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  1. Yo kanzo bro, what is your availability for this week? I would like to play like Thursday or so, is it ok for u?

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    2. Arimanius


      well if you're available after 10pm gmt+2 it works even better for me too, I just can't do early than 9pm gmt+2 since I'm at work at those hours

    3. Kanzo


      Are you also at work in weekends arround those times?

    4. Arimanius


      Not at all but since you're 6 hours ahead of me most of those hours are really early to me, I could do it after 15 gmt+2

      could do it even a bit early but no promisesĀ 

  2. Why is everyone so annoying against Jon. my godd
  3. @yangsam vs sparkie 50k on sparkie
  4. Seriously worst week/month of my entire life. First Appie Nouris accident and now this outrageous transfer. WTF is going on here on this stupid planet. It's just doesnt make sense. If he went to City or Chelsea i would understand. He can still play CL and shit but fu c king Milan? Why would u take a step back???
  5. The Game Of Throne strategies so nasty
  6. It's so cute how Milan is trying to stop Juventus from winning Serie A title again.
  7. IGN: Kanzo Tiers: UUUUUUUUU pls UUUU and OU NU and Doubles and SM OU sometimes dpp. Timezone: GMT +1
  8. @BurntZebra It's time to show the world the black and white balls between ur legs. Gib activity win pls
  9. Stop using this pls. breaks my heart.
  10. 1.3k Monkeys another win this week.
  11. @DFire vs me now
  12. Me vs ZDFire any time soon. arround 8 pm gmt
  13. OnMyWayToFhukYourBoyFrend
  14. Sometimes i cry in shower to hide it.