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  1. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Superman? No response yet
  2. Me vs @Bfu Saturday morning exact time to follow
  3. IGN: artemiseta country: usa tiers: doubles
  4. Team Name: KingCheerios Team Tag: LYLE Registered Players: Artemiseta, NikhilR, Senjutsuka, Demeter, BurntZebra, Kanzo, DoubleJ, Pablobacas Team Captain: Artemiseta
  5. Liverpool lost 2-0 to red star...
  6. This match is on now inter and Barca is later
  7. @londark @RysPicz @Kanzo @Tranzmaster anyone watching the Liverpool game?
  8. Lol I know cause I followed after what they did to Milan
  9. Londark I would agree except imo studs raked down the caf with the ball 3 yards in front so I thought violent. If like a tug ide agree
  10. @londark <3 with love if course
  11. I disagree with Suso being over rated. I think he is predictable but not super over rated. His job honestly is not to score. His assists should be higher but that requires a competint striker. verattti I think is not over rated but rather terribly injury prone but his passes are fantastic when he was youth at Pescara I think he was not a shooter he would set it up on a platter
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