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  1. Done ^^ now.. where’s the frosting ;~;
  2. I’ll piece you one piece of chocolate for a cupcake? Done deal. c:
  3. Why not just keep the ability pill and gamble/choose if multiple choices.
  4. I do have to ask, why would they implement a HA pill?
  5. Hello. if it’s something that concerns you, I’d suggest changing password to be safe. You can also fill this out if you want. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ - Have a good day ^^
  6. %100 agree with this. Quite a bother, especially if they don’t understand the trade terms before initiating. so you’ll ultimately gotta cancel, and it’s a frustration for everyone that no one wants. please add. ^^
  7. PokeMMO has bugs on my phone. Whenever I'm playing well, the audio stops and usually only comes back if I quit the game and start again (and my network is 80mb and has a great signal). Can anyone answer me this? Note: My phone is a Redmi Note 7 - for future reference make sure to include a English translation. this has been translated by google. Hello, there are many bugs on the Android version. i would suggest listening to some music, or using a android made mods from https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/33-client-customization/
  8. Fighter, check the post with the hidden content.
  9. Anyone else curious now? no? Just me? Okay.
  10. Use moves like quick attack, extremespeed, sucker punch. - Can also check the Pokémon’s base stats in pokedex to see if you can outspeed it! ^^
  11. Hey all ^^ we want to see some food from around the world. May it be diabetes, drinks or just drool worthy food.
  12. @Teddi thoughts? i think it’s a nice suggestion on both sides but I don’t see it needing to continue on discussion before it gets unhealthy ^^
  13. Kupokun

    A Kabuto

    Might like to include a price or nearest offer for what you’re expecting. Unless you’re unsure?
  14. Okay people, At this point I don’t see the point of going further. Excellent debating I must say, it’s a beautiful suggestion from the mind. ~But at this point we’re going to go on forever, so please leave it at that. thank you. ^^
  15. Loving the Pokémon partners, truly inspirational. ^^
  16. English translation for future purpose: Hello, how can I change the season of the year in the game? my game is always in autumn and it doesn't change.
  17. For sure, this is probably the one Pokémon game I keep going back to over the years. Got that home vibe to it. c:
  18. That’s all well & good, but how is anyone gonna return those rentals? I suppose it could have similar mechanism to “legendary” but even then, it’s gotta be owned from someone. good luck. But doesn’t sound all that bad. ^^
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