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  1. Manager: @xSparkie Captain: @Evlgoon Krooks Squad: @Butler @soyhector @NagaHex @Redav @TheChampionMike @coffee @Goldeneyes @Archon @Kepzal @AxLKGhost @Leviticus Credits to Mike for the Sigs :^)
  2. I don't see Scizoring Sisters on that list. Now I'm disappointed smh
  3. Posting on Gary's behalf: IGN: GymLeaderGaryy Tiers: NU/UU/OU Timezone: GMT +1
  4. Honestly that sounded better in my head, new name soonTM
  5. When are you going to be alive again HarryJr
  6. Alright lets fucking go lads. IGN: xSparkie Motivation: I've been actively playing since 2013 and been in PSL since season 3. Honestly, it's because of those first few seasons that made me enjoy playing competitive and it's one of the main reasons why I actively play every tier on PokeMMO (or 4 tiers with an additional format to make some of you happy). While I never managed in PSL before, I did manage some small leagues and both Team USAs which got into the playoffs in both World Cups. On top of that, I've been a leader of a few teams so I have experience in dealing with different types of players, and working towards that goal in uniting everyone together as a team. Whoever is on my team, if I do get chosen, I'll carry you all to the finals. We winning this shit. Competitive Accolades: I'll just drop a couple I guess Other stuff: Ah shit, here we go again.
  7. Neither is the "small pond" remarks that Fred made. I'm not sure when the last time you guys watched automated tournaments, but I rarely see anyone running story-mons in these. The previous system only worked because not many people used forums as much imo, but that didn't determine who was skillful back then. There's a lot of decent competitive players now, even if their names aren't well known to those who lurk on forums nowadays. Also, the size of the bracket doesn't really matter. As the tournament goes on, the bracket will just weed out the unlucky fellas and you'll eventually run into good players while trying to make the finals. If that's not the case you can always be like Nahwel and call everyone bad so we're all on the same page.
  8. You haven't even seen his final form yet. @Bilburt show them how it's done m8
  9. Seems like the event is already over. PSL XII soonTM
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