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  1. Maybe it's because nobody follows Udinese squad maybe thats why everyone easy recognise Juve B and not Half Udinese team...
  2. Juve B 4-1 Udinese Feels good
  3. Kanzo


    I do teaching in making themes for some couple of years now. Lessons are in group but can also be in private. i prefer private. And costs 25k pre lesson. DM me!
  4. you need 1 special wall 2 pshycal walls and at least one wall breaker! for mor details to this DM me.
  5. I follow everything you post and do. I love your trustworthy source of information. Most honest guy on this game! Keep all the good work up. o7 PS: Do more interviews (Maybe a new LYLE serie?) or maybe a part 2 of the Old generation of LYLE guys??
  6. 1st: 2013 2: 2015 3: 2014
  7. That looks like a fifa stats xdxdxd Isnt football lovely?? xdxdxd
  8. Fhookk Jose!!!! anyway this should be a big lesson for Juve players to finish their 100% chances!!
  9. LOL it was more interesting watching kloppp hahaha
  10. when someone takes opponents shirt arm or shoulder means he is going in battle to get em off the ball. That totally depends on how he does it! But tripping someone on purpose thats a whole different story i get it how its a yellow card but i also get it why this referee at this time of the moment gave him a red card.
  11. That whole VAR thing is a problem. Sure some errors happens doesnt mean he has to allow other errors! I think the whole process of becoming a referee should change and the whole course should change so Serie A can get logical and rational referees that can decide fast fair and easy decisions so the game keeps its pace and balance. fuck the var and fuck that whole system! it's just brings in more problems and fraud imo. and again great deseciion to give nuytinck red card! He did it on purpose! u cant make someone trip on purpose ur playing footbal!
  12. it was blood red card! u can't just trip someone cuz u know it's a yellow card! threat or no threat, violent or not! sometimes Referee needs to be logical and rational! Best decision i've ever witnessed from a referee! wished i could see more such decisions against teams like Real, Barca etc! 100% sure 75% of their games would have different scores.
  13. disssrespecc the boss looks!!! this ment like this bro!
  14. Kanzo

    Cancel button

    How would it make it slower?? There is still this timer players have...
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