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  1. Si si hablo espanol tambien, mas o menos
  2. gg zeb, pls upload the log too. We gotta frame it.
  3. Normally when I see a poke like Nido or Sharpedo with LO, I check if it has a weird hp. But yeah mnemo shouldn't have said that in chat Lost btw, gg yang
  4. Yangsam vs. xSparkie at 2pm GMT on Saturday
  5. A few good spots to afk in
  6. @DiDi
  7. The 0-3 is just an illusion. @Tranzmaster and I already went undefeated
  8. sween won both rounds
  9. Daryl is a god, wdym?
  10. Daryl vs. Sparkie in 10mins
  11. I'm proud of you. You can focus on all stats only if you're running Explosion on it, but that's pretty rare nowadays. I suggest going for a Bold nature with Spikes / Surf / Icebeam / Protect. Last move is to scout CB users so you can switch accordingly. Also, it currently does not have access to skill link.
  12. Put the loop through the loop and then pull in order to get a good knot
  13. lost gg
  14. Laz vs. me in 10mins, after gb and pbj's 3rd match