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  1. Hey aren't you that one guy

  2. But I'm already doing tha- heeeeeeeey wait a minute were you referring to us?
  3. Lurking and checking in on this thread like 5x a day is too much work already
  4. With hoenn confirmed I wonder if we'll finally get those 2 frames of animation that Emerald has, and if so animated moemon pls
  5. I can has aero pls

  6. I think some of those (If not as bases) could be great inspiration for other Moemon   Anyway keep up the great work :)
  7. Oh so like pressing 1-7 would also switch tabs, but holding it and clicking would function for the switch? That sounds neat too.
  8. My hotkey suggestion for making quickly switching the boxes of your pokemon faster:   1-7 + Click   1,2,3,4,5,6,7 representing the various boxes.
  9. Why is half this thread typos or misspellings or bad grammar.   It's supposed to be things noobs say, not "Shit anybody regardless of experience in PokeMMO could be found saying."
  10. hey u start drawing in the drawing bad contest now

  11. I don't have it any longer but it was just a screenshot of a few people in pallet town to send to my buddy and exclaim that it was in fact a real game and that people played it.
  12. You cannot comprehend the true nature of Giygas's retaliation

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Paula


      Paula took 224 damage!

    3. EarthboundJeff


      Jeff began to cry!

    4. Poo


      Poo took 10 damage! Poo collapsed.

  13. PK FIRE!

    1. Paula


      Paula prayed from the bottom of her heart!

    2. EarthboundJeff


      Jeff used a bottle rocket!

    3. Poo


      Poo used PSI Starstorm Ω!

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