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  1. You have to use special accounts for it!
  2. Look here, i don't want any bloody arguments on my thread, i want positive thinking here.
  3. You have to bring the lucky egg with it with a Chansey.
  4. The point of this thread is to post the funniest, closest and most intense battles you've ever had on PokeMMO.   Good luck.
  5. You have to empty your party before you join.
  6. My Idea: Luck Hunting   My idea is a tournament based around hunting for Lucky Eggs. The most lucky person to find the most Lucky Eggs in given time wins!   This tournament shows tests skill in determination, rage keeping and of course your luck. (Yes, before you ask luck is a skill.)    This tournament which i, Master Shrew has come up with will and can only be placed in the Safari Zone (since you can only find Chansey which has the Lucky Egg in the Safari Zone).   Please give constructive feed back to me, Master Shrew, so i won't make the same mistake as i have made this time if i have made any. I hope i will see this tournament happening sometime later on. See you at the games.   Inc.Team Plasma
  7. Hey PokeMMO community my name is Shrew and you can guess from my name my favourite Pokemon is Sandshrew. This is the second forum on the internet so i hope it would be a lot better than that "Noob" generator forum called Guild Wars 2...   You will probably see me involved in quite a bit of conflict while i'm here since i'm a very opinionated person.   The things i hate that i'd like you to know is that i hate... maybe hate is to much of a weak word.... i despise it when people talk "L337" or put any number in their word when it's supposed to be a letter or say the word "noob" genuinely.   I hope on this forum we will all get along and i will try to keep myself out of conflict for the first week atleast. So my name is Shrew! REMEMBER MY NAME!!!
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