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  1. Yep! Just confirmed this with my own hair.
  2. T r i g g e r e d Any ETA on when this will happen? I'll be away for a while, and unsure about returning to the game
  3. Lkrenz vs. xSparkie in 10min Edit: won gg bro
  4. xSparkie vs yangsam in 10 Edit: won gg
  5. A message from our brethren Juniour: "Sigh..smh...sigh...shaking my head my head... zymojin. u always XD now and never say anything else.. idk, i am in grief of this. you used to read to me at night about how you can see me at night when I smile but now u don't even do that anymore..! man...! :( :( D: aaaaarghh! " That was the last time we ever saw that man. Hope you're happy nabgen.
  6. Is this an uwu moment?? Tbh get into OU again; we already got Chaos back into NU
  7. One of our finest experts @TeamRocketHarry shall assist you.
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