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  1. [NORE] NoRematch (0) Vs [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra (0) OU: Luke vs gbwead OU: pablobacas vs Lunarck UU: UmbraMol vs Mkns UU: QuinnW vs enchanteur (taken by Cali) NU: xLuneth vs MadaraSixSix NU: MendeeZ vs Jaawax Dubs: DocPBJ vs Kamimiii Dubs: iJulianFNT vs Azphiel LC: Lotus vs TheDH SM-OU: tMoi vs LLLiolae (taken by Mkns) 2m on bolded, no stacks, void if subbed, willing to use owner of betting thread @MathewMatas middleman
  2. So getting flinched nonstop by skill link + rock blast/icicle spear is healthy? If these items/abilities aren't taking the skill out of the battles, then what are we benefitting from them in return? Memes? It's not that they're taking the skill out of anything, but they simply don't require any skill at all. I wouldn't tunnel vision on the items themselves, but instead focus on the combination of them and how they're used. For example, in your previous post scope lens does in fact support rng and can be paired with high crit ratio moves + the ability super luck. However, there are ways to prev
  3. It's teams psl. If you go after one of them, you go after the whole squad. #BUSCOWAR
  4. Someone put this man in charge. He found the answers to all of our problems.
  5. Happy Birthday @Mike, hope you have a good one m8
  6. Damn I forgot you had that sig, bastard
  7. I could, but not one of my preferable shinies
  8. I feel like the blacklist is going to get updated soon after this week
  9. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi (0) Vs [Live] Little Veterans (0) OU: Senjutsuka vs Sicklonerr UU: Kanzo vs lWiriketchup UU: Parke vs zAnderson NU: RAVAEL vs ZDFire Dubs: OrangeManiac vs Chjul LC: Imabeverybest vs awaLLz (taken by Cali) SM-OU: Spaintakula vs Luwer [läva] läva (0) Vs [HDLM] Sons of the Death (0) OU: Endiii vs JorgeFirebolt UU: PoseidonWrath vs RealDevilLegend NU: Kriliin vs zMago NU: Wally vs xJoseee LC: ChillaS vs Naveta [LØRÐ] The Lords Of The Hax (0) Vs [RmW] Red Mark Warriors (0)
  10. I was going to make a similar post but then I saw this thread; bump. It would be a great user experience if we could re-arrange the battle boxes as mentioned above; especially if you have a large list of teams after buying more expansion tickets. This'll make it easier when selecting a team for a specific tier when signing up for matchmaking and tournaments. It's a hassle to keep shifting teams around manually the way it is currently.
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