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  1. Group A Chile 0 - 0 Peru A OU - JorgeMaximo VS PollitoBlack UU - KiiritoX VS dioxpro LC - NoWall VS ReiderOP Belgium 0 - 0 Germany OU - AwaXGoku VS Chuckunso UU - TheBeldumMaster VS RexB Group B Peru B 0 - 0 Turkey OU - zAnderson VS tipsizdarkbey LC - Hernjet VS zzzerra Group C Columbia A 0 - 0 China B UU - Yaritan VS Wyqnibaba NU - Jamesfaul VS Sgerard Doubles - iJulianFNT VS FishCakes (taken by @xiaolinggg) France 0 - 0 Africa OU Cmawesomee VS Lunarck UU Eastsiideboy VS Tawla LC Poufilou VS TheDH SMOU Rikoudo VS Havsha Group D Canada 0 - 0 Brexit UU - Taystee VS BlueBreath NU - StriderXD VS Zymogen (taken by @Frojodo for 100k) LC - SenorMorty VS The Amazing HannahTaylor SMOU - The Amazing Toast VS Lifestyle USA 0 - 0 Rest of Europe OU: Archon VS bulbasaur UU: aftershocker VS PowerDib NU: Titinn VS Rynners Doubles: Cali VS Kanzo LC: Lotus VS Yettodie SMOU: NiKhilr VS Quinnw Rest Of Asia 0 - 0 Venezuela B OU - xMikasaAckerman VS ZacMorales UU - SweetforU VS Epicverde NU - Kupokun VS Lejovi Doubles - InuyashaL VS Guilleex 200k on the bolded Void if subbed or if player disconnected One person per bet @xiaolinggg owes me 100k paid @Shayeter owes me 100k
  2. Refer to above from when you quoted me yesterday.
  3. They're already taken as noted in the quote. One person per bet, sorry lad He XD'd
  4. @LeJovi (he's forum banned) will take these two
  5. Think it's a good callout in case people send in-game mail to the wrong person instead of contacting via discord.
  6. Group A Belgium 0 - 0 Columbia B OU - IMat VS AlejandroGB LC - Stelian VS Nallhara SMOU - LLLLiolae VS xGamemasterjuan Venezuela A 0 - 0 Peru A OU - Abstractt VS PollitoBlack Chile 0 - 0 Argentina A OU - JorgeMaximo VS Lkrenz (taken by @Shayeter) LC - NoWall VS GasaiYunoSan Doubles - Sebat VS Titoooo Group B Rest Of America 0 - 0 Korea UU - Urquidi VS IhikariI (taken by @urquidi) / separate bet with Azzazz (mailed both) NU - Cristi VS largeflower LC - YEYOxD VS Narikiri Portugal 0 - 0 Spain OU - DeusBuno VS KiwiKidd NU - JuniorPT VS RealDevilLegend Doubles - Millernine VS Zigh Mexico 0 - 0 Africa OU - Camineko VS Lunarck UU - Koneko VS PoseidonWrath NU - Mexidany VS Tawla (taken by @TiToooo) Doubles - Chjul VS TheDH (taken by @TiToooo) Smou - Rayuwu VS Havsha Group D Canada 0 - 0 Venezuela B OU - Taystee VS Zacmorales (taken by @TiToooo) UU - Gbwead VS DarkCeGn NU - StriderXD VS Lejovi SMOU - Toast VS tMois Brexit 0 - 0 Rest of Europe OU -BlueBreath VS Bulbasaur UU - Lin VS Umbramol Doubles - Rendi VS Kanzo SMOU - Lifestyle VS TohnR USA 0 - 0 China A NU - Titinn VS xbingo (taken by @xiaolinggg) negated with below bet Doubles - Artemeseta VS Bfu (taken by @xiaolinggg) / separate bet with Azzazz (mailed azzazz) SMOU - NikhilR VS Starmind (taken by @xiaolinggg) * 100k on the bolded * Void if a player is subbed or disconnects during the match * One person per bet
  7. Group A Peru A VS Belgium UU - Thuxs VS Mknz LC - Aldahirramirez VS Stelian SMOU - DioxPro VS LLLLiolae (taken by @BlackJovi) voided Group B Spain VS Rest Of America OU - KiwiKIdd VS YeYoXD (taken by @TiToooo) UU - Joalza VS Urquidi (taken by @TiToooo) Doubles Zigh VS Santiii (taken by @TiToooo) LC - XondeX VS LordMaik Korea VS Turkey UU - IhikariI VS ItsGray NU - largeflower VS Meekmillz DUBS - grdzick VS Kamowanthere Group C Africa VS China B NU - Tawla VS Wyqnibaba (taken by @Tawla) paid LC - TheDH VS EEDays Brazil VS Columbia A Doubles - Shentiger VS xxJorelxx GROUP D China A VS Brexit 2.0 OU - MentalSoft VS Luke UU - MamoswineZ VS BlueBreath NU - MullenYu VS Zymogen (taken by @Daifang) paid Doubles - Blackblak VS Rendi (taken by @HedgeWitch) negated w/ below bet, 1-1 SMOU - Starmind VS LifeStyle (taken by @HedgeWitch) Venezuela B VS Rest Of Europe UU - DarkCegn VS Umbramol NU - Frankiel VS TohnR Dubs - Guilleex VS Kanzo SMOU - tmois VS Quinn 100k on the bold, void if subbed
  8. Link doesn't work. Gotchu tho
  9. Lmk when you're on, or just mail me ingame
  10. xSparkie vs Guilleex in 10 mins / after the UU match
  11. Chile - Belgium UU KiiritoX vs iMat (taken by @Sebat) paid Spain - Peru B UU JasonSparrowX vs zAnderson (taken by @Zymogen) paid NU Busso vs xLuneth SMOU ChrisJolteon vs huargensy (taken by @kiwi) Portugal - Turkey NU JuniorPT vs ItsGray DUBS Millernine vs Kamowanthere SMOU Sintatic vs Oltan Argentina B - Colombia A DUBS mspinguino vs iJulianFNT France - China B OU Cmawesomee vs caosl (taken by @Daifang) Paid UU Eastsiideboy vs wyqnibaba Africa - Brazil OU Lunarck vs Elvesss SMOU Havsha vs HaruLipe China A - Rest of Asia NU xbingo vs SweetforU SMOU Starmind vs Dinofish (taken by @GhostZzz) paid USA - Venezuela B OU NiKhilR vs ZacMorales UU aftershocker vs DarkCeGn (taken by @Sebat) paid NU Titinn vs lFrankiel LC Cali vs EpicVerde DUBS xSparkie vs Guilleex SMOU Tianboizna vs tMoi (taken by @Sebat) paid Rest of Europe - Canada UU UmbraMol vs Taystee 100k on the bolded players, void if subbed
  12. Guilleex and I fighting on Saturday, around 11am EST
  13. Reported for spamming "report and spam". You're donezo kiddo
  14. OU Jaawax vs Abstractt UU Zbleeex vs Zenenn NU Krilin vs CristhianArce (taken by @BlackJovi) paid Jovi LC Stelian vs llDaniell UU SpirosPL vs JasonSparrowX NU Quave vs Busso LC EmmaCACHJ vs XondeX (taken by @SiWall) DUBS xJhonatan vs Zigh OU ZDFire vs LufeIsHere NU xLuneth vs Pachima LC Hernjet vs ManyTears (taken by @Kaitha) Mailed ManyTears DUBS lKillua vs Millernine UU ItsGray vs Urquidi NU DarkSilverZerra vs Cristi LC SapphireStoneSSS vs YEYOxD SMOU Oltan vs Juanchoqui OU Elvesss vs DiositoSlurpuff OU Brianattackpro vs Evenils NU JamesFaul vs Cmawesomee DUBS Enchanteur vs schuchty (taken by @aZaz07) SMOU iJulianFNT vs Rikoudo UU gbwead vs MullenYu (taken by @RNGive) RNGive paid OU xMikasaAckerman vs Senjutsuka (taken by @Taystee) LC Beebam vs Cali NU xMarcoReus vs BlueBreath DUBS Cessy vs Rendi 100k on the bolded, void if subbed
  15. xSparkie


    Welcome to the team. We have meow meow wiggle wiggle x3 game nights.
  16. IGN: xSparkie Country: USA Tiers: OU UU NU LC Doubles Discord: xSparkie#4088
  17. Since the majority is being self-quarantined then I wouldn't mind seeing PSL spin back up again. Even though it does seem too soon, it's still better than the current status of events in-game lmao. Otherwise I agree with GB on bringing back LTS since it has different stages throughout the entire season (Round Robin, Alliances Showdown, and Civil War between final two teams). At least it won't feel repetitive and there'll be some hype built up towards the end of the event.
  18. come on teamspeak bro, we're all still there waiting
  19. Sometimes I like to turn into a ball of yarn and read my pet apple to sleep
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