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  1. Came here for the indian music! Not sure why u typed so many Letters. But thnx love u too bro.
  2. Kanzo

    Pokémon GO

    wow reallyy? amaaaazinggg man.
  3. Argentina is just being stupid! It's all politics in their squad now!!!
  4. It's confirmed PBL is the toughest league in the world. No doubt! And man how i enjoyed Liverpool smashing that cheating bastards of UEFALONA! Now thats the greatest comeback in history of new ERA CL! NO PENALTYS NO DIVING NO BS CALLS FROM REFS! YEHH for all the stupid barca fans! THIS IS A COMEBACK! URS WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AS FRAUDE!
  5. It's time to get Arya killed. Come on Pokemmo devs implement this in next episode! Can't believe how this wet little girl AGAIN ruins the show with such an easy cheap kill. Seriously the only thing that isnt realistic in this entire show is how OVERPOWERED this little girl is FFS. fucking hell! BTW anyone know where i can ride dragons?
  6. Maybe it's because nobody follows Udinese squad maybe thats why everyone easy recognise Juve B and not Half Udinese team...
  7. Juve B 4-1 Udinese Feels good
  8. Kanzo


    I do teaching in making themes for some couple of years now. Lessons are in group but can also be in private. i prefer private. And costs 25k pre lesson. DM me!
  9. you need 1 special wall 2 pshycal walls and at least one wall breaker! for mor details to this DM me.
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