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  1. They won fair and square. but its funny how most barca fans are now standing up again like they gonna win everything by just winning vs a little struggling juventus. The team im most scared of right now is PSG. they look really scary now.
  2. lol when people think barca is good again. xD They were playing against a 60 years old barzagli with an amateur benatia. Just wait til bentancur bernardeschi develop and find the syngery with the rest of the team. And ofc when lord chielini is back with hopefully a new talent CD. Barca wont get to finals of CL this season 100% sure.
  3. PARAGON Let's talk.

  4. PARAGON Let's talk.

    Hey guys lets talk about Paragon. I won't promote Paragon and tell you what it is and link videos here cuz that's not allowed. So. Firstly, tell us a little about yourself with this form. Paragon name(s): PS4/PC: Main Position(s): Favourite Hero(s): Elo: My fav hero on my fav role Jungle/Offlane
  5. @yangsam Im available tonight to fight the arcanine after 10-11pm gmt+2 Donate to my vs yang fight pls
  6. Just let me know when Mihawk is online im free tomrrow all day.
  7. Paco builds my UU team. Something u guys wont ever have and sometimes Bloo gives that magical touch to my teams. Yeh something u guys wont ever have.
  8. Me vs Mihawk Brack Friday Bunduru 2-3 am gmt+2
  9. I suggest to start PSL season 9 drafting Host Manager and shit. Fu ck this finals. So broing nobody cares anymore.
  10. [PSL 8] Semifinals

    I can link u chats on discord where i offered kamimi some doubles pokes but he refused and breed 2-3 pokes he used vs luispocho. didnt wanna use mine cuz he wanted diff evspread. like marowak he wanted bulky hp and att . Guy srs was breeding pokes for his doubles.

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