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  3. Requested an order and it was fulfilled very quickly! Highly recommend 💪
  4. I love the nickname for your shedinja, and it's really cool seeing a shiny in a dark grass encounter!
  5. same as my forum name, SaKuRaluv! same as my forum name, SaKuRaluv!
  6. 7 - SaKuRaluv thank you keyys ❤️
  7. I'm new to this but take (as in xNotYourFriend will win) take (as in xNotYourFriend will win)
  8. yo gg Blood how many encounters was that? lol your curse has been lifted
  9. Date: Saturday, 2nd April 2022 Time: 19:00 UTC | 15:00 ET | 16:00 BRT | 20:00 CET | Time Zone Converter Location: Kanto Indigo Plateau (outside Elite 4), Channel 1 Rules: You must be a team member of AIR. Battles will be singles format with each participant using 4 Untiered PvP Tier Pokemon under standard PvP clauses (Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO). Participants are allowed to modify teams in between battles (e.g. change mons and items). If the opponent is not ready within 5 minutes of the match start time, it will be considered a forfeiture. The bracket will be determined by a random generator and is double elimination (i.e. it takes 2 losses to be eliminated from the tournament). In the event of a loss a participant will enter the loser's bracket. The overall winner of the loser's bracket will fight the winner of the winner's bracket. A win against the winner of the winner's bracket will reset the bracket, and the winner of the loser's bracket must win one more time in order to get first place). Host: SaKuRaluv Sponsor: Masterkeyys - $2,000,000 1st Place Prize - Xairol $1,000,000 2nd Place Prize - xJani $500,000 3rd Place Prize - PCoookie $300,000 4th Place Prize - urCute $200,000 + Futou (Light Violet) Note there has been movement in the extremely popular Untiered PvP Tier! To UU from Untiered: Toxicroak To NU from Untiered: Ninjask Magneton Alomomola Serperior Braviary To Untiered from NU: Sceptile Exeggutor Aerodactyl Seismitoad Honchkrow Altaria Thank you everyone for participating!!!
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