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  1. IGN: Previously Kupokun, now it's xGula 🙂 Preferred Tiers: All. Competitive accolades: I bring hype matches that either make a lot of players rich or very, very broke. Discord contact: Lone&TamedWolf#5842 Fluff: got accused of being coached for previous LC matches, happy to be a lab rat for my team to test theirs. Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: Go monkey go, also new pictures of pet when?
  2. i said it in discord, but i do believe more hand layer cosmetics would be something worth investing into considering the success of the torch. I'm sure it will be a toss up opinion if they were to re-visit old ones like Scythe like i mentioned prior and have a hand version of it, however do think we need more of those to maximise customization.
  3. so boys, do we tell him the difference now about doubles or later? 🤔
  4. gratz to all the winners, enjoy your presents. and thank you seth & fixed for hosting! 💖
  5. damn our hero is getting defeated by the likes of eviolite & toxic stall, how dare they do that to mr satan! 💀 if only we had kings rock flinch,, right caio?
  6. if you add cursed body in with that mix, i'll settle with a yes.
  7. my man, Tork isn't just a weather setter much like the other setters. if you played any of the official/fan games or tiers you would know that weather vs weather is universally known, may the better player win. Heracross + Darm can't mix, Especially sun teams. Just like Meltdown explained, Hera is suitable in rain teams. i know this because i've run it in rain to deal with Jelli/Cofa/Reuni with some support of the team, while not limited: helps put pressure on intimidate/ opposing weather setter mons, fun fact tork is one of the setters that can force heracross out, the rest either die or too slow without item or stat drop specifics/modifications.
  8. Merry Christmas to all of the staff & the community, here's to 2022! 🍻
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