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  1. Dreaming with Milly! Details: 1 hour catching time | 15 minutes for entry submission This is for anyone within the ENIX server. Location Unova - Route 1 ch.3 Date and Time 9th April, 6pm UTC - Time converter Scoring Highest or Lowest IV score Pokemon accepted as valid entry: - Rules To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit
  2. Welcome back - Enjoy the game & hopefully have a wonderful experience here! Lots have changed since then, so be sure to check everything out.
  3. Hello everyone! Please come take a seat & enjoy some spice for my birthday! or you think you got what it takes? Details Single Format | OU | Single - Elimation | Server-wide | Tournament Mode This is for anyone within the ENIX server. Date & Time Monday, 26th April. 5PM UTC | 5PM GMT | Silph.co Saffron City, Kanto CH.4 ~ Time converter Registration Registration will open 1 hour prior to the tournament, Contact Kupo to register once pinged.
  4. you have got to be kidding me. xD
  5. %100 need this - can see some flaws from it, but doesn't outweigh the pros all that much !
  6. Date & Time Friday 26th March, 6PM UTC - Time Convert Location Pokémon Showdown Showdown + Discord Server of Phoenix How to enter The event is only for players who are in ENIX Discord server. The tier of this tournament will be voted for in the discord and will be announced in it. We are following the Showdown rules. No additional bans. Players need to share the replays of the matches they played in #showdown-replays in the ENIX discord. Registrations will be opened 2 hours before the event. (The registrations n
  7. would strongly suggest joining the official Pokemmo discord - they have a channel dedicated there for helping you understand pvp. ~ https://pokemmo.eu/discord Also if you haven't already, join a pvp team. ^^
  8. i- what?? sounds like setting the game on "impossible" mode for shunters. inb4 particle is called #ShinyRateIsFair Never in my life have despised but wanted something just as badly.
  9. Define "real" players? Do you mean the players that continue to no-life the game afk during non-events + PvP community? Or do you mean the total player count base? on off-peak average would say a guess of at least 10k players everyday, very hard to say for peak times during events. Fortunately Staff don't like to give the correct number as it can discourage players from playing & many more reasons, it's something only shared amongst staff. ^^
  10. Just use Starmie with Nevermeltice or Expert belt - Ice Beam - Surf - Psychic - Thunderbolt Modest or timid, doesn't matter. One move per e4, good luck!
  11. Any well established & active team would have bank with more then 15m minimal. 2m is chump change.
  12. Best of luck - Welcome to the community ! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ^^
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