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  1. Is this an uwu moment?? Tbh get into OU again; we already got Chaos back into NU
  2. One of our finest experts @TeamRocketHarry shall assist you.
  3. Rendi vs xSparkie in 10mins edit: lost
  4. Drako.. Dracarys! (0) Vs Spared No Expense (0) OU: Luke vs Lotus UU: Zhiko vs AurumPegasus NU: Haazuu vs Titinn LC: Nowall vs isperea SMOU: Zenkshooter vs Zokuru The Beefy Bouffants (0) Vs Gardevoirs of the Galaxy (0) OU: xHallen vs PoseidonWrath SMOU: gunthug vs ovaryToasted The Raging Noctowls (0) Vs Munya's Kecleons (0) OU: kiwikidd vs Urquidi NU: Mkns vs Lazaaro Doubles: Abstractt vs Oltann NU: Stelian vs Tawla 100k on the above
  5. xSparkie vs PentaQQ in 10mins gg bro
  6. When was the last time any of the candidates did non-comp stuff? I'm assuming you mean PvE events here. Nvm, I get what you mean^
  7. Who said anything about money here? I'm talking about the concept of him giving people an opportunity to practice more frequently and involve the community. I could care less about the reward.
  8. Now I can't look at that sig the same anymore
  9. I think we both know there's barely any end-game content and the lack of officials being hosted is really low. Einstein is at least providing some fun by spamming these tournaments and it brings back that feeling you used to get at Silph Co's oldschool events. There's bigger crowds than most PSL matches, or even during TT sometimes as well. I appreciate all the tutorials and support Bestfriends has done, but Einstein has started doing the same minus the tutorials/youtube videos. If anything, he's giving people an opportunity to improve and get some competitive practice matches going; especially for the lower tiers. From my perspective, I'm willing to give him a chance for 2019. Also you're dead af, how you gonna call this man a random??
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