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  1. Can I just like this post & up-vote the heck out of it?
  2. Who needs matchmaking! [OU] Single Battle |OU Tier| Single - Elimation | [ENIX] | Tournament Mode Date & Time Monday, 17th August | 3PM UTC Location Accumula Town, CH3 Unova. Entry Qualifications and Rules [ENIX] confirm with the hosts before the event deadline [ENIX] members only Each member needs to secure 1 win in order to move onto the next round. This is OU Single elimination. 1st Prize Shiny geodude (male) Docile nature 14/8/16/25/31/12 106 total IV 2nd Prize 250K Team Staff: Kupokun Commissar
  3. Details Single Battle | x3 OU & x3 NU per player | Single - Elimation | [ENIX] & [Pâst] Only | Tournament Mode This is only for the teams above, each player will use 3 OU & 3 NU pokemon per match. Date & Time Saturday, 15th August 12PM UTC | Viridian City CH4 Registration Registrations will open 30 Minutes prior to the tournament, Contact your hosting leader to register. Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / Lower tiers. Hosts: Kupokun Teaar 1st Place Prize 750K 2nd Place Prize 300K 3rd Place Prize 100K
  4. The most recent update to the matchmaking.
  5. Yo, welcome back! I remember you. ^^ enjoy everything that’s changed since then, need any help feel free to ask staff.
  6. Translation from google.. “I scored 2 points in most of the games, only a few games were 3 points. I have never seen 4 points at all. I feel that high-scoring players have no advantage. It is too difficult to change to 1250. Can someone help me translate it?”
  7. Just tested it out after continuously getting feedback on this joke of a update, this isn’t game breaking meta at all, this is forcing players both rookie & advanced level to play a different play style all together, either you need to stall out 40+ turns with the timer, or you need to purposely lose some matches that’s going to affect your W/L score in the long run just in order to get a match to get more points. forget HO, forget Gimmicks, forget strategy. Just straight up stall the turns/timer count per match or click spam opponents in the long run to lose. this is going to impact so many newer players getting into PvP as well, thinking their sets are good when it ain’t going to do shit outside of Matchmaking. also the usage for next month is going to be haywire & possibly inaccurate due to the constant change in sets. on top of all that, with Team tournaments coming up that’s probably all the pvp players will look forward too, what’s next? Un-nerf garchomp/Baton pass/Dugtrio? Go back a step Dev team, this is whacked.
  8. I feel that the update itself wasn’t necessarily needed right this minute either, there’s no doubt the bug reports were impressively large though.. it’s gg to all of the top players, while a big rip to anyone grinding it out on the low ladder end for the rewards, is this a “early bird gets the worm” moment? there’s been so many of the more “casual” players really upset that they couldn’t get a Togekiss, or just about anything they were aiming for. Some might of been simply fulfilment on the end game to complete the rewards section. while on the topside, you can now earn double the rewards which is a bonus. but definitely pissed off a lot of players globally.
  9. I’ll just take your favourite mon with your OT. 30K?
  10. Kupokun


    Welcome to pokemmo ! ~ if you need help feel free to ask the staff members. ^^
  11. Another way to look at it, anyone that wasn’t PvP based, now can be with a selection of tiers to choose from. There’s a reward in that itself, “getting good” is now possible thanks to this update.
  12. Hit me up if this happens. :popcorn:
  13. Hello, have you tried re-logging (fully closing game), Clear your cache or even re-installing the cilent?
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