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  1. I’d highly doubt after the sinnoh release and lunar event mash together But we can always hope! ^^
  2. Sometimes they don’t want to be known either. ^^
  3. Hello ^^ so yes that’ll be fantastic, but as fighter said we need other implements like team member increase. -Side note would love to see teams get polished & more features for teams. The potential is there, I have hope!
  4. Please be a little more patient, I’m sure someone will get to you soon enough ^^
  5. Kupokun

    Howdy =)

    Welcome to this fantastic community! I’m Kupokun, feel free to ask anything if you see this moogle wondering around! ^^
  6. Welcome back, enjoy your stay ^^
  7. An alliance system would be amazing, more successful teams supporting the high achieving teams. Oh gosh, sounds like a dream. ^^
  8. Togekiss can be deadly, but also spam. But either way, it’s a beautiful Pokémon ^^ my #1 choice.
  9. Kupokun

    Quick Wishlist

    a simple increase on team member limit, please? ^^
  10. With great power, comes great responsibility.
  11. Kupokun


    Hello, welcome to the forums!
  12. It varies, and not commonly seen on gtl often. If it is, it ain’t long before someone buys them. Don’t quote me on this but between the 1.4-1.8M range. I often buy 500RP and sell between 650-900k.
  13. Easy, they are cheap enough luckily to buy. breed them! ^^
  14. I mean.. if you got that many RP vouchers, why not just sell them to buy them? ^^
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