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  1. Wow are they that common? I thought Haxorus would be desired
  2. Admant Nature Value Check?
  3. magorax

    Hey Guys

    Thanks a lot bro, im glad to know a good amount of the OG's are still around even with limited activity. I joined the discord yesterday, and I might have to take you up on that offer!
  4. magorax

    Hey Guys

    Im trying to make a return and just wanted to say hey to the OG's that remember me. I'm speed running the regions on an alt acc atm but feel free to DM me and I'll add you on my acc's. I hope everyone is doing well!
  5. Where are you Mago

  6. Tired of the work & frustration? The title says it all     Pros:   Simple enough, just make things easier to nagivate when looking for a friends & Teammies names.   Especially if someone has lots of friends and / or a big team, this can be useful.       Cons:   More work for devs ;)
  7. Thats your personal opinion, and experience on the situation, which may very well end up being correct, but I just want to hear moar from others to see. From my point of view it will be useful, but I'm not in a big team like PoAu, and I feel the option to turn it on or off should make things fine. You happen to be in a big team which is why maybe you wouldn't like it, but there is plenty of other teams that don't have 40+ members. There is even time where I am getting lots and lots of PM's, and the noise doesn't bother me, in fact I find it useful to make sure I get each message the differen
  8. That is what I am suggesting, they will be different, and if you are concerned about your team messages in perticular, then you will have the ability to just turn off team notification volume.   EDIT* I made my post more clear now
  9. Suggestion [spoiler] So the the title says it pretty much all. Similar to a pm noise, but seperately for team chat, just to give a little notification. I would suggest that it's in a different pitch, maybe a lower one so the user can easily identify between the two. If people don't like the idea, then they can just turn it off in settings, leaving it like it is now.  [/spoiler]     Reasoning [spoiler] I am tired of having to scan chat to see if I missed a teammates message in team chat, and I'm sure others can relate. It's not a HUGE priority (gib Hoenn), but it's a just b
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