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  1. well special encounters like old rod fishing shouldnt have mew in the encounter table, I am only suggesting like surf/grass/cave ect
  2. I feel like mew should be a roaming legendary when dungeons become a thing but it could be a random encounter in any place you could catch pokemon at maybe 10x the rarity of shinies and have a chance to flee but masterballs shouldnt be able to be used to catch it. mew is an elegant pokemon and is mythical tier so it should be handled as such instead of being a boss in a cave.
  3. I read that there would be a kanto graphics revamp to make it along the lines of hgss, but my question is how you would manage to revamp hoenn in the future
  4. that isnt much different from what I am suggesting and can be added as an impliment
  5. sand attack or flash then switch and setup or priority/sweep
  6. I read somewhere that there is a possible legendary overhaul and I believe there is a system that can do just that as well as give various goodies and it can open the way to other content such as megas! this system is a "raid" that can be done weekly for any number of drops from random items, to the legendary itself or shiny versions of said legendary. the system can be either a beefed up version of the legendary, a team of those legendaries (lugia, ho-oh and the 3 birds) "Red mewtwo" which would be mewtwo with gs red's team minus 1 which would be mewtwo himself ect. These encounters should be treated as trainer battles and capture through traditional means would be impossible. The items won would be picked up at the end in the fashion of player pickup and any pokemon would be sent directly to the pc. one drop table I would give as an example would be for the "red mewtwo" raid 100% drop: legendary dex entery, $x various drop percentage for up to x number of variables from below drop table: 1. chance of any party pokemon to be dropped (chance for shiny drop) 2. chance of random pokemon from immediate region that is non legendary 3. random item drop table (up to 10x item for say maybe up to 5 different items) 4. chance of expansion item (megas in the future?) 5. chance for random misc item 6. chance to get mew as a drop (shiny chance) this is all just a suggestion and can be tweaked according to any discretion but it is a solid idea and would be a great addition please note: I only suggest this as a weekly event and there would be a shut out for newer players all legends earned in the raid would be excluded from competitive (but maybe would be allowed for casual?) limits for raids aka: pre-req: 1. at least all 8 badges and e4 beaten in at least one region as well as all 8 badges in the immediate region in which the raid is centered i.e If you want to do say hoenn trio, you should at least have all hoenn badges as well as have completed all of kanto/unova. I have other raid ideas so if this idea catches on, contact me and I might help brainstorm. May Arceus favor all of you, -Toxicstrike aka: Adoknight
  7. I know that this would make the game slightly pay to win but how about adding masterballs and rare candies to the gift shop in quantities of say 10 in a pack for like 5 bucks each. and its really not all that game breaking as someone with skill wont use a masterball to catch a legendary (aside from mewtwo, and the legendary beasts) and rare candies are really only used by people who dont get ev training. so it is not quite p2w but it is leaning that way.
  8. My name is toxicstrike aka mike bad timing to join I know, but I have been looking for a pokemon mmo for at least a month. this seems like a great game, but advertize a lil bit more so more people like me can find you :)   seeing as nintindo is too damn lazy to make a proper mmo for us pc gamers, please have this back up soon.   I look forward to playing with you guys   -toxicstrike91
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