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  1. It's not my fault a tailwind mantyke flinched vullaby to death
  2. gg boys and gals, we finally broke the r1 curse for Villas. Time to do it again during TT :^)
  3. Team Name: The Uprising Team Tag: RISÉ Registered Players: Zymogen xSparkie Butler TheChampionMike Luke Suneet EreshkigalLOltann SweeTforU Bakugo Zhiko bblloomberg Nahwel Roxxass TohnR Team Captain: Zymogen
  4. xSparkie vs. NonoPetitRobot in 10mins / SoonTM??
  5. That's because you're saving the money for me right since he won
  6. Group A Africa vs Belgium Ou: Goku vs Stelian Uu: PoseidonWrath vs Mkns Nu: MHKaserz vs TheBeldumMaster Lc: Pinklabel vs Samoerai Doubles: KingDomii vs MaatthewMLG Spain A vs Venezuela OU KiwiKidd vs Necroskulldark (taken by narutoseninvictor) UU Joalza vs AxlGhost Dubs RealDevilLegend vs Cessy China A vs Argentina A Ou: Babylo vs Titooooo Uu: Tencentqq vs Wiriketchup Nu: MullenYu vs Walerito Group B: Peru vs Argentina B Nu: LuisAnderson vs Pitzzin Lc: AngelosRed vs foyelonebiceps Group C: Rest of Latin America vs Brasil Ou: AlejandroGB vs Makarovmaster Uu: SerenaTuWaifu vs Elvess Doubles: Kepzal vs CleytonVale Colombia A vs USA Ou: Brianatackpro vs Evlgoon (taken by enchanteur) Uu: xxjorel vs Cali Nu: AurumPegasus vs Lotus Lc: OscarFail vs BurntZebra (taken by enchanteur) Double: enchanteur vs JIce (taken by enchanteur) Group D: Rest Of The World VS Brexit Ou: Beebam vs Luke China B vs Rest of Europe ou sixsixsixt vs magnetozorizor Chile vs France B UU caanserbero vs Aerun NU Aleso vs YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL LC Redav vs Axoa 100k each on the bold, no stacks, void if subs. Yeet.
  7. Group A Group B: Group C:  100k on the bolded, no stacks.
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