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  1. atleast take off the gift ribbon so people can sell that garbage
  2. Team Name:Kings Team Tag: LYLE Registered Players: Kingbowser, Raaidn, Destructx, Yangsam, JSTUD, KaynineXL, NikhilR, Rhastaman, Fishtickles, Qbeertje, TheBloo, Goldeneyes, DoubleJJJJ, ShadowGary, Kizhaz, Musica, Artemiseta, Eggroll, BurntZebra, Gypsy, CATHFSH, Kanzo.
  3. 350k sweet 350k Pachim 1st game only
  4. Oh u talking about the other french uguu. That one i never wanted to pay even said so. Man i was straight forward af. “200k only if i win” still takes That guy got me in end pay my team mate for being nice
  5. There was 1 french uguu trying to be funny so i decided not to pay the 25-50k bet. But in end he apologized and i paid. and nah idc but be straightforward
  6. bruhh stop wasting my time... Just say u wont pay me and be straight forward like Sweet did
  7. Fff this guy lmao. I knew u would bring this up lmao. Anyway u cant just assume someone will pay for u. Pay me or just say u wont so u can get on the blacklist dont try save ur ass the cheap way bro.
  8. 250k MKNS and 250k Zigh 1st match win.
  9. 300k Sweet vs Sejuani game 1
  10. 300k on Sweet Game 2. 300k on pachima
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