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  1. Congrats to the winner ~ 1st Crible 2nd Sebbykunnn 3rd DarkerArtz
  2. Vamos Hax'ed Togekiss >:v gracias Tear
  3. Details Single Battle | OU | Single - Elimation | Server-wide | Tournament Mode This is for anyone within the ENIX server. Date & Time Sunday, 17th January 4PM UTC | Floaroma Town ch.4 ~ Time Converter Registration Registrations will open 30 Minutes prior to the tournament, Contact your host to register. Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO Tournament Clauses Explained
  4. Oh hey, another Australian ^^ welcome to the community, if you want any help hit me up or even the staff.
  5. Taunt - Roost - Foul play - knock off. With Rocky Helmet/Leftovers. Can also go Taunt - Roost - Foul play - Brave bird. You want enough speed EVs to out speed breloom, because overcoat isn't affected by Spore & which there you can taunt etc. Roost will help vs non-scarfed Rotom-W as well, you can out speed & use roost so Volt Switch doesn't hurt as much giving momentum. Foul-play, any mon that Dragon Dances/Swords Dance in front of mandi will regret it. Brave Bird, personally don't use it but can be good vs unhealthy Conkk then Mien & Volca. Depends if you want to
  6. Just a heap ton more of different pvp-ready mons spread across the tiers. so far 108..
  7. I would recommend getting rid of Protect on Cofa, using hex or spikes. Pain split works wonders vs Bliss/Chansey & also some conks if they start to bulk up when you below %70. Considering you have leftovers instead of Rocky helmet it should be fine. However you can also try Rocky helm to chip down on those physical attacks but wouldn't do that without some wish support to keep cofa healthy + Pain Split. Don't really know why you got Protect on Exca, Assuming to lock in choice users + scout the move set. Agreed with Think, Mixed Chomp with Scarf doesn't like being locked in 1v1 any
  8. this is definitely something that people want, the stress trying to find a specific match that someone wants you to spectate & manually searching is a pain in the side.
  9. The single most important part.
  10. self-explanatory. "Staff Harassment" with punishment date - meaning permanently banned. Feel free to make a appeal here - https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/67-ban-appeal/ Good luck!
  11. It's very nice, about time for the change! <3
  12. Oh wow! that's rather impressive ^_^
  13. kupo uwu

    1. Kupokun


      Kora UwU <3

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