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  1. plz fdont offer for kingdra mag is being a huge uguu and were tyring to prove a point plz dont lol just say somthing snarky like idk he needs to learn his place lol

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      ur inbox is full

  2. i agree i would hate to see it on the top of the screen
  3.   So u guys approving this? :d   I know that already lel Did anyone notice the first block was just walls?
  4. not really cuz u would still have to put the pokes in and out of the pc which is annoying 
  5. ya i know :P but just trying to help people picture of ways they can use the party blocks  i would use them to carry my ou team and uu team in another party block and my nu team in another party block that way i would be ready to battle  but ya there are many other ways people would use the party block
  6. when i was making this i was thinking of suggesting that but then i realized that wouldn't work cuz u can't battle with more than 6 pokes. anyways ill fix it
  7.    [< | >]  <--- by clicking one of these greater than or less than signs( < or > ) it will switch u to a different party block      [< | >] (comp team)        <---  pokemon party block #1 1. blissey 2. dusclops 3. snorlax 4. veporeon 5. skarmory 6. wobbuffet   [< | >] (my breeding pokes/shinys/a different comp team)     <--- pokemon party block #2 1. (ratata egg) 2. ratata 3. ratata 4. ratata 5. (free space to pick up next egg) 6. starmie lvl 100 (for leveling to narrow level 1 pokes ics)   [< | >] (my hm slave party)   <--- pokemon party block #3 1. pidgy (fly) 2. nidoking (surf o3o) 3. golem (rock smash, strength) 4. Meowth (flash/pay day money maker) 5. smeargle (catching slave) 6.        Pros: -everything -(give a pro in the comment section down below)   Cons: -none                                                                                                                  like this if u want this to happen ---------------------\/
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