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  1. lost gg
  2. Laz vs. me in 10mins, after gb and pbj's 3rd match
  3. Lazaaro vs. xSparkie 10:30pm CDT
  4. Yoh man, which days are you free or prefer playing? I prefer playing between Thursday - Saturday and I should be free after 2PM EDT on all those days

    1. Lazaro23


      I can play Friday at 10pm CDT

      or Saturday 4pm CDT

      Sunday 4pm CDT

    2. xSparkie


      Alrighty, I'll try to catch you this Friday. Sounds good?

    3. Lazaro23
  5. LMAO whatever dude!!
  6. my bad, wrong thread
  7. I'll take this mi amor. This is gonna be exciting
  8. SejuaniSupport vs. xSparkie in 20mins edit: lost gg
  9. IGN: xSparkie Timezone: EDT Tiers: OU / UU / NU / Doubles Fluff: I'm the type of person that'll begin a conversation with you and then go afk for the rest of the day without seeing your response
  10. @BurntZebra should take some of these bets and screw people over
  11. Choice of two colors: Light and dark blue Name: xSparkie Team (Optional): RISE Render: Mega Metagross
  12. Any of those times work for SirVector. Evlgoon said he's free on Saturday and Sundays Edit: I'm free everyday except Friday, June 2nd
  13. Yoo thanks! You did it pretty fast too
  14. Item (Signature/Avatar/Both): Signature Size: Whatever you think is best. Render: Raichu Color Scheme: Whatever you think looks best with the render. Text if any: [RISE] xSparkie Thank you in advance!