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  1. I am once again here to ask how everyone's doing

  2. Status check I'm not dead

  3. Still kicking it boys.


    [Kole]#0478 on Discord. Don't hesitate to contact me yo

  4. What the
    People still play this game. hello.

  5. People still play this? Comment if you read this ;p

  6. Who are you people and why do you keep visiting my profile


    I'm pretty dead you know

  7. Ur mum is ded. Order pizza for dinner

    1. Havsha


      Are you even alive?

    2. Cressman


      Time for father-son bonding, BOND WITH ME JIMMY.

  8. ayy lmao

    1. TatsuyaSuo


      Ayyyy lmfao, i just saw this lol

  9. Charmander is a little young dragon that breathes motherfucking fire Charmander evolves into charazard, which is a gigantic winged dragon that also breathes fire
  10. This is awesome, going to try
  11. KoleK

    Hi, i'm back

    I don't know who you are exactly, but welcome
  12. no PMs, i am cri ;(

  13. You should give Exo 2 a try.
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