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  1. Tamex

    new mayor of pokemmo BESTFRIENDS

  2. Tamex

    General Visual Novel Thread

    About to finish FSN Unlimited Blade Works it's pretty beast
  3. Tamex

    Fire Emblem Heroes

  4. Tamex

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    trash pulls no waifu
  5. Tamex

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Pulled Jaffar is he good -HP +ATK
  6. Tamex

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    first multi summon are these any good
  7. Tamex

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    First 3 summons Lissa Saizo Beruka All 3 star is this good
  8. Tamex

    First team you ever joined?

  9. Tamex

    [Screenshot] Secret Base Showcase Thread

    Very nice bases people
  10. Tamex

    What is Your Goal in This Game

    All pokemans shiny [spoiler]4 warning points[/spoiler]
  11. Tamex

    Best IV'ed Wild Pokemon Encounter?

    pretty good grats

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