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  1. Player one: xSparkie Player two: Titinn Team name: Brown Bros Duet
  2. Bonus Fact of the Day: Apparently, if all your particles are primed for tunneling through a wall then you can walk through it, but the probability of all your particles tunneling simultaneously is so low that you would have to attempt it more times than the age of the universe in years. Although the probability is non-zero, it is much, much, much less than you or myself can even imagine. The probabilities we're talking about are typically less than 1/10^(10^30). Gee golly I learned so much today as well! What an amazing experience this has been. I hope to see you all again wasting your time reading these random facts of the day.
  3. I was only referring to that because I didn't know if there was some limit. Out of curiosity will the upcoming TTs for next year follow the same 5v5 format as this one?
  4. Honestly if distributing an additional 3000RP+ is an issue then just change the prize to something else fitting to this event concept, such as pokeyen or vanities like Laz mentioned.
  5. 5 Players in your team vs 5 other players in OU / UU / NU / LC / Doubles. Everyone battles at the same time in their respective tiers. As for the second question, people consider Doubles as a gimmick, hence why it's called a format instead of a tier.
  6. Yep! Just confirmed this with my own hair.
  7. T r i g g e r e d Any ETA on when this will happen? I'll be away for a while, and unsure about returning to the game
  8. Lkrenz vs. xSparkie in 10min Edit: won gg bro
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