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  1. Veratti going the other way is scarier imo you know that's how they gonna spend that money also maybe on courtino
  2. Great deal. His son is in a Milan hospital and wife said not to go abroad my heart goes out to the Ajax player
  3. The fall of Juve has begun
  4. I don't like Kalinic either would prefer Celtics dembele for the fee that fiorintina are asking bacca and de sciglio will both leave barca had the first say from when they let him go to Everton so activating the clause would happen with or without his say in the matter
  5. Delu had buy back from barca for 12 m not a damn thing to do for it i didnt like pasalic he would pop up for a goal on occasion but disappeared a lot
  6. Think we are planning on selling him for the money we then can promote plizzari I think who is 19 and is very good as well, but he needs another year to improve some more and get experience. The market for a backup goalie wasn't that good this year and we need to sort out other positions. Easier to give 6 m this year then sell for 100m next season. as for the brother deal it is not a problem we did the same think for kaka when he can over and several others... read the official reports of the 13m offer from psg we had to ofefer big if he stays then I might be a bit more annoyed but we also need that 60m from champions league for ffp regulations and he gives us the best chance to do so. 2 35 meter goals were damn goals the one against Spain not a goalie in the world would have saved that.
  7. Meh I am fine with it. 50 mil if we don't qualify for cl 100 mil if we do. Better than letting go for free psg suck they offered him 13 m per year plus bonuses and villas which he rejected
  8. @RysPicz
  9. raai won
  11. me and @raaidn 3 pm est tomorrow
  12. @raaidn yo man inbox full or something im free all week at a reasonable time not Saturday unless after tt can maybe do Sunday but would rather not leave message on forums or in team message
  13. Me and @Gunthug in around an hour
  14. Raiola has had that deal in place with Juve for 6 months he has been hinting at it that long could also have a deal with Manchester united as he did with Pogba and Mourinho
  15. oh please we all know Raiola has corrupt under the table deal with Juve...