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  1. IGN: Kanzo Country: Spain/Holland Tiers: OU UU NU LC
  2. All u had to do is remind me like that other loser. But since u went straight for this. I aint pay shit now. Sia loser.
  3. bro ur a loser how u dare to link me this. dont u have any type of pride? anyway whats ur ign? can share some of this psl money! sia loser
  4. Omfgg hypee aff matchess. This defi worth the fucking finalss. Can u guys imagine if lava went to finals with rng...... Fucking lets goooo v4!!!!
  5. Bro what is soon? U sound like kyu with the new update announcements...
  6. And me when that happens:
  7. Bro chill man. I am benched week 6....
  8. Betting thread Mikasa vs stelian Week 5 Mikasa vs stelian Whole forum mentioned Mikasa vs stelian -----‐--------------------------------- Mikasa next day: 1mil me vs whoever my opponent is Jajajajajjajajajaja
  9. Is this a typical team lava syndrome? The need to explain themself? Bro i said i fukin luv it. Fak that sia scum up!!
  10. It's the "who ever my opponent is" For me Sounds so damn cool and arrogant. Fukin luv it!
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