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  1. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Did he honestly use swift
  2. Tier council?

    Thought NU could Handel it when it initially dropped I believe at the time both hitmontop and poliwrath were NU and tangela was much more prevent in the meta and so could be more reliably checked and eventually revenge killed (forget the other mon I used to check it at the time) omastar if you look has about the same stats as gorebyss. It has more health by 15 and 15 more defense 1 more special attack as 3 more speed 5 less sp def. in addition Gor has less weaknesses like ground and fighting and no x4 weakness in grass while still having electric Gor is stilling at a whopping 1.06% usage so imo at least it deserves a test
  3. Tier council?

    Plz u just didn't type in which one first obvously both had to go. 10/10 think u guys in ou at the time we're dealing with lax still we were on our own at that point jj and I did our best and were right in the end inb4 bring back Zard to UU as well lol edit @BurntZebra head is flooded too much school kids... I hate lockers what else was there for gartr I know I missed something
  4. Tier council?

    Do not use rhydon as an example it was tested it was broken to such a degree at its hard to imagine and put into words the calcs are mind boggling literally nothing can switch in @BurntZebra or @DoubleJ can confirm this still think we were right to ban Zard first tho zebra as for feraligatr it is a bigger bulkier crawdaunt with better speed tier, sets and doesn't not carry the drawback of dark typing to be revenge killed by Mach punch
  5. Unofficial football discussion thread coming from 4f

    @londark maxi lopez not the worst striker buy.... I give you Alessandro Matri
  6. Unofficial football discussion thread coming from 4f

    A moments silence as its that time of the season when Arsenal have no hope
  7. Unofficial football discussion thread coming from 4f

    Predictions A- benfica and united B- Bayern and PSG poor Celtic and anderlelecht both good in own league and this is the reward C- Chelsea and Roma. Atletico can't get any players until after group stage ends. D- Juve and Barca lucky rest of group is trash E- Sevilla and Liverpool F- Napoli and City. G- RP Leipzig and Monaco H- Real Madrid and Dortmund can anyone slow do the juggernaut that is Real? I give u Dortmund who did it the past what 3 years
  8. Unofficial football discussion thread coming from 4f

    Anyone else not surprised at Chelsea and atletico in same group and Juve and barca btw that ez draw for United and Liverpool and to an extent city
  9. DoubleJ Presents... Featured Fights!

    Ide probably be game at some point
  10. Unofficial football discussion thread coming from 4f

    His brother who plays in German league srry
  11. Unofficial football discussion thread coming from 4f

    Everyone and their mother know who barca going for. The prices gonna skyrocket for the players lucky to get 1 of the 2 main targets and then someone for 30m. This is only accounting for Neymar money tho. They could go after hazard would be interesting and relatively cheap to be paired with dembele (can't spell that) could also try and snag Lemar or Muniain or Williams 10/10 would support Milan going for hazard or Muniain as a winger that we need especially when Niang goes also Kalinic is a no. Plz try Immobile or Celtics Dembele
  12. NFL Fantasy Football League!

    Ign: Artemiseta team name: Baltimore blastoise have 350k in game farming rest now
  13. NFL Fantasy Football League!

    if I can farm up 500k ill be down
  14. [UU Discussion] Haunter

    That is not how tiring works though i can't link from iPhone but there's a tiring etiquette by senile to read
  15. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    am wins 2-0 gg sween

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