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  1. I don't think the original encounter rate was as bad as this. This feels almost like a glitch at times. If you feel like you need to run into 7 pokemon on the same square area of grass, perhaps an Anti-Repel item?         To Orangeslash: "Oh, this completely useless post again" ._.;
  2. I think that's an even better reason. The rates are so high you can farm Ev's nigh-instantly. o -O No effort or anything. Besides, when you are just starting out, repels are spensive till you get a meowth D:
  3. Me and my brother even have a joke going that "if you stop to tie your shoes (While surfing, Great logic, eh?) you'll get mobbed by tentacle monsters." It's that bad D:
  4. I generally can move about two squares between fights, and other times, if I so much as press down -TO- move down, I won't even move, but I'll get into a battle in the very same spot I'm standing in. I know it's not just me either, because I've watched it take somebody like, 30 minutes to surf a 20 block radius D:   Along the same lines is the grass. Sometimes when you are forced to walk through grass, it's like getting mobbed. You have to fight 20 level 2 pidgeys just to get out of a 5 block area of grass.
  5. BrianLPZY


    I've been playing for quite a while (About three days) on PokeMMO, and I've quickly found that the comunity here is much better than most paid mmos :D   That being said, I love the structure of the game. Everything is as smoothe as a criminal, if you catch my drift.   I'm not much of a PVP person, and I'll -NEVER- go 50's only, I'm not so compettitive as to limit myself >3<.   My favorite starter is Squirtle, and my favorite pokemon is Haunter. I'm an old toot when it comes to pokemon, so I can only really talk about the original pokemon, and I've never even complete
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