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  1. Yoh man, which days are you free or prefer playing? I prefer playing between Thursday - Saturday and I should be free after 2PM EDT on all those days

    1. Laz


      I can play Friday at 10pm CDT

      or Saturday 4pm CDT

      Sunday 4pm CDT

    2. xSparkie


      Alrighty, I'll try to catch you this Friday. Sounds good?

    3. Laz
  2. Yo Gary, when can you play this week for PSL? I can't play on Wednesday/Thursday and I'm free after 2pm EST/6pm GMT. 

    1. ShadowGary


      We're playing on Wednesday/Thursday and if you can't make it. I'm claiming a win. :]

  3. Rendiz.png

    Randomly came across this, don't ask why. Thanks for the inspiration m8

    1. Rendiz


      What can I say? I just love helping people achieve their dreams.

  4. Hey there. Looks like we're up against each other for OU for Week 3. I'm available tonight, Friday, and Sunday (preferably after 1pm EST).

  5. I'm not going to raichu a love song.

  6. Heya, when are you usually on? Got a gift from the young lawd.

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    2. xSparkie


      Oh dang. I'll try to whisper you every 10mins or so XD Getting back on at 6pm EDT

    3. xSparkie


      your IGN is OldManHeim right?

    4. Heimann



      Super b usy irl

  7. This lag tho.

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    2. CyrusZathen
    3. xSparkie


      I actually have a older PC (Compaq) back at home, but I never use it anymore xD It still has Windows ME. LOL

    4. CyrusZathen


      Q.o slowmo xd?

  8. A week off from college. \o/

  9. Going to be super busy this week :T

  10. Do you even spark?

  11. Tonight felt peaceful and chill. Friday nights ftw.

  12. Peek a boo.

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    2. Beldore


      Peek a boo, time to get shot in the ass again c:

    3. CyrusZathen


      More like Pikachu.....

    4. xSparkie


      I should've said "Peek a chu" xD No moar ass shots pls Beldy. The army needs me!

  13. Must. watch. more. anime. *-*

    1. WBHman


      Attack on titan ftw

    2. CyrusZathen


      Fairy Tail ftw.

  14. Whoa your profile looks awesome. Mewtwo looks cool! :O

  15. Your profile looks better XDLOL @ DRO

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