to sent you big yens to compensate their disrespekk towards u. 1.5m each should be fine i think. Justice for Xiao
  4. No he is right. If he asks for a response. He beter get a response. Don't pay bro. I support u. Justice for xiao
  5. IGN: Kanzo Country: Netherlands/USA TIERS: ALL POKEMMO TIERS
  6. Can you explain the 1 round of a cc? thing is i know a lot of players who still play only cuz of officials and thats the only time they come online. Cuz This game grinding for new mons as a pvp player is already cancer. pvp players literally have to dedicate 50%+ of their days to just grind to get 1-2 new mons. Not even mentioning the stupid high prices on tms. Sometimes u lose money worth a new comp by fixing the moveset. All this is allready cancer enough and now to have this suggestions of playing cc ranked so u can enter an official tourney will kill a lot of players that are still playing only for officials. edit: So i suggest to have them add new type of tourneys that only ranked and winners of cc can enter and still keep the current ones.
  7. how about people who dont wanna play shitty cc and rankeds but still have a chance of playing officials for shiny?
  8. How does this work? Why they stay in uu?
  9. Team Name: KingCheerios Team Tag: LYLE Registered Players: Pachima, DoubleJ, Dementer ,HidalGold, Waaynee, SenjutSuka, NikhilR, Kanzo, Artemiseta, Goldeneyes, Yangsam, BurntZebra, Forfost, Team Captain: Kanzo
  10. i'll take for only 1st match if u down?
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