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  1. Team Name: The Uprising Team Tag: [RISÉ] Registered Players: Oltann, Pulcinella, Havsha, Suneet, Zymogen, Jostarr, xSparkie, ZorNiFieD, Cogeid, SweeTforU Team Captain: Havsha
  2. Orange and I will be battling on Friday around 12pm EST/4 pm GMT. Edit: sike
  3. Yo Gary, when can you play this week for PSL? I can't play on Wednesday/Thursday and I'm free after 2pm EST/6pm GMT. 

    1. ShadowGary


      We're playing on Wednesday/Thursday and if you can't make it. I'm claiming a win. :]

  4. Oh no you're making @Zehkar's dreams come true
  5. loser

    1. xSparkie


      Why do you have to be so ruuuuudeee

  6. whos this?

    1. xSparkie


      Lol this guy. You still play?

  7. Sparkie just dont use facebook anymore you weirdo ass :v

    1. xSparkie


      Temporarily deactivated until finals are over is my current excuse. I'll be back soon tho.

    2. inovan


      (´・ω・`) </3

  8. Alright I guess you're the only one left. Sparkie, how's college and everything going for you? Feels like it's been a long time since we spoke. These people are refusing to urban my account, say hi to the family for me.

  9. Rendiz.png

    Randomly came across this, don't ask why. Thanks for the inspiration m8

    1. Rendiz


      What can I say? I just love helping people achieve their dreams.

  10. You are no longer my son
  11. @TeamRocketHarry
  12. Bringing back the hype! Tonight is going to be lit boys.