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  1. +1, not only because it eliminates the need to stare at the tv, but people who don't care enough to stare at the tv (like me) would still have a swarm checker. This should be a thing.
  2. Welcome to the party Kraazy. [spoiler] One of us. One of us. One of us. [/spoiler]
  3. Love this. That would give people a reason to use it too. +1
  4. +1, fishing is almost as uneventful in pokemon as in real life (inb4 hate) What if this were similar to the concept of pokeblocks in the safari from RSE, baits with flavors that attract certain natures? No guarantee of course. Sounds like it would be complicated, but I'm just throwing it out there.
  5. *goes bump in the night* This would be awesome. We can be organized on our own to an extent, but it's like comparing putting a large stack of papers in a drawer, to putting them in color-coded folders, with sticky notes dividing sub-sections in each folder, and then putting them in the drawer. When you're farming and you have about 100+ of the same pokemon to look at, a little change could make a significant difference, and as Atuan said nicknames hardly cover all the specifics. +1  Edit because redundant post was redundant. 
  6. I don't see any downside to this, provided it isn't abusable if a pvp reward system is ever implemented, and it would be a merciful time saver. +1
  7. Welcome back to the party, Arcadian. I'd imagine you'll get back into the swing of things pretty quick, and probably don't need me to tell you how the forums work, so I'll just cut it short and say have fun. (: P.S. If you're named after the Arcadians from FFXII, you're my new favorite. x3
  8. Welcome to the party Droack! While you're here, take a look around the guide tavern and general, it's a good way to get questions answered before you have to ask, and you might meet a couple of those friends you're looking for. After you've gotten used to the game and have at least a little understanding of what the community is like, you should peak around the Round Table section and look for a team. That's pretty much all my helpful advice for the moment, have fun!
  9. Welcome to the forums! Ordinarily, this would be the part where I post links to guides and stuff, but you probably have that stuff all figured out already, so.... welcome again. xD 
  10. Welcome to the party! The guide tavern section of the forums will probably be able to answer most questions you have for a while, otherwise feel free to ask in the appropriate subforum (competitive assistance, general, etc). Enjoy your stay: Trainers log in, but they don't log out.
  11. In regards to the original topic, it sounds like a solid suggestion to me. At least it would give us a way to spice up the monotony of training. With that being said, the following is much more appealing to me:   This all the way. I've been craving some solid NPCs, and this sounds like a lot of fun. +1 I'm imagining a six hour cool down on each gym leader, like the E4. With that being said, it might be a good way to get renewable gym tms. Not every six hours, but like every ten or twenty times you beat that gym leader.  Edit: and perhaps they wouldn't fight you if you average lvl is too high, to prevent people from crushing them repeatedly with lvl 100s just for the tms.
  12. Welcome to the party Woycie. (: Here's a list of forum pages you'll probably find valuable at one point.  Implemented Pokemon, their locations, and held items.   Possible scams and how to avoid them.    A Collection of Guides.  This should get you through pretty much any situation you'll encounter for a while. Go nuts, and have fun. (:
  13. So much this. Take a few seconds, plan properly, if you make a mistake you make a mistake, that's how you learn to not make mistakes. 
  14. Welcome to the party Riggs. (: The forums are a great place to be, I'm glad you chose to check them out. If you've played the original red version, but never firered, you're probably in for a whole new level of pokemon, so I'll provide a link to a post which should be able to answer pretty much any question you might have.  https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/5253-a-collection-of-all-the-guides-posted-here/ Enjoy your stay. (:
  15. I apologize, but I truly don't have the patience to go through all ten pages to see if this idea was already posted. If it was, feel free to delete this post or whatever it is you do with raggamuffins like me. I would LOVE to see the clothes all the NPCs wear in the shop; everyone from youngster Joey to Oak to the E4. I'd post what they would look like, but they're all in the game already. :P
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