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  1. IGN: xSparkie Preferred Tiers: Anything; although its been a while since playing Gen 8 Competitive Accolades: Won a LC official before the format got nuked Discord: xSparkarius#4088 Fluff: Dead player but not like the meta changed for LC besides showdown. ItsGray forced me to sign up. Preferred Managers: Quinn, Mendeez, Pachima, MDM, and awaLLz. LF NagaHex as manager Least Preferred Manager: Cali (otherwise that team discord is going to be simp city. Ain't nobody tryna be in LCPL Hell Edition)
  2. Team Name: The Uprising Team Tag: [RISÉ] Registered Players: xSparkie, Zymogen, Kevola, Archonn, Oltann, Bakugo, ItsGray, RatKin, Egoaltruism, JohnnyWaynne, karanjasda, Eisus, BuggyTheClown, Thoren, MysteriousSoul, TeamRocketHarry Team Captain: xSparkie
  3. I just realized there was a typo. I meant play not pay lol
  4. OU: PoseidonWrath Vs Sebat UU: QuinnW Vs Huargensy NU: tMoi Vs Kanzo 1m each on my boys
  5. Btw, are you not allowed to make a new account? I know some people were allowed to pay after going through the same thing after 1 year+
  6. Revived the team; we're about to do a prison break for you fam
  7. She was a good man. may her soul and his wisdom live on through us
  8. Just get CN players to complain about this and staff will be like :
  9. that's what someone who was hacked would say
  10. Please remove me from the signup spreadsheet. Unfortunately won't have enough time to focus on the event. Good luck to everyone else though.
  11. IGN: xSparkie Preferred Tiers: OU, UU, Doubles, Gen 8 (Yes, I play all of them) Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): For LC, some non-shiny gible official. Cba to look it up. Discord contact: xSparkie#4088 Fluff: I have premade teams for every tier listed, including Gen 8. May or may not be inactive half the season due to work though, so there's the risk :^) Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: LF Predakiller to ditch his team in a PSL-like event again
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