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  1. so boys, do we tell him the difference now about doubles or later? 🤔
  2. gratz to all the winners, enjoy your presents. and thank you seth & fixed for hosting! 💖
  3. damn our hero is getting defeated by the likes of eviolite & toxic stall, how dare they do that to mr satan! 💀 if only we had kings rock flinch,, right caio?
  4. if you add cursed body in with that mix, i'll settle with a yes.
  5. my man, Tork isn't just a weather setter much like the other setters. if you played any of the official/fan games or tiers you would know that weather vs weather is universally known, may the better player win. Heracross + Darm can't mix, Especially sun teams. Just like Meltdown explained, Hera is suitable in rain teams. i know this because i've run it in rain to deal with Jelli/Cofa/Reuni with some support of the team, while not limited: helps put pressure on intimidate/ opposing weather setter mons, fun fact tork is one of the setters that can force heracross out, the rest either die or too slow without item or stat drop specifics/modifications.
  6. Merry Christmas to all of the staff & the community, here's to 2022! 🍻
  7. IGN: KupokunMotivation: i'm being forced too.PSL seasons in which you participated as a player: Previous one.PSL seasons in which you participated as a manager: none, asides Past Psl where i reached quarter finals as manager. (Vamos Haxed Togekiss)
  8. IGN: Kupokun Time Zone (UTC format): UTC+11 Tiers: All of them. Fluff: Was in previous PSL, Team PSLs & World cups, it'll be a mistake putting me on bench for LC.
  9. I cannot begin to stress the amount of pain from reading this. In what universe are you having 1v1 with Weavile/Infernape vs Cloyster in any match where the opponent isn't using cloyster very late game to win by rng factor and isn't already +1 shell smash'd? I have played nearly 200 games this season in OU and on my climb have noticed more King's rock Cloyster then I'd like to admit, usually with Jellicent/Gengar in the same team preview if it doesn't have Electrode, OU itself is playable, but these cases are certainly not. You cannot counter it without giving up 2 or more Pokémon unless you happen to not get flinched. the only handle I've got for this is Kabutops & Ferrothorn. There is nothing wrong with someone's playstyle if they wish to play Stall/Balanced, that's a you problem. Fishing for RNG to win outside of some exceptions (Being the issue is the item, Not a ability/move/Pokémon factor) is not a playstyle good sir. Just to smear this into your brain - +2 252+ Atk Cloyster Icicle Spear (5 hits) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Ferrothorn: 215-260 (61 - 73.8%) -- approx. 2HKO after Leftovers recovery. ~ What do you think happens if i get flinched without Kabutops on the field? right, I lose the game because some clown decided to throw some random Cloyster into a team where it makes no sense at all to be in that team just for the RNG chance to win. But let's just say i'm bad and should be able to deal with it because that's what i'm reading from you're saying. I don't think you play enough OU, Because opponents are running Sash Gengar for example, once its on 1-34% they'll switch and sac that for a chance to completely struggle your choice locked Pokémon, Giving them one or even two moves in some cases to free set up with Conk/Scizor etc. Some examples that would be choice locked are Kingdra/Ttar/Rotom. But for good measure, let's just say you can throw in a hazard to put a end to that. ~ Now, how do we deal with Jellicent? it's extremely bulky, Can Toxic/Willo/Scald you and Has access to Taunt/Hex/Recovery. and at any given time it can activate Cursed Body, Even if you're behind a Substitute. Could be wrong, but pretty sure Cursed body activation has a 30% chance to activate, Imagine fishing for that to prevent Priority or Choice locked mons to set up, you legitimately can't counter it. then you're stuck loss of momentum or your only chance to win. And no, I'm not asking for some Bulbapedia explanation of how to counter Cursed Body Or some Very obvious Counters to Jellicent. I'm talking about the Activation of Cursed Body and how it affects the game, quickly turning the tides of the match. And to your little comment about the guys that use stall for the secondary effect from moves "RNG" like Burn/Freeze, that's different so please learn that, I think it might of been Pachi that has said it before but i'm sure anyone here will tell you the differences from Secondary move effects to something like Cursed Body, or they given up at this rate.
  10. Lineup Name: Team Goat #1 Player: DragoVertex Player: Tuuh Player: Atlewis Player: BigProfit Player: Evxsion Captain: Kupokun
  11. the real imposter is @Rache - can't change my mind.
  12. We're celebrating Halloween! Start of event Monday 18th October End of event Sunday 31st October , 11:59 PM UTC Theme Halloween/Pokémon related. Where to submit In the Phoenix server there will be a channel called #Halloween-art-event, You can post your submission there. How do we decide the winner? For this event we have 2 judges who will discuss the submissions. We will judge on creativity, quality of the drawings and how well it fits the theme. Rules Phoenix members and Friends of Phoenix are allowed to participate in the event. You are only allowed to submit 1 entry. Be sure you want this drawing as entry before submitting in #Halloween-art-event on our Phoenix server. You can use templates found from the internet but the drawing you submit must been made by you. Any version of drawing is allowed, whether that's digital/paper etc (You must include you IGN somewhere on your art piece) Rewards 1st Place Prize Gentle Shiny Male Mienshao 6 - 25 - 20 - 26 - 31 - 24  2nd Place Prize Crook & Flail Exclusive Halloween event 2020 3rd Place Prize Spider's web particle effect Host and Judges @Susume @Kupokun
  13. You already explained you ain't doing it based on Eric's comment & this isn't a official staff/TC post so without doubt will have derailed comments. You don't follow the metric we have because the ladder players as explained as mostly who played the most (i'm sure there are many who are genuinely trying to improve, good for them) then what the heck are you doing munya?
  14. Munya got click baited, amazing! looks good dude.
  15. waking up and seeing Suigin make this kid break a sweat is worth living for, if that isn't then i don't know what is. So far we only got a few check cores if i'm reading correctly? Credits to Havsha and Sebat so far though, looking at Sigil seems pretty solid choice but would be situational, considering you need to be full health - +2 252 Atk Life Orb Lucario Extreme Speed vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Sigilyph: 127-151 (86.3 - 102.7%) -- 18.8% chance to OHKO Don't think it's worth investing def into, but could be wrong. have seen some set with Flame Orb Pyscho Shift running in OU before as well which could benefit if the opponent's not buffed.
  16. Celebrating the release of Random Battles! Details Best of three | 6v6 Random Battles | [ENIX] Server-wide Event Date & Time/Location Friday, 24th September. 4PM UTC | Viridian Kanto ch.4 | Time Converter Registration You will get pinged one hour prior to this event, DM the host once you receive it & they will put you into bracket. Remember this is Best of Three & you need to be in the [ENIX] Server. Host @Kupokun @ImTheWalrusHere @SebbyKunnn 1st Place Prize 500k 2nd Place Prize 250k 3rd-4th Place Prize 100k
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