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  1. Hue [spoiler]Hue[spoiler]Hue[spoiler]Hue[spoiler]Hue[/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]
  2. Me character:Overcoat Black,Hoodblack,cambover red,red wings,sunglasses. Pokemon:Coylster
  3. Whats rong withh you :)
  4. Wanna fight the hole day?
  5. So i can do this the hole day what oyu do :/
  6. ik im not dumb but you sucks too bro:P
  7. Shiny vaporeon and shiny eevee
  8. pokemon:Shiny pidgeot and shiny fearow Text:Hitmanx the golden birth IGN:hitmanx i find an donate and add me
  9. these is an signature [img]http://www.onlinesignature.in/im/31-08-13/1890368733223407310813.png[/img] or this[img]http://www.onlinesignature.in/im/31-08-13/1975249878063507310813.png[/img] but [color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica] Frosslass, Flareon, Dragonair, Murkrow, Manectric, Cacturne[/font][/color] is impossible for me
  10. desc of character hood black sunglasses black overcoat cape with vaporeon
  11. pokemon:vaporeon,kabutops,lanturn, gyrados,starmie,aerodactly. character:an guy with green spiked hair with pure black overcoat skin 1 text:hitmanx
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