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  1. these damn fucking nerds finding shinys while sending out a shiny SMD SMH fak this game man
  2. football is played with eleven only bro unless ur Barcelona then 12
  3. kingbowser raaidn nikhilr Thebloo Doublejjjj Yangsam KaynineXL BurntZebra xDestructionz Axxelgor/Gazelli/CATFSH Kanzo fakk all of u
  4. I only want Jovi and only jovi no one else </3
  5. IGN: Kanzo Tiers: all singles PSL 13 week 1 when?
  6. In game name: Kanzo In Ya Moms Bed: Daddy Where is firelion?
  7. Put me in coach Shiny bagon dubs tourney semiss solid dubss ever seen playah #ifzighdidntstopthosguydefiezzshinybagonwinnerprobsthebestdubsplayereverseenthatcanadaptsupahfasttoanymetaandwreckanyplayahbtwkickedGBWAEDtogowintheshinybagonbutagainthatstupidspanishguyzighstoppedhimPLAYER
  8. next wc imma be vlaamse rechts buiten
  9. Kanzo

    Quick Wishlist

    come on donkeys give us more pre made team boxes for each tiers come on i cant wait that llong imma die soon to corona WTFFF
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