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  1. Yoo thanks! You did it pretty fast too
  2. Team Name: The Uprising Team Tag: [RISÉ] Registered Players: Oltann, Havsha, Suneet, SweeTforU, Cogeid, JaneGKYZK, xSparkie, Erayne, TBD, TBD Team Captain: Oltann
  3. Item (Signature/Avatar/Both): Signature Size: Whatever you think is best. Render: Raichu Color Scheme: Whatever you think looks best with the render. Text if any: [RISE] xSparkie Thank you in advance!
  4. Farewell Eggplant, its been a honor man and I wish you the best of luck with whatever goes on outside of here. This is still the best gift ever btw
  5. @Liberalisme Could you make some room in your inbox pls?
  6. @SpartacusGD has bil payed you yet. I heard he has a lot saved up ;)
  7. That's fine by me
  8. Why don't you just afk like I always do
  9. USA 2 got this in the bag. Lets do this bois!
  10. Clean your inbox scrub

  11. Mailed the goods
  12. Tiebreaker matches: 400k on LKrenz Match over 400k on Jice (taken by @KaynineXL)
  13. Rember hapy day