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  1. Artemiseta

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    Artemiseta tiers: dubs obvously the best tier. Can NU or ou if needed. Can play any showdown tier, which I would prefer over NU or ou. preference order dubs showdown nu ou time zone east coast USA fluff: category 4 maybe 5 hurricane gonna hit in the next day or two so if I go missing for a week it’s cause power struggle
  2. Artemiseta

    Football discussion thread

    I disagree with Suso being over rated. I think he is predictable but not super over rated. His job honestly is not to score. His assists should be higher but that requires a competint striker. verattti I think is not over rated but rather terribly injury prone but his passes are fantastic when he was youth at Pescara I think he was not a shooter he would set it up on a platter
  3. Artemiseta

    Football discussion thread

    Yes it is cause it’s sad Arsenal can’t defend properly
  4. Artemiseta

    Football discussion thread

    So what’s wrong with West Ham they have good players but my do they not know how to play together on a side note. Juve are losing in Ronaldo’s first match typical juve comeback in 94th minute to win... no Ronaldo goals though
  5. Artemiseta

    Football discussion thread

    Copa Italia? I wouldn’t know why it’s like to play in it this early. but at least it was against my boys in benevento
  6. Artemiseta

    NFL fantasy american football league

    Think fine
  7. Artemiseta

    NFL fantasy american football league

    Kimi what time then? Just have to make sure I’m not at work. Tho can just do draft from there if needed
  8. Artemiseta

    Football discussion thread

    Will is not the question. The real question is how long will he last into the year
  9. Artemiseta

    MMO FPL fantasy draft r2

    Ok cool. I’m exploring the site. Looking for formations area and such found it. Weekly scoring are we against each other or just accumulating points like the table
  10. Artemiseta

    MMO FPL fantasy draft r2

    In. What are team requirements out of curiosity can figure out on fly tho
  11. Artemiseta

    Football discussion thread

    Wonderful is it the 3rd year already? Time to fall apart
  12. Artemiseta

    Football discussion thread

    So does anyone know what on earth is happening at United? No one wants to go there and no apparently pogba wants out. i swear if Juve take pogba too I will cry. I read Barca interested but I don’t think he fits their play style that well
  13. Artemiseta

    NFL fantasy american football league

    I think jj can’t do this weekend
  14. Artemiseta

    Fantasy Premier League draft

    Should totally host another draft using other format with the money so those that missed could be in some league @DoctorPBC
  15. Artemiseta

    NFL fantasy american football league

    Kimi could we have a bye week like last year? I’m all for having as many people as possible who are we missing from last year? Orange maybe

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